Pennsylvania police officer punches BLM protester after loud shouting match

Wilkinsburg police officers arrest an activist at a Black Lives Matter protest. (courtesty, Twitter: @WickPhoto)

Wilkinsburg police officers arrest an activist at a Black Lives Matter protest. (courtesty, Twitter: @WickPhoto)

Anders Hagstrom

Black Lives Matter protesters got into an altercation with police in Pittsburgh that ended with a black officer striking one of the protesters, according to images captured at the scene.

A group of roughly 20 activists gathered to protest the death of Jim Rogers, who died in the hospital after being tasered by eight police officers in October. Several officers from the Wilkinsburg Police Department and others soon arrived on the scene and declared the event an unlawful assembly, ordering the group to stop blocking the street.

Police officers escort a protester into a vehicle. (Courtest, @WickPhoto)

Police officers escort a protester into a vehicle. (Courtest, @WickPhoto)


When the group continued to ignore police orders, officers attempted to arrest one of the protesters. Another activist stepped between the arresting officer and the protester, leading to a violent scuffle in which the officer punched the intervening protester, who then fell to the ground.

Another officer with a police dog pushed protesters away as the first officer held the activist down.


It took less than five minutes from the moment police exited their vehicles for the scene to deteriorate. Police arrested both the first protester and the activist who attempted to intervene, though that individual was released later Saturday.

Pittsburg fired five of the eight officers who used tasers on Rogers, the city announced at the end of March. Rogers’ death was ruled an accident, however, and the other three officers will remain in their posts.

The Wilkinsburg Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

D.C. Police disbanding Mounted Unit

Tuesday's Horse

Disbanding of horse mounted police units continues across the U.S. The horse mounted unit in the nation’s Capitol is the latest casualty.

WJLA reports:

The Horse Mounted Unit of the Metropolitan Police Department is being disbanded, D.C. police confirmed.

A spokesperson for the department said the changes are a result of recent budget cuts by D.C. City Council.

The D.C. Horse Mounted Unit had four horses and four officers

A petition on that aims to support the MPD Horse Unit is seeking 1,500 signatures.

According to the petition, the MPD Horse Unit was established in 2002 and has been a huge success with the citizens of Washington, D.C. The horse unit reportedly costs $70,000 a year to run.

This amount is an immeasurable amount to pay compared to all of the good will that we’ve displayed as part of the community events, block parties, parades, crowd control, high-visibility…

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Five Teenagers Awarded Medals of Heroism for Saving Deputy’s Life

Five Teenagers Awarded Medals of Heroism for Saving Deputy’s Life

Caitlin Bassett 2-3 minutes

Five teenagers were awarded the Medal of Heroism Award on Monday for actions that likely saved the life of a King County Deputy.

Deputy Elliott had been off-duty, driving her patrol car home around 1 AM on July 18th when she was flagged down at the scene of an accident involving multiple vehicles, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office. Witnesses reported that a drunk driver, who was stumbling away from the scene, had caused the accident.

When Deputy Elliott approached the man and told him he was not allowed to leave, he put up his fists in a fighting stance and began to struggle with her. At one point she was able to radio for help, but the man then grabbed Elliott’s neck and placed her in a headlock.

It was at that moment that five teenagers intervened. They had been walking by the events when they saw Deputy Elliott struggling to free herself from the headlock. 

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The teenagers yelled “get off of her” and pulled the suspect away from Deputy Elliott. They were able to pin him to the ground so that Deputy Elliott could handcuff him. 

“Moms and Dads, you should be proud of these kids!” wrote the King County Sheriff’s Office in a Facebook post shortly afterward. 

The suspect was arrested for felony assault of an officer and DUI, and had several other warrants for his arrest.

Deputy Elliott walked away with only scrapes and bruises.


The five boys – Darrell Swilley, Isaiha Sansaver, Dominic Sansaver, Tyran Powell, and Kai Tavares – range in ages from 16 to 19 years old. 

