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Livestock auction in New Holland where meat men prey on horses is banning photos and videos

Tuesday's Horse

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — News of the Horse reports that the livestock auction in New Holland, Pennsylvania, is banning photos and videos.

New Holland auction is notorious among horse lovers chiefly because it is one of the largest sales rings where horses are dumped in some of the most deplorable circumstances imaginable and preyed on by meat man acting on behalf of horse slaughter plants in Canada and Mexico.

Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of horse slaughter has heard of New Holland auction.

It is where thousands of horses each year enter what has commonly become referred to as the “slaughter pipeline”.

Ford Turner, reporting for McClatchy-Tribune Informational Services, writes:

Every Monday, 200 or more thoroughbreds, Amish-owned work animals, Tennessee walkers, tiny “miniatures” and other varieties of horses pass between tiered plank seats full of auction spectators. The roughly 1,500 consignors, or sellers, who bring animals to the auction every week…

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Another Carriage Horse Collapses – Time to End the Abuse

Yet another horse has collapsed while pulling a carriage through New York’s Central Park. Dozens of other horses have been badly treated by this often cruel and irresponsible industry. Help finally ban horse-drawn carriages.

Source: Another Carriage Horse Collapses – Time to End the Abuse

Canadian Horse Slaughter Regulations Changing – News of the Horse

Horse Slaughter Feedlot 

Canadian Horse Slaughter Regulations Changing

Canada – Effective March 31st, major changes are taking place for Canada’s horse slaughter industry, which could cripple the export of horses from the United States. The changes are being forced upon Canada by the European Union, the largest purchaser of horse meat.

Starting March 31, all horses imported into Canada must remain at a feedlot for 6 months before slaughter. 60% or more of the horses slaughtered in Canada are brought in from the United States, and this rule will increase the cost of importing horses from the US beyond profitability. Canada exported over $36 million worth of horse meat to the EU in 2016, but with the new rules, the future of horse slaughter in Canada is unknown.
Horse welfare activists are worried that the paperwork will simply be forged for horses that are slaughtered in Canada. The industry has a long history of skirting the law, and with paperwork forgery so prevalent in all areas of the horse slaughter pipeline, it would come as surprise to no one if horses continued to be slaughtered within days of leaving the United States.

“Bubbles” The Old Horse No One Wanted Gets Showered With Gifts

His name is Bubbles and he’s so loved now.
An old horse went from being an animal no one wanted to a happy horse with a name — Bubbles — and totally spoiled with gifts.
In December, Bubbles found himself at a Texas “kill lot” — the last place horses like him get a chance to be rescued before heading to Mexico for slaughter.
“Oftentimes, the horses or donkeys are old, or the owners lost their property, or the owners passed away or simply are unable to care for them and they are sold to auction,” Sarah McGregor, a spokesperson for Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue (BHHR) in Frisco, Texas, told The Dodo at the time. “If they are not bought at auction by people or other farms, the slaughter pipeline will buy up all of the animals and resell them.”

It seemed that no one was willing to rescue him, so he realized he would simply have to save his own life.

Bubbles spotted a group of people from BHHR who were there to rescue some mini donkeys — so he decided to tag along.

“This skinny, grey gelding walked straight up to our trailer, past the gates, disregarding the commands of the kill lot employees,” BHHR wrote. “He was intent that this was his ride out of there … There was just no way we could leave him behind!”
Since then, Bubbles has been making friends and loving his new home. And people — at the sanctuary and all over the world — seem to love him right back.

Soon after the story of Bubbles rescuing himself came out, the old horse started receiving fan mail.

And it just kept coming.

“We did a post with our Amazon wish list,” Missy Smith, volunteer with Becky’s Hope, told The Dodo. “People love Bubbles and they responded. We rarely get this many donations at once … Some of the envelopes were addressed to him. How cute is that?”

“The gifts came from all over the world,” Gina, another long-time volunteer, told The Dodo. “We are profoundly humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support Bubbles the rescue has received.”
“We are an all volunteer organization and have always been funded exclusively through donations,” Gina said. “We have many kill pen and auction intercept horses and donkeys here, and these kind donations benefit all of them.”

And it seems Bubbles is more than happy to share.

“Bubbles really is as sweet and smart as we say he is,” Smith said. “He’s a gentle wise old soul.”

To give to Bubbles, you can donate here or get your very own Bubbles t-shirt here. To follow Bubbles on Facebook, click here.

