Four Animal Welfare Groups Sue Trump Administration After Approving Elephant & Lion Trophy Imports Behind Closed Doors – World Animal News

By Lauren Lewis –
March 23, 2018

Four conservation and animal-protection groups sued the Trump administration earlier this week over its secretive new policy of approving elephant and lion trophy imports behind closed doors.
The new lawsuit targets a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decision, outlined in a March 1st memo, to shut the public and scientists out of the process for evaluating the impacts of trophy hunting of elephants, lions and other threatened and endangered species in Africa.
The Center for Biological Diversity, the Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society International, Ian Michler and Born Free USA filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.
A federal court ruled in December that the administration needed to involve the public in trophy import decisions. Instead of complying, Interior Department officials adopted a case-by-case permitting approach that fails to comprehensively consider trophy hunting impacts and severely decreases transparency. The day after quietly finalizing its new approach, the administration announced the first meeting of a pro-trophy hunting council convened to advise Fish and Wildlife on increasing trophy hunting of foreign species.
“Despite ample scientific and economic concerns and tremendous public outcry over trophy hunting, this administration seems determined to allow Safari Club International and other special interests to unduly influence federal wildlife policy decisions,” said Anna Frostic, managing wildlife attorney with The Humane Society of the United States.
The memo rescinds numerous prior rules on trophy imports, wiping the slate clean of longstanding decisions pertaining to imports of trophies from elephants, lions, and bontebok, a type of antelope. However, the service has signaled that it still intends to rely on the bad science contained in its prior authorizations to import wild animal trophies.
“Elephants shouldn’t be killed for cheap thrills, and the Trump administration shouldn’t make crucial trophy hunting decisions behind closed doors,” said Tanya Sanerib, international program legal director at the Center for Biological Diversity. “Federal wildlife officials seem to be thumbing their nose at President Trump after he called for an end to the horror show of trophy hunting.”
This challenging the March 1st memo is being added to a pending court case contesting the administration’s decision last November to lift an import ban on Zimbabwe elephant trophy imports, as well as a decision allowing imports of lion trophies from Zimbabwe to the United States.
Polls show that a vast majority of Americans have already expressed their opposition to killing elephants and lions for fun and importing their body parts, but continued public pressure is needed to keep this issue in the spotlight, and to stop a small special interest group from being allowed to perpetuate the threats against these species.

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Stop Pet Store from Renting Chicks

Using a loophole in state law, a pet store rents chicks to customers, endangering the lives of the chicks as well as putting children and families at risk. Demand that this irresponsible ‘tradition’ be stopped.

Source: Stop Pet Store from Renting Chicks

Justice for Dog Killed on United Airlines Flight

A 10-week-old puppy’s life was tragically cut short when a careless flight attendant aboard a United Airlines flight reportedly forced his carrier into the overhead compartment, where the animal suffocated to death. This is not the first time United Airlines has been responsible for the death of an animal. Sign this petition to demand the punishment of this employee and stronger animal safety guidelines.

Source: Justice for Dog Killed on United Airlines Flight

Petition: Dog Dies After United Airlines Stows It in Overhead Compartment

Earlier this week, a woman packed her bags put her dog in a TSA – compliant pet carrier, and boarded a United flight from Houston to New York with her daughter. When they landed the dog was dead all because the flight attendant had insisted she stow the pet carrier in an overhead bin.

According to United pet policy, pet should be carried and approved carriers and stowed underneath the seat in front of the customer, never ended over had been where there is a limited air circulation.

Unfortunately this isn’t United’s first animal tragedy according to the Chicago Tribune, in 2016 United Airlines had the second most animal deaths and injuries of any US Airline. The airline reported 9 deaths and 14 injuries that’s a total of 23 incidents. These were the highest figures for each category among U.S. carriers.

Please sign this petition demanding that United Airlines set a stricker pet policy with clear penalties for violations, clarifying those policies to all United employees, and let the public know so customers with pets can make responsible choices when choosing an airline.

Tell Fox and CBS Tigers Should Not Be Exploited On Television Shows!

It happened again just last week a major television network (FOX) featured a rented tiger from the notorious exotic animal rental business in Hollywood Animals to use in an episode of a television program (9-1-1) for shock value and to garner higher ratings.

Petition: Trump Supports Puppy Mill Abuse!