On Monday, August 3rd, Sheriff Mitzi G. Johanknecht and Auburn Police Chief O’Neil presented the Sheriff’s “Medal of Heroism” Award to the boys. In a Facebook post of the event, the Sheriff’s Office said of the boys, “We can’t thank these fine young men enough. They are true heroes.”

They have each other’s 6

RAW VIDEO: Man Shot Dead After Charging At Cop With 2 Sai-Style Knives – Breaking911

HomeU.S. RAW VIDEO: Man Shot Dead After Charging At Cop With 2 Sai-Style…

August 6, 2020

Sheboygan, Wisconsin — (Scroll Down For Video) — The Sheboygan County district attorney has determined that the use of deadly force was reasonable and no charges will be filed in the officer-involved death of Kevan Ruffin Jr. on July 2. At 5:50:32 AM, the Sheboygan County Dispatch Center received a 911 call reporting a disturbance involving weapons near S. 15th Street and Illinois Avenue in the City of Sheboygan. Video surveillance from the nearby business showed that prior to Officer Pray’s arrival there appeared to have been a disturbance between two people to the west of S. 15th Street between Illinois Avenue and Indiana Avenue. The disturbance was at approximately 5:50 AM according to the video. There was some pushing before one person ran towards a building and the other person, later identified as Kevan Ruffin, walked eastbound down an alley while holding onto something in each of his hands. At 5:52 AM, a Sheboygan Police Department squad car operated by Officer Pray pulled up next to a silver car at the intersection of Indiana Avenue and S. 15th Street.

As soon as the squad car traveled down S. 15th Street, Ruffin started to walk towards the squad car, although he was on the opposite side of the road. Officer Pray’s body camera recorded him exiting his squad car and then saying, “How you doin’ Ruffin?” and “Are you fine this morning?” He later said, “Can you just have a seat for me?” Ruffin was looking at Officer Pray but walking along the curb line on the opposite side of the road. Officer Pray took approximately 2 to 3 steps toward Ruffin. Ruffin began to walk towards Officer Pray. Officer Pray said, “Ah, ah, ah can you just have a seat for me?” He drew his Electronic Control Device (ECD), commonly referred to as a taser, and activated it. Video surveillance from the business showed Officer Pray exit his squad car, hold his hand out and begin to quickly walk backwards.The video surveillance showed Ruffin begin to walk at a faster pace toward Officer Pray. Officer Pray, as seen on the video surveillance, drew his taser as he was backing up. Ruffin began to run quickly at Officer Pray. Officer Pray was retreating backwards, away from Ruffin.

The body camera footage showed Ruffin advanced toward Officer Pray at a faster pace. Ruffin was mumbling something that was inaudible. He was also holding a Sai in his right hand, which was pointed towards Officer Pray, and another Sai in his left hand, which was pointed away from Officer Pray. Based on body camera footage, it appeared that Ruffin began to advance quicker towards Officer Pray. Officer Pray deployed his taser and began sprinting away from Ruffin. Ruffin was running at a fast pace towards Officer Pray. Evidence of the taser being deployed was found at the scene. Officer Pray’s body camera showed that he sprinted to the opposite side of the street and turned to see Ruffin sprinting towards him. Ruffin was still holding a Sai in each hand. Five seconds after deploying his taser, Officer Pray drew his duty weapon and pointed it at Ruffin. Within Officer Pray’s body camera he is heard yelling, “Step back, you will get shot.” Ruffin continued to run towards Officer Pray. The body camera footage showed that Officer Pray continued to run backwards and fired 3 rounds toward Ruffin, who was still running towards Officer Pray with a Sai in each hand.about:blank

Officer Pray began to sprint back toward the opposite side of the road and fired 3 more rounds while running away and 1 additional shot as he turned back around. After the 6 shots were fired, Ruffin was still running at Officer Pray, which is when the seventh round was fired.

