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Shelter dog refuses to be adopted without his food bowl


Farah R. | Positive Outlook

Staff from the animal rescue site have shared photos of one shelter dog who developed a strange habit of carrying his food bowl around everywhere he went, and the pictures will surely capture your heart!

A dog named Oliver was found as a stray in Memphis, Tennessee after he refused to leave a family’s backyard. Desperate for help, they contacted the nearest animal control office to ask for assistance in handling the elusive dog.

The pup’s playful personality immediately showed when the officers arrived to collect him. Whenever one of them would get close, he would jump over the fence and run out of the yard, treating the whole situation as a game. Oliver was relentless, so the team decided to set up a humane trap to capture him. Finally, after the long chase, the dog was caught and brought to Memphis Animal Services.

From the moment he arrived at the shelter, the staff instantly knew that Oliver once belonged to a home. He was extremely smart, and he was a big lover of food and treats! He knew that if he behaved well and listened, he would be showered with lots of them.

Katie Pemberton, a community engagement specialist at Memphis Animal Services, told The Dodo:

“I met him the first day he came in, and he sat for me immediately before I even showed him I had treats. Then, of course, as soon as the treats came out, he was even more eager to sit. The more he got to know me, the more he would press himself up against the bars of his kennels to let me pet him.”

Apparently, Oliver loved food so much, that he quickly developed an attachment for the thing that held it – his food bowl! Wherever he went, the shelter staff would see him carrying around the container with his mouth.

“The very first night he got here, our field supervisor passed by his kennel in our ACO intake room and noticed him with his bowl in his mouth,” Katie said. “His cute trick was very effective because she gave him more food! Then when he moved to his permanent kennel, he kept doing it. He had his bowl in his mouth most of the time.”

The staff from the animal rescue site surmised that the act might have been taught to him as a cute trick by his former owner. Another possibility was that he lacked food at one point in his life, and he was afraid of losing sight of his food bowl because he might not be fed again.

Throughout his days as a shelter dog, Oliver continued to carry his food bowl around with him everywhere he went, and the staff thought that it was extremely adorable! They started taking pictures of him whenever he did it, and they posted the snapshots on their social media for everyone to enjoy.

Unsurprisingly, Oliver captured lots of hearts across the country with his food bowl carrying trick!

“We received a very unusual amount of inquiries about Oliver after his photos went viral — I wish every dog had that many people interested in adopting them,” Katie shared.

Because of the photos posted by the animal rescue site, the huge amount of online attention that Oliver got led to his eventual adoption. On April 16, his new family arrived at the shelter to take him home, and of course, he’s not going without his food bowl!

Now, Oliver wouldn’t need to worry about going hungry again, for his food bowl – and his heart – will always be full.


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Cats Waiting For The Mailman

I’m Too Pooped…

I’m pooped

‘Very Angry Badger’ Seizes Part Of 500-Year-Old Scottish Castle


It’s like something from a Monty Python sketch: Portions of a 16th-century Scottish castle were recently closed to the public due to a “very angry badger.”

The tunnel at Craignethan Castle was closed last week because of the animal, said Historic Scotland, which manages the property. The badger apparently wandered in from the nearby forest, per the BBC.

It’s not clear what the animal did to leave the impression that it was “very angry”:

Observers on Twitter suggested feeding mushrooms, peanuts and peanut butter to the badger, but cameras sent in on Saturday revealed that Historic Scotland’s cat food plot may have worked, as the creature appeared to have fled the scene.

However, the badger dug through loose soil and stonework, leaving behind a mess, the Scotsman reported. Although the tunnel will stay shuttered while it’s cleaned, the rest of the castle will be open to tourists.

Built in 1530, Craignethan is noted for its fortifications, which were built to protect it from artillery and considered ahead of their time. Although a rampart was demolished in 1579, its ruins remain on the grounds.

Badgers are Scotland’s largest wild carnivores. While they are generally not aggressive toward humans, a wounded or cornered animal may attack ― and in a tunnel such as the one at Craignethan, a badger encountering a human could indeed feel cornered.