Puppy mills are inhumane operations where dogs are inbred to the point of severe pain and disability, then either killed, abused and bread horribly or sold as though they were healthy. The dogs in these places are treated heinously and there are very few protections for these animals.

The information that used to be available about when puppy mills did violate existing code or law was one small way of protecting those animals. Now thanks to Trump, it’s gone.

Live Animals Are Still Being Sold in Keychains and Mobile Phone Trinkets – Let’s Stop This NOW! – One Green PlanetOne Green Planet

Live Animals Are Still Being Sold in Keychains and Mobile Phone Trinkets – Let’s Stop This NOW!

Aleksandra Pajda
March 5, 2018

In 2011, CNN brought public attention to a deeply disturbing trend that was observed in Beijing, China. Among your usual choice of trinkets and key chains displayed on vendors’ stalls, people were stunned to find live animals, like small fish, young Chinese soft-shell turtles, and other tiny amphibians, enclosed in little plastic pouches filled with colored water – for only around $1.50 a piece.

As one of the vendors selling the “live animals trinkets” told CNN, the bags contained crystallized oxygen and nutrients – thanks to which the animals were able to survive for days in these mind-boggling circumstances – but they needed to be freed from the bags as soon as the air ran out.

“There might be enough oxygen and food in the plastic casing but the animal waste from digestion and respiration is toxic and will kill them,” Dr. Sam Walton, a former research lecturer at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, told The Star Online. “They essentially poison themselves with ammonia. Aquatic animals are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations so being in a bag is like being in a greenhouse. The temperature shock and physical shock of being shaken around will probably kill the animals before anything else.”

This ridiculous trend has been criticized many times since its initial appearance around the Beijing Olympics in 2008. But, unfortunately, it seems like animals are still being sold as key chains, sealed in tiny plastic bags, with just enough oxygen not to survive for a few days.

Attempts at banning this absurd and cruel practice have not yet been successful, but selling live animals like objects in a way that causes them immense distress and, finally, death simply has to be ended. Click here to sign a petition for China to outlaw selling animals as key chains and mobile phone trinkets!

Stop Slaughtering 3,000 Birds Every Day in Iran Wetland

Every day 300,000 birds, including endangered and threatened species, are slaughtered illegally for food and trophies. If nothing is done, these birds will go extinct and the whole ecosystem will suffer. Sign the petition to urge Iran’s Department of the Environment to help stop these killings.

Source: Stop Slaughtering 3,000 Birds Every Day in Iran Wetland


The Outdoor Retailer Snow & Rock have started selling Canada Goose products. This company is known to use live-plucked down from geese which are left with open sores and after their feathers are torn out of their skin before being plucked again and again, and using live trap capturing of coyotes for fur collars. A reason quote from CG states, “We do not condone any willful mistreatment, neglect, or acts that maliciously caused undue pain, injury, or suffering towards animals, and we are committed to providing for transparency about how we make our products.”

Stop Prairie Dog Killing Contests


Prairie dog killing contests are being held that promote the shooting of harmless creatures for fun and prizes. Take action to stop this atrocity by signing the petition to ban these merciless and needless competitions.

Source: Stop Prairie Dog Killing Contests

Stop City From Killing Coyotes

Reportedly, a city just hired a contractor is trap and kill coyotes as a means of population control. Trapping is an incredibly barbaric way to control the population and is quite ineffective. Sign this petition to demand the city stop this cruel slaughter before it is too late.

Source: Stop City From Killing Coyotes

Stop Hotel From Using Exterminators to Eliminate Stray Cats

A luxury hotel in the Philippines has hired exterminators to “dispose” of stray cats that have lived in the vicinity for years. Killing feral cats is an inhumane and ineffective way to control stray populations. Sign this petition to demand that this cruelty be stopped.

Source: Stop Hotel From Using Exterminators to Eliminate Stray Cats

Petition: Don’t Re-Open Cruel Tiger Temple Under New Name

Tiger Temple Co Ltd is a known abusive group in Thailand who tortures and kills tigers in their cage. They were shut down but are now trying to open again under a new name Golden Tiger (Thailand) Co Ltd. Animal cruelty against the Tigers was a riff at the center where 50% of the Tigers were in cages or enclosures less than 20 sqm per animal, and many showed signs of stress, including pacing and tail biting.

