Stop the Mass Slaughter of Reindeer

Reindeer in Norway are being slaughtered by the dozen. Without immediate action, countless more reindeer will lose their lives. Sign this petition to demand the government halt this practice that is inhumane and also threatens the local indigenous people’s way of life.

Source: Stop the Mass Slaughter of Reindeer


Petition · Thomas Cook: Stop Selling Elephant Rides ·

Elephants are being abused. They live in fear for most of our Lives. Some travel agencies have said they won’t sell elephant rides. But the Thomas Cook group continues to do so for money.

Petition: End the Dog Genocide in Jordan – ForceChange

The Senseless Slaughter Must Be Stopped Immediately. Thousands of stray dogs have already been killed and the remaining animals must be protected from such a fate.

Outraged About Arkansas’ Turkey Drop? Here Are 3 Ways to Stop It | PETA

Year after year the town of yellville Arkansas continue to throw live turkeys from airplanes and buildings, they are chased and than harassed by a frenzied crowd, their future is left in the hands of whoever grab some first, looks like this poor turkey is going to be on the table of Mr dillweed and Miss Dickchick

Petition update · Victory! Burlington has gone Fur-Free!! ·

November 17,2017- the care 2 team has just announced that Burlington will go fur free starting in the fall of 2017…. I think that’s a misprint and they mean 2018. I don’t believe they’ve been sitting on that news this long… either way good news. Thanks to everyone who supported this petition.

Petition: Four dead lions is four too many. Demand non-lethal lion control.

Petition: Justice for Baby Elephant Burned Alive – ForceChange

A baby elephant was severely burned and terrorized,after it was struck with a flaming bar of tar in the East Indian state of West Bengal. Award-winning photographer Biplab Hazra captures the exact moment the mob of” jeering men”threw the balls of tar and firecrackers at the calf.

Dogs used in experiments need your help! Yes, DOGS.

Have your dogs tell Texas A&M that they’re not test tubes.

Source: Dogs used in experiments need your help! Yes, DOGS.

Petition · Bureau of Land Management: Save the Onaqui wild horses ·

Petition: Save my dogs from Destruction, United Kingdom

Please sign this petition by October 25th 2017….. her court date is October 26th 2017

Petition: Demand an end to community cat bounty hunting in Australia, Australia

Petition ~ 2017: Stop Dropping Turkeys from Planes at Annual Festival

For years, a town has thrown turkeys from planes and watched them plummet to their deaths at an annual festival. This tradition is both horrifically violent and an illegal act of animal cruelty. Prevent turkeys from being killed at this year’s festivities by signing the petition.

Source: Stop Dropping Turkeys from Planes at Annual Festival

Petition ~2017: Don’t Drop Live Turkeys from Airplanes

Turkeys will be legally dropped from airplanes for spectacle at an annual festival. These poor animals will be kept in a noisy cargo hold and then tossed from 500 feet in the air. Demand that a stop be put to this horrendous crime against animals.

Source: Don’t Drop Live Turkeys from Airplanes

Petition · New York State Department of Environmental Conservation: Don’t Kill Mute Swans in New York State – Kill the “Mute Swan Plan” ·

Petition: Protect People and Animals. Stop Dangerous and Inhumane Products.

Right now two U.S. Representatives are pushing bills that could force states and localities to allow the sale of dangerous and inhumanely produce products like for foie gras, horsemeat and eggs from caged chickens.

Petition: Stop the Maryland Black Bear Trophy Hunt

Petition: Young orca starves to death – Don’t let him die in vain.

Petition: Shut Down this Illegal Wolf Fur Farm

Ban Drugs for Iditarod Racing Dogs

A team of Iditarod racing dogs tested positive for dangerous performance-enhancing drugs, leading the Iditarod officials to change the rules. This is only the first step, however, such drugs need to be completely outlawed. Sign this petition to protect dogs from potentially life-threatening side effects brought on by these drugs.

Source: Ban Drugs for Iditarod Racing Dogs

Ban Trophy Hunting


Trophy hunters are threatening to demolish what remains of South African wildlife, claiming that their callous hobby is important to the continent’s economy. Not only are they selfishly seeking justification for killing innocent animals, they are incorrect. Sign this petition to demand a full ban of trophy hunting in South Africa.

Source: Ban Trophy Hunting

Petition: Change Euthanasia Policy for Surrendered Dogs!

A personal situations forced the Blackwell family to make the difficult decision to give up their two dogs, after two months of trying to find a home they decided to bring the dogs to the Aiken County Humane Society…… Less than 3 hours later Tux and  Bruiser were dead.

Please sign this petition to:Museum Must Stop Promoting Animal Cruelty with Dog Fighting “Video Exhibit”

A video of pit bulls trying to attack each other will be featured in an upcoming exhibit at a musuem. The video, which shows eight pit bulls on a treadmill, promotes the cruel practice of dog fighting. Please sign this petition to demand that this so-called “artwork” be pulled from the exhibit immediately.

Source: Museum Must Stop Promoting Animal Cruelty with Dog Fighting Video Exhibit

Don’t Allow Fans to Throw Octopuses at Games

For the past 70 years, fans of the Detroit Red Wings have thrown octopuses onto the rink in a bizarre celebration of their teams’ prowess. Urge the team’s owners to put an end to what has been a cruel and inhumane tradition and prohibit all fans from participating.

Source: Don’t Allow Fans to Throw Octopuses at Games

Petition: Stop Otter Cubs from being USED as a Tourist Attraction

Petition: Help get our lovely dog Roxie home, United Kingdom

Roxy was seized because she’s a pitbull, and she will be euthanized because of breed specific legislation


She was killed because she was sad.

Petition · Dartmoor National Park Authority : End the Yearly Slaughter of Ponies From Dartmoor ·

Every year they are slaughtered for zoo meat and human consumption.

Petition · Texas Governor: 30 Day Hold from Euthanasia for Harvey Animals in Texas ·

URGENT! Sign Petition; Help Montreal Pit Bull Owners Who Were Given 4 Weeks To Surrender Their Pets – World Animal News

Please sign the petition and stop the insanity…..pit bulls have just as much right to be part of a family as any other dog…. It’s not the breed… it’s the idiot on the other end of the leash that should be outlawed !!!

Petition: No Public Money for Animal Abuse