Petition: Ask Congress to Oppose Anti-wolf Riders

Please ask your members of Congress to oppose anti-wolf or other anti-endangered specie riders on the Interior Appropriations Bill.


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Petition: Protect the Canada Lynx! Don’t let Trump delist this endangered species!

U.S. Wildlife Officials Propose Endangered Status For Florida Crayfish | WGCU News



By Jessica Meszaros • Jan 3, 2018

The Panama City crayfish is listed on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website as a “Species of Special Concern.” Now the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service proposes it be a federally protected species.

Federal wildlife officials proposed Tuesday to protect a crayfish only found in Bay County under the Endangered Species Act.


The Panama City crayfish is only about 2 inches long, it’s tan-colored and has red dots on its head. There are only 13 populations found in Bay County with less than 100 crustaceans in each habitat.

Tierra Curry, senior scientist with the Center for Biological Diversity, says all the Panama City crayfish historically lived together in wetlands of the Pine Flatwood Forest, but then they were separated as the land was developed.

“The crayfish have been pushed into these little habitats like ditches and swells,” she says.

Curry says these crustaceans are important for multiple reasons. They create burrows that other species use, like insects and frogs. The crustaceans are also part of the food web— fish, birds and mammals eat them. And they’re herbivores that eat decaying vegetation in the water, essentially cleaning it.

“So protecting crayfish ultimately protects clean water for people,” says Curry.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently proposed classifying the crayfish as a protected endangered species. Curry says there will now be a public comment period, then scientists will weigh-in, and then she expects the Panama City crayfish to be federally protected in about a year.

UPDATE: The source for this story referred the the Panama City crayfish as a “fish,” but it’s actually a “crustacean.”



Petition: Tell Trump to Reverse Course on This Death Sentence for Birds

The Trump Administration and the US fish and wildlife service were busy reinterpreting the federal law to remove vital protections from over a 1,000 species protected under the Migrating Bird Treaty Act. Under the changes, the administration will no longer prosecute companies who oil pits, power lines, and wind turbines incidentally kill birds protected under the Act.

Save the Critically Endangered Red Wolf | Animal Petitions

The Republican Senate aims to destroy North Carolina’s remaining Red Wolf population. The species has been under government protection for the past 30 years, but their numbers are still critically low, only around 45 to 60 wolves remain. Now, Republicans want to terminate their protection under the reasoning that the species “has failed to meet population goals” and is “inconveniencing” land owners and other species.

Petition: Act Now to Save the Sumatran Rhino

Samatran Rhino,is one of the rarest Rhino species in the world with fewer than 100 living in the wild.  They can only be found in a few spots dense forests in the Indonesia, Malaysia and possibly even Myanmar.

Petition: Help Protect Victoria’s Koalas

Save Endangered Gorillas from Illegal Mining

Republicans in Congress are trying to repeal a law that protects endangered wildlife from conflict mineral mining. Sign this petition to demand Congress protect wildlife like the critically endangered Grauer’s gorilla, rather than encourage its destruction just for increased corporate profits.

Source: Save Endangered Gorillas from Illegal Mining

Save the Emperor Penguin From Extinction

Emperor penguins are facing extinction due to human activity. Sign this petition to demand that these fascinating animals be listed as endangered so they may have a chance of survival.

Source: Save the Emperor Penguin From Extinction

Protect Parrots at Risk of Extinction

Beautiful neotropical parrots are facing endangerment due to habitat loss and the exotic pet trade. If this continues, they could soon find themselves at the same level of near-extinction as species such as the whale and the rhino. Sign this petition to demand these birds be protected before things get out of hand.

Source: Protect Parrots at Risk of Extinction

Save Threatened Freshwater Wildlife From Extinction

A freshwater species only found in Washington, D.C. is facing extinction because the Trump Administration refuses to protect it. Sign the petition and demand that the administration side with science and protect the species.

Source: Save Threatened Freshwater Wildlife From Extinction

“New” Petition: Stop Republican Senators’ Attack on Endangered Species


Republican senators may kill hundreds of endangered animals and plants by delegating the Endangered Species List to the states. Sign the petition and demand they not restrict the Endangered Species Act. The future of our environment is a national issue we must all care about, not an issue for the states.

Source: Stop Republican Senators’ Attack on Endangered Species

Protect American Pika from Total Extinction

The American Pika, a close relative to the rabbit, has disappeared from major portions of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Scientists have identified climate change as the driving factor in this mammal’s disappearance. Sign this petition to demand we take action to fight climate change and save wildlife before it is too late.

Source: Protect American Pika from Total Extinction

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Petition: Stop HR 2603 before it wipes out Africa’s wildlife! | African Wildlife Foundation

Save South African Wildlife from Extinction

Aardvarks in a South African desert may go extinct soon due to climate change, and as a result will render many other species of wildlife helpless and slated to die out. Sign this petition to demand stronger protection of these animals and more efforts to fight climate change.

Source: Save South African Wildlife from Extinction

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Petition: FWS: Protect Giraffes as Endangered Species Before It’s Too Late

Petition: Real Protections For Two Disappearing Animals

Don’t Let Today Be the Last Celebration of Endangered Species Day! – Defenders of Wildlife Blog

Save the Threatened Flying Fox from Extinction

Fledertier Rodrigues Flying Fox Animals Flying Dog

Flying foxes are about to be slaughtered to protect the profits of local farmers. Sign this petition to demand that flying foxes are protected from this government cull that threatens the very existence of this unique animal.

Source: Save the Threatened Flying Fox from Extinction

Stop Poaching Unique Endangered Fish for Expensive Gourmet Food


The  humphead wrasse, a huge endangered coral reef fish, is being hunted to extinction in the name of luxury cuisine. Sign this petition to ban the poaching of this important and rare marine species.

Source: Stop Poaching Unique Endangered Fish for Expensive Gourmet Food

Save the Last Northern Sportive Lemurs

As few as 19 individuals of a critically endangered lemur species are left in the wild. Encourage Madagascar’s government to immediately protect this nearly-extinct species by declaring its known range to be protected land.

Source: Save the Last Northern Sportive Lemurs

Save the Bactrian Camel From Extinction

Fewer than one thousand wild Bactrian camels are left, and time is running out to save them. Their numbers are threatened due to poaching, habitat loss and cross-breeding that could wipe out their unique genes. Please sign this petition to save these special creatures.

Source: Save the Bactrian Camel From Extinction

Petition: Save Tasmania’s Forests and Rare and Endangered Wildlife!

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