A Stray Dog Casually Walks On Stage During A Live Orchestra Performance And Steals The Show | TIME – YouTube

10 Ways To Survive Christmas With Cats! 



Donkey Chews on Super-Car | News of the Horse

Dale Williams

Germany – A donkey took a bite on a super-car, and it cost his owner $6,800. Vistus will never know how much his bite on a $365,000 car cost his owner.

“The donkey probably thought the car was a carrot on wheels. I’m not mad at him,” the car’s owner Markus Zahn, said. Zahn had parked his car too close to Vistus’ pen. “I looked into the rear-view mirror and suddenly saw a pair of fluffy ears,” Zahn said. “And then I heard a strange sound. The sound came from a donkey, who was gnawing at my fender.”

Donkeys, like other members of the equine family, are colorblind, and it unlikely he actually believed the orange car was a carrot.

Vistus’ owner refused to reimburse Zahn for the damage, stating Zahn should have chosen a better parking spot. The court sided with Zahn and forced Vistus’ owner to reimburse Zahn for the damage done to his car.
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Baby Orca Surprises Swimmers At New Zealand Beach – The Dodo


Mischievous Baby Orca Sneaks Up On Unsuspecting Swimmers

“We won’t be forgetting this anytime soon.”
By Sarah V Schweig
October 24, 2017

It’s beach season in New Zealand, and hundreds of people were enjoying the sun and surf at Hahei Beach last week — when some of them got a very unexpected visitor.
Orca surprises beachgoers

Four wild orcas were thought to be hunting stingrays off the coast when one of the baby orcas became curious and swam right up to people wading in the clear water. And the sight of a dorsal fin coming straight at them sent the swimmers scurrying for the shore.

Orcas are very intelligent and social animals who stick with their families their whole lives, and baby orcas like this one learn to hunt from their parents and relatives in their pod.

So maybe the beachgoers were right to be startled by the baby orca — he might have been practicing his newly acquired skills on them.

But the swimmers had no hard feelings toward the little orca. “He’s just playing,” one person can be heard saying.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see such a beautiful animal up close in the wild,” Kelly Lindsay told local news. “We won’t be forgetting this anytime soon.”


Man Is Shocked When His Dog Walks In With A Weird New Smile

Pandora, by all accounts, is your typical sort of playful pup — though she might be a little more mischievous than most.

Within a few months of rescuing her as a puppy, Pandora’s owner Lucas Alves Magalhães learned she has a penchant for digging around in their backyard, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. On one occasion, he’d even discovered his BBQ partially buried there, and the dog looking proud to have helped with its safekeeping.
Still, nothing could have prepared him for what resulted from Pandora’s most recent excavation.

Last week, Pandora was outside, doing her thing, when Magalhães noticed she had dug up some mysterious object, and was traipsing about with it in her mouth.
“I couldn’t see what it was, so I called her in,” Magalhães told The Dodo. “When I lifted her head, I almost died from laughing.”

Pandora suddenly had a goofy new smile.
As it turns out, during her digging, the dog had evidently happened upon some dentures, which she was now wearing as if they were her own teeth.

It was gross, yes — but also rather amusing.

After snapping a few photos for posterity, Magalhães took the denture away from Pandora before she got too accustomed to her toothy treasure. But where did it come from in the first place?

“An elderly couple owned this house before me, and I think maybe it was theirs,” he said. “They may have changed their dentures and buried this one in the backyard. There’s no other explanation, because I know it’s not ours.”
And with that, Pandora was back to her old self again — at least until her next discovery.

Lucas Alves Magalhães

Chimpanzee Reacts To iPad Magic

☃ Having Fun in The Snow ☃

Husky Puppy’s Attempts to Speak Will Leave You Laughing Hysterically (VIDEO)

Husky Puppy’s Attempts to Speak Will Leave You Laughing Hysterically (VIDEO)
The only thing cuter than a sweet, fluffy little puppy is a sweet talking fluffy little puppy! Meet Ramsey the adorable talking Husky.

