Success: Military Dogs Will Be Sent Home


Military service dogs will now be sent home upon retirement rather than being left overseas, thanks to a new law. Thank President Obama for improving the lives of these heroic animals by helping their former handlers adopt them easily and rapidly.

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Success: Ortho Will Eliminate Bee-Killing Pesticides From Products


Garden-care giant Ortho brand will eliminate all bee-killing pesticides from its products by next year. Thank the company for making a decision that will protect critical bee populations.

Source: Success: Ortho Will Eliminate Bee-Killing Pesticides From Products

Alaska’s Polar Bears Win Their Day in Court | TakePart


Polar bear mother and cub emerge from there den in springtime along the Arctic cost of Alaska
(Photo: Steven Kazlowski/Barcroft Media/Getty Images)

Polar bears, the Obama administration, and conservationists scored a major victory on Monday, when a federal appeals court affirmed the boundaries of a 187,000-square-mile area in the Arctic that wildlife scientists deem crucial to saving the bear from extinction.

The decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit struck down a lower court’s ruling that sided with a coalition of petroleum industry groups, the state of Alaska, and several far-northern Alaska Native corporations, which sued the Obama administration over its “critical habitat” designation for polar bears under the Endangered Species Act.

“The court soundly rejected the oil and gas industry’s attempt to shrink critical habitat for the polar bear, and that’s a great thing,” said Rebecca Riley, a senior attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council, which was not involved in the lawsuit.

The area set aside for polar bears under the law “is enormous, in part because it covers these huge areas of sea ice,” said Holly Doremus, director of the environmental law program at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law.

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Starving Polar Bear Is the Face of the Future

“But that’s not what’s being argued about here—it’s the denning habitat and the barrier islands, access to the sea,” she said. “The parts of their lives that the polar bears spend off the sea ice and how they get back and forth.”

The court found that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service used the best available science to set the land-based critical habitat boundaries, which include areas polar bears use now as well as places they will need as climate change continues to thaw the Arctic.

“The plaintiffs wanted them to draw a little dot around every known den,” Doremus said, and set critical habitat boundaries based on those locations. But “that hasn’t happened with past critical habitat designations, at least not the way the plaintiffs wanted here.”

“We all know that’s not a practical way to think about this,” said Riley. “We have to look at what habitat is really valuable to polar bears and what they could use or might use, and that’s what the court upheld here.”

Under the Endangered Species Act, any federally regulated activity within critical habitat boundaries, such as oil and gas development on federal lands or waters, needs to account for harm to endangered species in its planning.

The Alaska Oil and Gas Association and the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, an Alaska Native company, did not respond to TakePart’s requests for comment.

The American Petroleum Institute, which was among the lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit, declined an interview request. “We are reviewing the court’s decision and considering all options,” the group said in a statement.

The Alaska Department of Law called the decision “disappointing” in a statement, adding that it “will be reviewing the options for further judicial review.”

VICTORY! GUESS to Ditch Angora Wool

Thanks to the more than 53,000 PETA members and supporters who urged GUESS to stop selling angora, the company announced that it will no longer sell angora.

Source: VICTORY! GUESS to Ditch Angora Wool

Petition Update:K9 Alex Officially Retired alongside officer Hickey

Mayor Joe Matthews, City of Marietta OH: Help keep retired K9 Ajax where he…
by Greg Taylor · 27,513 supporters
Petition update

K9 Ajax officially retired along with Officer Matt Hickey

Greg Taylor
Maineville, OH
Feb 5, 2016 — The City of Marietta has decided that under interpretation of Ohio Revised Code 9.6 that if a K9 Unit (dog/horse and their Officer/handler) is disbanded then the Officer has the right to purchase their partner for $1. So K9 Ajax is officially retired alongside Officer Hickey!! I am going to go ahead and claim VICTORY on this petition at this point so that I can download the signature and comments and be able to send to the Ohio Representatives who are drafting new legislation to have both ORC 9.2 and 721.15. Thank-you all who have supported this effort, our voices have been heard!!!


It looks like we were victorious!!!
Victory! Retired K9 Ajax and Retired Officer Matt Hickey are together!
This petition made change with 27,513 supporters!
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Success: Woman Accused of Abusing Dogs Surrenders One to an Animal Shelter

A woman accused of leaving her two elderly dogs outside in a New York blizzard finally turned one over to the Guardians of Rescue. Help us thank the rescue organization for providing special care to Prince who is old and extremely ill.

Source: Success: Woman Accused of Abusing Dogs Surrenders One to an Animal Shelter

Activists are celebrating as the world’s biggest ivory market officially closes its doors.


Petition UPDATE· Bring Police K9 Chip Home to his Family ·


Proposal to Protect Bees from Acutely Toxic Pesticides | Protecting Bees and Other Pollinators from Pesticides | US EPA

Petition update · UPDATE: Deal made with DA ·

China Bans Elephant Ivory

Christopher J. Gervais

Malaysian customs officers show elephant tusks which were recently seized in Port Klang outside Kuala Lumpur

GOOD News in the fight for Wildlife Conservation!

According to Associate Press and U.S. News & World Report, ‪#‎China‬ has imposed a 1 year ban on ‪#‎elephant‬‪#‎ivory‬ imports, takes immediate effect today.