Pads and Chains Outlawed

Thank you to everyone who signed the petitions…

January 13, 2017

Washington – The USDA announced today that new rules prohibiting the use of padded shoes, chains, action devices, and other methods of soring horses have become law. The rule states, in part “Amend the regulations to prohibit use of pads, substances, and action devices on horses at horse shows, exhibitions, sales, and auctions…” Horse owners have 30 days to comply after publication of the final rule to cease using all action devices, except certain boots, at shows, sales or auctions. Pads and wedges are outlawed starting Jan 1, 2018.

The Office of Management and Budget finalized their review of the proposed changes to the 1970 Horse Protection Act on January the 10th.
As previously reported, those who show and participate in Walking Horse shows stated “The USDA proposed rules will severely negatively impact every aspect of the horse community,” a worker at the Bedford Tack booth told News of the Horse. When asked if padded shoes and chains are necessary for the Walking Horse show, he replied “No comment.” Celebration Show Staff refused to comment on the proposed USDA rules, other than to say they had never heard of them.

While Animal welfare activists are celebrating the rule changes, no doubt those in the Walking Horse industry are preparing lawsuits to file against the rule changes.
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Horse Rescues Himself From Slaughter





December 28, 2016

Frisco, TX – A senior white horse with short ears destroyed by frostbite wasn’t on the rescue list at a kill pen in Frisco when Becky’s Hope was saving 9 mini donkeys from shipping to slaughter. Becky’s Hope had raised the funds needed to rescue the 9 miniature donkeys but were not planning on saving any other animals. The white horse saw the donkeys loading up, and determined to be on that trailer.

The white horse pushed his way through gates, down alleyways, passed yelling workers trying to stop his forward progress, but nothing would stop the horse. He reached the trailer, climbed aboard, and tried to melt into the herd of donkeys. “I firmly believe that he thought if he mixed in with the mini donkeys we wouldn’t notice. He’s like I’m just one of them. Got on the trailer with them, stood there like you don’t see me, and kept his head kind of down,” Sue Champman of Becky’s Hope told reporters.
The rescue paid $450 to the feedlot rather than turning the white horse out, and promptly named him Bubbles. He is doing very well at the rescue. You can follow his progress on the Becky’s Hope Facebook page.


Bubbles after being rescued.

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Catch Killer Who Cut Off Water for Wild Horses

Multiple wild horses were found dead of dehydration, after someone sabotaged their water supply in an act of pure cruelty. Demand that the person responsible is found and given the maximum sentence possible.

Source: Catch Killer Who Cut Off Water for Wild Horses

Emaciated Horses Taken from Convicted Animal Abuser Deserve Justice


Dozens of emaciated horses were recently taken from a woman with two previous animal cruelty convictions. Demand that this woman be banned from ever owning animals again.

Source: Emaciated Horses Taken from Convicted Animal Abuser Deserve Justice

Petition · Mr. Matt Buchanan: Cancel and Boycott “Big Lick” Tennessee Walking Classes – North Carolina Championship Show ·

Russian President Works to Protect Wild Horses

Vladimer Putin and wild Przewalski horses.

October 4, 2016

Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, opened the gate and let the first group of wild horses loose into a preserve set up to save one of the last species of wild horses on earth. There are only roughly 2,000 Przewalski horses left, and Russia is committed to keeping the breed alive in the wild. The Przewalski horses once roamed the Eurasian steppes, through Russia, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan, but their habitat was taken over by cattle ranchers. When the horses could no longer roam the steppes, they perished in the wild. The ecology of the steppe suffered too. “In steppe ecosystems these animals contribute to their recovery,” said Olga Pereladova, the head of the World Wildlife Fund’s Central Asian program. “If horses are not grazing in the steppe it deteriorates because vegetation is not trampled; overabundance of grass can cause fires.”

The reserve serves as a breeding facility for Przewalski horses, and allows captive horses the opportunity to acclimate before being turned loose on the expansive steppes.

Scientists are hopeful that sufficient Przewalski remain to secure the future of the breed. China and Mongolia have reintroduced the Przewalski horses back into the wild as well.

Catch Killer Who Cut Off Water for Wild Horses

Wild horses were found dead of dehydration, after someone sabotaged their water supply in an act of pure cruelty. Demand that the person responsible is found and given the maximum sentence possible.

Source: Catch Killer Who Cut Off Water for Wild Horses

Demand Humane Treatment for America’s Wild Horses


Wild horses are allegedly being subjected to unnecessarily painful and invasive contraceptive procedures despite the availability of less-risky vaccines. Demand that these reported experimental procedures are ceased immediately.

Source: Demand Humane Treatment for America’s Wild Horses

Horses Allegedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Four horses were reportedly found dead and eight of them barely alive in a case of despicable animal cruelty. Authorities say the surviving horses were starved and one of them was burned. Sign this petition to bring these horses justice and ensure that their abuser is never allowed to own animals again.

