He’s the reason they put instructions on Pop-Tarts 😂 love the music 😎

Police brutality 😏

It’s a dog’s life


Can you hear me now 😂

CAUTION… No Drinks Allowed While Watching… Can Be Dangerous To Your Shirt

Quarantine Reflections

My Good Time Stories

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We all know how much impact the quarantine and all the time that we have spent “locked down” has had on us. Days seem to melt together, and, on occasions, time just seems to slow down.

I came across the following thoughts from a friend of mine. Some of them are funny and some will make you sit back and think. Whatever the case…enjoy.


I hope they give us two weeks’ notice before sending us back out into the real world.  I think we’ll all need the time to become ourselves again.  And by “ourselves” I mean lose 10 pounds, cut our hair and get used to not drinking at 9:00 a.m.

New monthly budget:  Gas: $0, Entertainment: $0, Clothes: $0, Groceries: $2,799.

Breaking News:  Wearing a mask inside your home is now highly recommended.  Not so much to stop COVID-19, but to stop eating.
Low maintenance chicks are having…

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The Darwin Award goes to…

Lost and driving in circles for 2 hours he finally found someone to help

This guy looks and sounds familiar

You can count on a good friend when you fall

Busted… 😂

I need to show this trick to my husband 😂 😂

I don’t think this guy is going to become employee of the month…cleanup in aisle 4 😴


Coffee Time ☕

Brothers 😱

Make sure your volume is up 😂

“Top Funny Bear Encounters!”

Animal Wisdom 🐻

Love This 😂


“How Not to Wake Up a Lioness!”

Working from home, a family project 😼

“Tim Conway getting his hair cut by Carol Burnett”

“Toilet Tissue from The Carol Burnett Show (full sketch)”

Today we don’t care how soft any TP will do!

Sharing your bounty is the neighborly thing to do 🍅🥕

Royal flush

These Guys Wrote the Perfect Song for the Price Gouger Stuck with 18,000 Bottles of Sanitizer «TwistedSifter



Mar 16, 2020

These Guys Wrote the Perfect Song for the Price Gouger Stuck with 18,000 Bottles of Sanitizer

On March 1, the day after the first coronavirus death in the United States, Matt and Noah Colvin saw an opportunity to profit. Over the next three days, the Colvin brothers took a 1,300-mile road trip across Tennessee and into Kentucky, filling a U-Haul truck with thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer and thousands of packs of antibacterial wipes.

Their plan was to sell the items at inflated prices on Amazon, a price gouging tactic resellers like to call ‘retail arbitrage‘. Then in response to growing criticism from regulators and customers, Amazon and eBay (who also own Kijiji) cracked down, banning price gougers from their marketplace during the current pandemic.

Check out the New York Times article and interview with local tv news station below, that has set many people off:


The viral news story has drawn sharp criticism online and these two friends even wrote a song about the man, who probably regrets doing an interview about his pandemic-profiteering business… all while wearing a shirt that says: Family Man, Family Business

These Guys Wrote the Perfect Song for the Price Gouger Stuck with 18,000 Bottles of Sanitizer
This is the Coolest Sounding Instrument You Will Hear Today




Went to the store today… unfortunately the hoarders got there before me 🙄

President Trump would make a good Comedian 🤣😂🤣