Rescue Animals From Abusive Trainer

Despite having his animal trainer’s license revoked, known animal abuser Sidney Yost is still allowed to keep custody of the animals he has been harming for decades. This is unjust and severely lacking in logic. Sign this petition to demand these animals be rescued from Yost immediately.

Source: Rescue Animals From Abusive Trainer

Don’t Kill Homeless Pets Before World Cup Event

Russian cities may perform a cull of homeless pets before the FIFA World Cup this summer. Demand the country not follow through on this barbaric plan.

Source: Don’t Kill Homeless Pets Before World Cup Event

Petition update · The fight for Nosey unfortunately continues… ·

Please help to rescue an abused elephant named Nosey

The fight for Nosey unfortunately continues…
CompassionWorks International

Feb 3, 2018 — Friends,

This morning we learned the unfortunate news that yesterday the Liebel family filed an appeal in Lawrence County, Alabama courts.

The Liebels have filed the appeal in an attempt to regain custody of Nosey from Lawrence County, which placed Nosey at a sanctuary in Tennessee following her seizure last year.

While, yes, the judge did find in Nosey’s favor and Nosey won her court case last January, Nosey’s case will now be heard by a jury. The family has secured a new lawyer and have filed the appropriate paperwork with the courts, as is their right under the law.

This does mean that Nosey’s ability to remain in sanctuary is in jeopardy and will be in the hands of a jury. However, there is no action you can take as this matter will now be decided by the court system.

If you have questions about Nosey’s case, we encourage you to read through the other updates we have made to this petition, as we have provided a thorough and detailed summary of Nosey’s situation via these regular updates over the last three years.

The best way to ensure that Nosey and NO animal suffers inside the circus is to continue to protest the circus, work toward passing local laws in your community, and spread awareness about circus cruelty with your family and friends.

At CWI, we fight against circus cruelty every single day and already this year have staged dozens of circus protests. Please visit to continue to support our work and to stand beside us as we fight for Nosey, Anna Louise, Bo, Cindy, Jenny, and numerous other elephants still suffering behind the big top.

Thank you once again for all of your actions for Nosey, your vigilance in notifying us when you have seen her or any traveling performing animal, and for supporting CWI in our efforts to put an end to circus cruelty once and for all.

We will continue to keep this petition open and active until Nosey’s life in sanctuary is secured forever.

For the animals,
Carrie LeBlanc, M.A.
Executive Director
CompassionWorks International

Nosey the elephant is FREE!!!!

200,901 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000!

USDA and Congress: Please help to rescue…

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Petition : Stop the dolphin slaughter in the Feroe Island !

In the Feroe Islands not far from the capital: Torshavn, men massacre dolphins by hundreds.

It is not a matter of food, nor economic interest. It is only by tradition, perhaps their ancestors in the Middle Ages did so out of necessity. Today despicable practices have no reason to exist.

The Feroe Islands are an autonomous archipelago, but still dependent on the Danish Crown still dependent on Denmark, does member of the European Union. The massacre of these Dolphins last all year, but the maximum of this genocide is practice between June and October.

Save Greyhounds from Illegal Racing and Death

Greyhounds are being severely mistreated at a racetrack in China where they are left with untreated skin conditions and injuries in a harsh concrete compound. The track is scheduled to close and it’s feared the dogs will be sold to illegal racing operations in mainland China or death. Sign this petition to urge the government to turn these dogs over to animal welfare groups before it’s too late.

Source: Save Greyhounds from Illegal Racing and Death

Petition update · HB646 will be heard on 1/29! ·

Pass a Virginia law to protect dogs in harsh weather

201K supporters
Petition update
HB646 will be heard on 1/29!
Gary Sweeney
Ashland, VA

Jan 22, 2018 — Hello supporters!

On Monday, January 29th, the Agriculture and Natural Resources subcommittee will be reviewing a bill to protect animals from being tethered in extreme conditions in our state. They need to hear our voices and we need to be loud!

Please take a quick moment to send a POLITE, COURTEOUS email to the following delegates on the Agriculture subcommittee asking them to please support HB646:

These emails will make a difference if they come from Virginians. PLEASE EMAIL EACH DELEGATE INDIVIDUALLY! If you do not live in Virginia, you can also email the delegates, but please don’t mention that you live in another state.

