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Opioid Addicts Are Injuring Pets Just To Steal Their Drugs | Care2 Causes

By: Susan Bird
March 6, 2017

It’s almost unthinkable, but veterinarians say it’s happening with increasing frequency. People addicted to opioids are so desperate to score that they’re injuring innocent animals so they can take the drugs prescribed for their pets.
Horrible, you say? Yes, it is. Just imagine snapping your dog’s leg or purposely making him bleed. Imagine inflicting so much pain a narcotic is necessary to make him feel better — but never giving him that relief. Addicts are doing all this and more.

In 2014, a Kentucky woman named Heather Pereira cut her dog Alice’s leg with a razor blade on more than one occasion to get a prescription narcotic. Of course, she didn’t give it to Alice, who was in great pain.

When Pereira returned to the vet clinic twice in a short period, Dr. Chad Bailey realized the injuries were “not the sort of cuts you see in nature,” as he told The New York Post. He called the police while she waited at his clinic. Pereira was convicted and jailed for animal torture and trying to obtain a controlled substance by fraud. Alice has since been re-homed and is fine.
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“What’s scary is it took me two times to pick up on what was happening,” Bailey told The New York Post. “It worries me about the instances we miss.” Veterinarians now have to keep a close eye out to avoid inadvertently facilitating this behavior.

The drug these addicts typically try to obtain is Tramadol. It’s a pill developed to dull the pain for human cancer patients. It’s also often used on animals because of its narcotic pain-relieving effect and its reasonable cost.

“It’s a fairly safe narcotic,” Dr. Duffy Jones, an Atlanta veterinarian, told CBS News. “We use it a lot. We like it and it’s relatively inexpensive.”

Sadly, addicts are figuring out that carting in an injured animal to a veterinarian can be a rather easy way to get their hands on a cheap narcotic. Tramadol wholesales for less than $25 for 1,000 pills. Oxycodone, on the other hand, can cost $10 per pill. It’s easy to see why hitting up the veterinarian seems an approach worth trying.
Vets now have to be vigilant and ask a number of questions before prescribing narcotics for animals. There are several red flags that can signal to a veterinarian that something fishy is going on:

New patients they’ve never seen before bring in a seriously injured animal

Refusing to let the animal hospital obtain prior veterinary care records for the injured pet

The injury doesn’t really match the story being told by the pet owner

Asking for a specific narcotic (like Tramadol) by name

The pet owner needs a refill much sooner than he or she should, maybe because the pills were “spilled” or “lost”

“We’re really looking for things that don’t match up,” Jones told CBS News. “As we start to question the owner, we look at the owner’s response.” The situation is bad enough that vets now often refrain from prescribing a narcotic and try other options first.

We all know addicts harm themselves and people they love. They’re often dangerous to other people. Now they’re even dangerous to innocent animals. We need to do a better job of identifying and helping opioid addicts. They’re going to greater and greater lengths to score their drugs, and it’s becoming 
a crisis even for dogs and cats.

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Stop Slaughtering and Exporting Horses for Human Consumption

Horses are still subjected to slaughter for human consumption in the United States. Furthermore thousands of horses are shipped from the U.S. to other countries for consumption every year. Sign this petition to demand that a proposed bill is approved that bans the consumption of horse meat and the export of horses for consumption.

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A traveling U.S. circus still uses tigers, elephants, and other animals in its show, forcing them to perform completely unnatural acts as a crude form of entertainment. Demand that one of the circus’s most prominent hosts on its ongoing tour refuse to do business with this circus.

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This is Why Your Trash is Dangerous: Deer Trapped in Pretzel Container for a Week Gets Rescued | One Green Planet

Aleksandra Pajda
February 1, 2017

The amount of waste people throw away every day is quite obviously a huge cause for concern. With no concern for what their actions may bring about, people throw away all kinds of trash in places that should be respected and taken care of – like forests, where trash is a serious hazard for the woodland animals.
Recently, a deer whose head was stuck in a plastic pretzel container was found in Bel Air, Maryland. The container had been stuck on the deer’s head for several days before the Maryland Department of Natural Resources managed to capture and free the poor animal.

The Wildlife Response Team tranquilized the deer, released him from the container, and, once he was recovered from the tranquilizers, returned him to the wild. 
This deer was incredibly fortunate, but many animals don’t have such luck. One of the many harmful effects of littering is the risk it poses for wild and homeless animals. Let us remember that and take care never to act carelessly when it comes to things that may seem trivial to us but in reality are terribly serious to the animals around us and often turn into matters of life and death.


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VICTORY! Horrific Staffordshire Rabbit Farm Rejected | PETA UK

More than 17,000 PETA supporters spoke out against this planning application for a factory farm which would have bred rabbits for their flesh and skin.

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Mr. Ambadassor YU Qingtai, President of China Xi Jinping: Stop Cruelty on Cats and Dogs in China!
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Fire Mailman for Allegedly Pepper-Spraying Dogs

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