Read article:…/china-bans-ivory-imports-for-1-year…


Wildlife Conservation Film Festival & Biodiversity Conference
Christopher J. Gervais, Founder & CEO
Twitter: @WCFF_org
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WCFF logo
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, Inc.

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Good News: Seventh Generation Got the Message

Alexandra´s Animal Awareness Blog

Photo: AAVS Photo: AAVS

It is clear that through social media, petitions, e-mails and other forms of communication companies feel the pressure of the consumers and are able to react fast. So adding your voice to a petition, writing an e-mail or picking up the phone makes a difference – for many animals in this case.

“After receiving tens of thousands of calls and e-mails and after 85,000 angry consumers signed our petition, Seventh Generation now understands the importance of animal-protection issues to consumers, and it has cleaned up its act! The company reversed course and signed on to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s letter to Congress acknowledging that animal tests are “slow, unreliable, and expensive” and calling for non-animal methods and strategies to be used first and foremost, and it has committed to advocating for this principle in all of its lobbying efforts.”

Thank you for spreading the word on…

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‘Nail in coffin for Norwegian seal hunting’ : Govt cuts subsidies

The ocean update

Photo Reuters / John Jansen / NOAA's Alaska Fisheries Science Center Photo Reuters / John Jansen / NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center

October 27th, 2014. Norway has cut a 12 million kroner ($1.8 million) subsidy for seal hunting from next year’s budget. Environmentalists have applauded the move. Some businesses say it is putting an end to a historical and eco-friendly practice.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries say stripping the seal industry of subsidy has been dictated by “economic priorities.” The government is aware of how vital the financial support has been for the business.

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Beaufort Sea polar bear subpopulation boundary has been changed


Environment Canada recently posted a set of maps on its website that show it has moved the boundary between the polar bear subpopulation it shares with the USA — without a word to the media or a note anywhere.

EC S_N Beaufort boundary change Sept 8 2014_cropped PolarBearScience

While a change to the Canada/US Beaufort Sea boundary has been discussed by polar bear researchers for some time (e.g. here), there are no links on the EC website or references listed to explain to readers why this change was made.

In fact, the boundary move between the Southern and Northern Beaufort subpopulations is noted on only one of the five maps posted and even then, the “notification” is present only as a footnote in blurred print. So if you didn’t happen to look closely at that particular map, you might not even realize that the boundary on all the other maps was new.

[The map with the boundary…

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Status of Canadian polar bear populations has been changed – more good news


According to maps dated June 2014, Environment Canada (EC) has changed the trend status of several Canadian subpopulations — without any announcement or publicly-available documents explaining the basis of the changes.

Figure 3. "Series of Circumpolar Polar Bear Subpopulation and Status Trend Maps 2010, 2013 & 2014" Note the asterisk below the 2014 map, which is dated "June 2014" and is different in its status assessment from the one released in February 2013 by the PBSG. Original here. Figure 1. Environment Canada’s “Map 4: Series of Circumpolar Polar Bear Subpopulation and Status Trend Maps 2010, 2013 & 2014.” Original here.

And would it surprise you to learn that virtually all of these status changes reveal more good news about polar bears?

Surprisingly, the June 2014 EC status assessments for many Canadian subpopulations are very different from the 2013 assessment released by the Polar Bear Specialist Group back in February 2014.

Have a look at the map above (Fig. 1), number 4 in the EC series, where the boundary change discussed in my last post is noted below the 2014 map.

Data sources for this composite map are stated to be “Canadian subpopulation status provided by…

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Dog Belonging to Nurse With Ebola Tests Negative for the Virus

Spain Says Adios to Meat –

Life or Lunch?

178871920copy-2An article on The Guardian spotlights the growing population of vegetarians and vegans in Spain.

According to the article, “Spanish people have a reputation as diehard meat eaters. But in recent years, as the number of vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Spain has doubled, there are signs of change.” The author continues, “The idea that we should, at the very least, eat less meat is increasingly common in Spain, as in many other parts of Europe.”

The feature also cites an incredibly popular Spanish vegan festival as a sign of the times, bringing in over 5,000 attendees and showcasing foods like muffins, chutneys, and smoothies.

This all comes on the heels of new research revealing that a whopping one in eight British adults now follows a vegetarian or vegan diet, and the historic change in the Indian city of Palitana, which has become the first all-vegetarian city in the…

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Rhino horn demand in Vietnam drops by more than 33% in one year

Emilio Cogliani

Information campaign successfully changes minds of people who think rhino horn has medicinal value

Continue reading…

from Environment | The Guardian

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Dog Owned by Dallas Ebola Patient Won’t Be Put Down



Meet Annie: Rescued as a tiny calf, she is a manatee success story


Vegan Lynx

Annie was rescued as an orphan in August 2005 from the Halifax River near Port Orange, Florida. At the time, she was just a little over four feet in length and weighed only 70 pounds. Newborn manatee calves are generally about four feet long and weigh about 65 pounds, so Annie was too young to be on her own. She was taken to SeaWorld Orlando for care and rehabilitation. – See more at:
Annie was rescued as an orphan in August 2005 from the Halifax River near Port Orange, Florida. At the time, she was just a little over four feet in length and weighed only 70 pounds. Newborn manatee calves are generally about four feet long and weigh about 65 pounds, so Annie was too young to be on her own. She was taken to SeaWorld Orlando for care and rehabilitation. – See more at:
Annie was…

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36 bits of good news to cure your ocean blues

36 bits of good news to cure your ocean blues.