Officer Pray radioed dispatch, “shots fired, shots fired” and “send all units.” The video surveillance showed the same interaction. Specifically, it showed Officer Pray begin to run in a circular motion toward the opposite side of the road. At 5:53 AM in the surveillance video, Officer Pray threw his taser to the ground and drew his hand gun. Officer Pray turned facing Ruffin, still moving backwards as Ruffin advanced. Officer Pray fired his hand gun. Officer Pray continued to run in a circular motion to the opposite side of the road while Ruffin followed. As Ruffin came back around towards the west side of the road he fell to the ground. Video surveillance showed a second officer arrive on scene at what video surveillance showed to be 5:54 AM. Officer Pray and the backup officer approached Ruffin at 5:55 AM. Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was attempted, but Ruffin was later declared deceased at the scene.

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So when are they leaving…I’ll help them pack!

Silent Majority Rising Up Holding ‘Back the Blue’ Rallies In Counties Across the Country – DJHJ Media

Rich Welsh

Here we go again.  Another story about the uncontrollable gun violence in the Democrat-run, gun-control-saturated city of Chicago.

Sixty-five people were shot throughout Chicago this weekend as Mayor Lori Lightfoot pushed for police reform and virtue signaled the city on virus pandemic safety measures.  The Democrats want to defund police who are the grunts in the battlefield who have to deal with never-ending rising homicide rates, stemmed in large part by ridiculous city policies.  It’s madness.

I think the good people of Chicago care more about not getting shot to death than wearing a mask and committing to social distancing guidelines, n’est-ce pas?

There were four kids who were among the 65 shot.  Folks, that’s just unacceptable.

A total of 18 people died, including 2 youngsters and a baby.  A BABY!  Folks, now a baby was killed.  How are those gun control laws working for ya?  Gun control laws only stop law-abiding citizens from being able to carry a gun for protection against the savage killers on the streets of Chicago who can carry as many guns as they want.  The policies of Democratic administrations are just plain crazy.

The weekend gun violence took Chicago over the 300 homicides to date this year, the benchmark that Superintendent David Brown challenged the police department to work to stay below back in April. Last year, the city didn’t break 300 homicides until early August, according to the Chicago Sun Times, but they’re getting a jump on it this year.  And it’s particularly outrageous since the city was under house arrest throughout the pandemic virus scare.  They ruthless animals had to violate social distancing guidelines – O NO! – in order to find people to shoot.  It’s unbelievable.

A 10-year-old girl was shot and killed Saturday night when a stray bullet hit her inside a Logan Square home on the Northwest Side.

She was inside the apartment about 9:40 pm in the 3500 block of West Dickens Avenue when suddenly a bullet came through a window and struck her in the head, police said. She was taken to Stroger Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.  10-YEARS-OLD!  WT*!

Neighbors said they heard gunshots, but they thought it was fireworks. Police said the shots may have come from a group of males who began firing at another group in the block.  It’s one thing for drug dealing animals to shoot each other, but to just recklessly shoot without a care in the world about hitting a civilian who isn’t wrapped up in the drug world is unforgivable.  Even the Capone gang didn’t operate this way.

And that wasn’t the end of it.

Earlier that afternoon, a 1-year-old boy was killed and his mom was wounded in Englewood on the South Side.

Earlier that morning, a teenage boy was shot to dying in Humboldt Park on the West Facet.

We reported that on June 19, a 13-year-old girl was dancing with her mom when a stray bullet entered their house and took her life.

The newest fatal shooting happened early Monday in Brighton Park on the Southwest Side.

A 21-year-old man was walking about 2:22 a.m. in the 4400 block of South Whipple Street when a male suspect approached him and shot him in the face and leg, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Almost two hours before that, a man was discovered shot to death in Humboldt Park.

On Sunday evening, a man was shot and killed in Garfield Park on the West Side.

The 23-year-old was found in the 4500 block of West Maypole Avenue, unresponsive with gunshot wounds to the hip about 11:04 p.m. according to police said. He too was pronounced dead at the scene.

Earlier Sunday night, yet another man was killed in West Pullman on the Far South Side.

Three people were killed in three separate shootings in under 90 minutes on a Sunday morning.

Last weekend 104 people got shot in Chicago, 15 deaths, including five kids.

That’s a whole lot of black lives that don’t seem to matter to the people running Chicago.

Rich is  syndicated opinion columnist for David Harris Jr. and owner of  He writes about politics, culture, liberty and faith.