Source: Horses Allegedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Petition update · They could shoot to kill from helicopters if given permission ·

Bring emergency shelter and shade to captive wild horses and burros
by Protect Mustangs · 42,514 supporters
Petition update
They could shoot to kill from helicopters if given permission
Protect Mustangs

Jul 16, 2016 — When Rep. Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming), suggested “Lovely Euthanasia” in the House subcommittee on wild horses and burros, did she reveal their plans?

As long as helicopters can be used to “manage” wild horses in Nevada, the BLM would have the right to attack our beloved wild horses and burros from the air and slaughter them with gunfire.

Go to the Nevada BLM meeting on motorized vehicles if you can. The hearing will be held on Thursday, July 28, at 6 p.m. at the Bureau of Land Management Battle Mountain Office, 50 Bastian Road, Battle Mountain, NV 89820.

If you cannot attend then send in your comments and copy your senators and representative on your email or handwritten letters. Read more here:

Don’t give BLM permission to use helicopters to “manage” wild horses and burros. STAND UP for the Wild Ones with no voice!

From the Team at Protect Mustangs

a member of the Alliance of Wild Horses and Burros
Would BLM shoot to kill wild horses and burros from Helicopters?
Would BLM shoot to kill wild horses and burros from Helicopters?
Did Rep. Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming), suggesting “Lovely Euthanasia” in the House subcommittee on…


Thirty seven thousand, four hundred and eighteen dollars!
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67,486 needed to reach 110,000

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While you weren’t looking

Bring emergency shelter and shade to captive wild horses and burros
by Protect Mustangs · 42,466 supporters

While you weren’t looking

Protect Mustangs
JUL 2, 2016 — BLM has failed again at Internet Adoptions! One might think they are doing this on purpose. Many American wild horses will receive 3-Strikes now, lose their protections and be at-risk of ending up at slaughter ! It’s no wonder the BLM doesn’t care about shade or shelter for the captives . . .

Help network homes for 3-Strike wild horses such as many of these:

See video footage of the empty pens at Palomino Valley where 1,800 wild mustangs and burros once lived:

See the few remaining at the facility near Reno:

The American public needs to know what’s going on. BLM will be stampeding tiny foals and mares soon–chased by helicopters . . . then they will be ripped from their families, “processed” at Fallon, Palomino Valley, Rock Springs and elsewhere because YOUR elected officials are believing BLM and mustang-haters’ LIES when the truth is wild horses and burros are underpopulated.

Have you heard they want to forcibly drug wild horses and burros with PZP and sterilize the ones that are hard to dart? Do you want this to happen to the last wild horses and burros living in freedom?

Contact your elected officials and tell them the truth!

Sign and share this petition and this one too: Thank you!

From the team at Protect Mustangs

a member of the Alliance for Wild Horses and Burros

#URGENT ~ Which wild horses have 3-Strikes and who was really picked up by adopters? Who needs to be saved? #Call2Action
1.) After the BLM’s poorly publicized Internet Adoption, which wild horses have three-strikes…


No shelter just slaughter?
A Win but THE FIGHT ISN’T OVER! 500 out of 1,800 wild horses will receive shade in FY 2017
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Horse Nearly Dies from Nettles |

Horse Nearly Dies from Nettles
Stinging Nettles Horse

July 10, 2016

West Dorset, England – A horse was nearly killed, and a rider sent to the hospital, after coming in contact with stinging nettles. Charlotte Hewlett, and her riding companion Bex Perkins, were enjoying a leisurely trail ride when they found themselves on an overgrown trail full of nettles. “We couldn’t turn around and we where trapped in the over growth with two big horses getting attacked by stinging nettles. The horses were panicking as we where fighting our way through the bridle path. We decided to get off and help them try to break through but the horses panicked even more and trampled over the top of us to try and run away from the stings. We got out of the track and my horse collapsed several times falling over in the track. She then collapsed in a gateway and was giving up,” Hewlett told reporters.

Hewlett called a veterinarian, who was able to find them despite vague directions. The veterinarian began administering drugs and morphine. Hewlett’s horse lay on her side for over an hour before she began showing signs of recovery.

Perkins was transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries sustained when the horses ran them over.

Stinging Nettles is a problem in the United States as well. The Pt Reyes National Seashore in California is particularly bad this year, with reports of horses dying from coming in contact with nettles on the trail. One person wrote on a Facebook horse group “I’ve seen a horse have a reaction to the nettles at Pt Reyes. He dumped the rider and ran all the way back to camp. He went crazy striking and running at people almost hung itself until we could sedate him. Scary how it effects some horses but not all?”
Stinging Nettle
Author: Dale Williams – Phone: 724-964-6773