Delegate Knight:

Delegate Poindexter:

Delegate Orrock:

Delegate Morefield:

Delegate Bloxom:

Delegate James:

Delegate Keam:

Delegate Rodman:

200,864 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000.

Pass a Virginia law to protect dogs in harsh…

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Give Fish a Fighting Chance at a Pain-Free Life

Ever browsed a pet store and seen a vibrantly colored living creature wasting away in a tiny cup? Betta fish are exhibited and exploited in this manner every day at consumer outlets countrywide. Join the fight for Siamese fighting fish and say ‘no more’ to torture for profit.

Source: Give Fish a Fighting Chance at a Pain-Free Life

Ban Cruel and Dangerous Elephant Parks

A tour guide in Thailand lost his life when an elephant being harassed by tourists fled in terror, trampling him and throwing two riders from its back. This is just one of many dangers of elephant ride parks, for both humans and elephants alike. Sign this petition to demand a permanent ban on elephant ride parks in Thailand.

Source: Ban Cruel and Dangerous Elephant Parks

Stop Zoo From Killing Healthy Animals

Nine healthy baby lions have been needlessly killed at a zoo in Sweden. Demand that this zoo change its cruel policy of putting animals down simply to save money or resources.

Source: Stop Zoo From Killing Healthy Animals

Petition: No Panda Prison in NYC, New York City, NY

Petition: Speed Up the Pace to End Cruel Animal Fighting: Support the PACE Act.

Sentenced to Death!! This is Goldie. This amazing beautiful wolf Lives since 2014 and an area at Barnstorf. It originally from the Gartower pack,. In 2015 she found a partner. The male has travelled more than 400km to Barnstorf.  They had  beautiful cubs. The government wants to kill the wolves. Reason would be they would kill too many cattle and could become dangerous. The people had three years to make their fences against the wolves. But nothing was done and now they want to kill the whole pack.

Petition: No elephant should be skinned for jewelry.

More than two dozen mangled and rotting Asian elephant corpses lay rotting  in a riverbed the Ayeyawady (lrrawaddy) Delta in southwestern Myanmar.   The skin of these highly intelligent and emotional sensitive animals have been flayed from their bones, apparently to sell in Asian markets as gruesome elephant skin jewelry and “medicines” that claim to cure whatever ails you.

Petition update · Lamby is getting her second chance! ·

Dee Dee Duncan
United States

Dec 19, 2017 — Dear Friends of Lamb,

Today we have great news! Judge Acuna has signed off on an agreement between the City of Dallas/DAS and the attorneys working pro bono to save Lamby. She will be released to Austin Pets Alive for rehabilitation as early as tomorrow. We are so grateful to all of you who have supported Lamby’s second chance by signing, sharing, and donating! Our Gofundme page at will remain open for a few more days for anyone who still wants to make a contribution toward her future care and rehabilitation. We are truly moved by the outpouring of support that Lamby has received, and thoroughly relieved that she will finally have a chance at a better life. Special thanks to City Council Member District 2, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Adam Medrano, who advocated for Lamby at every turn, taking up her cause as his own! We will declare victory on this campaign as soon as Lamby is released into the care of Austin Pets Alive.

Thank you!
Lamby’s Legal Battle Continues!
Share this petition

167,250 have signed. Let’s get to 200,000.
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Stop the Mass Slaughter of Reindeer

Reindeer in Norway are being slaughtered by the dozen. Without immediate action, countless more reindeer will lose their lives. Sign this petition to demand the government halt this practice that is inhumane and also threatens the local indigenous people’s way of life.

Source: Stop the Mass Slaughter of Reindeer

Petition · Thomas Cook: Stop Selling Elephant Rides ·

Elephants are being abused. They live in fear for most of our Lives. Some travel agencies have said they won’t sell elephant rides. But the Thomas Cook group continues to do so for money.

Petition: End the Dog Genocide in Jordan – ForceChange

The Senseless Slaughter Must Be Stopped Immediately. Thousands of stray dogs have already been killed and the remaining animals must be protected from such a fate.

Outraged About Arkansas’ Turkey Drop? Here Are 3 Ways to Stop It | PETA

Year after year the town of yellville Arkansas continue to throw live turkeys from airplanes and buildings, they are chased and than harassed by a frenzied crowd, their future is left in the hands of whoever grab some first, looks like this poor turkey is going to be on the table of Mr dillweed and Miss Dickchick