This handsome fella has been delighting his humans as he struggles to tell them how much he loves them, in plain English, of course. “What was that?” His human mom asks him, laughing with delight. Ramsey yells loudly as if to answer her with an eager reply.

This heartwarming video is only one example of how human-like animals can be. Dogs make especially good pets because of their adaptability and the overwhelming desire to be with their humans. With a little time and care, most dogs can easily adapt to a variety of household situations. Rest assured, no matter what communication issues arise, dogs are always trying to bridge the gap between species with love and affection. Something tells me that Ramsey is well on his way to becoming a canine ambassador!

Bovine providence

Happy Cows

wp-1476224141586.jpeg After being locked up for 6 months,these dairy cows get to see and feel grass for the first time!

Check out @WorldAnimalNews’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/WorldAnimalNews/status/788425785786834944?s=09


Nosy Neighbors

DOG is not allowed on the BED

Clydesdale Photobombs Officers

September 25, 2016
Norristown, Pennsylvania – At a 9/11 Memorial Heroes Run, a Clydesdale photobombed a group of officers posing for a photo. Kim Supko, of Kim Supko Photography, captured the hilarious moment on camera. The 9/11 Memorial Run was dedicated to never forgetting those who suffered loss and tragedy on 9/11 and the wars since then combating terrorism around the globe.

I was taking photos at the 9/11 Heroes Run on September 11th in Norristown, PA organized by Montgomery County Hero Fund and Sean Cullen. Days later as I was editing over 500 pictures I got to this group of local Police Officers from local townships and our Sheriff’s Department and could not believe my eyes as I looked closer. Best part is the officer 2nd in from the right is a very good friend of my family. I am astounded by the thousands of shares this photos has had and so happy to make others smile by sharing. Make it a great day!

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Video: Dolphin snatches woman’s iPad at SeaWorld | WPMT FOX43


ORLANDO, Fla. — In a hilarious and unfortunate video, a SeaWorld Orlando parkgoer captured the video of a dolphin reaching out of its tank and snatching a visitor’s iPad.

Editor’s note: Video is loud. Mature language can be heard at the very end of this clip. Viewer discretion advised.

WTVT reports that season ticket holder Kuadiel Gomez caught the incident on video and still cannot believe it happened.

“That dolphin just lunged and reached the lady, which was unbelievable,” said Gomez

Well, this should teach guests to keep their valuables away from the touch tank.

“As you can see, the dolphins can reach your loose items,” a Sea World worker can be heard saying.

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My favorite one is the three dogs all laying there looking like….. wasn’t me!

I missed the fourth dog laying in the background blending in with the mess…LOL 😀


Why Dogs Make the Perfect Babysitter

My Good Time Stories

There is nothing better than “man’s best friend” when they are “taking care” of our kids. Hope this little video makes you smile and allows you to have a great day!

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17 Adorably Nonsensical Things That Make Zero Sense, And Therefore Are Perfect

Emilio Cogliani

These 17 silly random things exist purely to make you smile.

1. This hedgehog who now knows he can fit perfectly inside a Starbucks cup.

Credit: Embedded via Imgur user: Niccalv2015

2. And this Yorkie who now knows her head can fit perfectly inside a slice of bread.

Credit: Embedded via Imgur user: thehaasofpain

3. The way turtles value teamwork.


4. The fact that you are now aware that one can purchase this 93-inch teddy bear at Costco.

Credit: Embedded via Imgur user: thunder_cunt333

5. This little kid noticing the power of his eyebrows for the first time.

Credit: Embedded via Imgur user: washedupwornout

6. This baby turtle who decided to turn a boring day into the most exciting day.

Credit: Embedded via Imgur user: eja61387

7. This dog who found a new (and much better) purpose for a vacuum.


8. These bears waving “Hi” to you.


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T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week

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Watch dog totally own weatherman on live TV


Mike Sobel, a weatherman for Global Edmonton News, attempted to do his weather forecast with the help of Ripple, a dog from a local humane society. Ripple stole the show.

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