Petition: New York: Make Wildlife Killing Contests Illegal

New York: Make Wildlife Killing Contests Illegal

27,358 SUPPORTERS – 30,000 GOAL
Animal advocates and lawmakers in New York are working to ensure wildlife killing contests never take place in the state again.

These contests, which are also known as drives, derbies, and tournaments, reward people of all ages with cash prizes and weapons, among other things, for killing the biggest and most animals.

While native predators, including coyotes, foxes, and bobcats, are popular targets, many other species continue to become victims of these massacres.

Past events in New York targeting crows and squirrels have sparked outrage, and brought much-needed attention to these senseless events, while a recent undercover investigation released by The Humane Society of the United States has offered a glimpse into the little-seen culture that surrounds these contests and the dangerous, and indifferent attitudes they promote towards wildlife – which is especially troubling when it comes to what they teach children about our relationship with the species we share this earth with.

While some defend these contests as a perfectly reasonable means to deal with ‘pests’ and control predators, they’re ethically and scientifically unjustifiable, and it’s abundantly clear that they’re not about wildlife management or even hunting, but about glorifying the senseless killing of wild animals for amusement and personal gain.

Now, animal advocates and lawmakers are supporting legislation (A.4116a/S.5148a) that will make it illegal to “organize, sponsor, conduct, promote or participate in any contest, competition, tournament, or derby with the objective of taking or hunting wildlife for prizes for other inducement, or for entertainment.”

Please sign and share this petition urging lawmakers in New York to pass legislation that will make these cruel and senseless events illegal.



Petition: Make It Illegal for Animal Abusers to Work With Animals

by: Judy M.
target: U.S. Congress

59,902 SUPPORTERS – 60,000 GOAL

The New York state Senate just approved a measure making it a class A misdemeanor for an individual convicted of animal cruelty to ever have employment working with animals. But the truth is, this should be a law across the nation.

Sign the petition to make sure no animal abuser can work at an animal shelter ever again!

This is not only protection for all animals; It is well known that there is a strong connection between animal cruelty, child abuse, domestic violence and many other crimes.

It is astonishing that it is currently perfectly legal for someone convicted of animal abuse to work in a shelter, humane society or a pound.

Please sign my petition calling on the U.S. Congress to pass a law making it illegal for a known animal abuser to ever work with animals.

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Petition:Ban sales from puppy mill in Texas ·


Ban sales from puppy mill in Texas ·
Katherine Na started this petition to Texas State House

We have all seen cute fluffy puppies behind the glass window of a pet store. It is hard not to smile at their irresistibly innocent puppy eyes and their little paws. However, behind the glass display at pet stores and their title claiming to be “local breeders” and “USDA approved”, pet stores have been making profits selling puppies from puppy mills.

Puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding facility built solely to profit from sales of puppies. In order to make the female dogs more profitable, they are given little to no breaks in between pregnancies and are forced to be separated from their babies so that the puppies can be sold to pet stores. Females dogs that can no longer reproduce babies are often killed or abandoned. Dogs are caged and given very limited space and lack of veterinary care with their feces and urine piled up, causing a list of serious health problems.

California became the first state to ban sale of puppy mills. If puppy mills are banned in Texas, it would be a huge step toward animal rights and open doors for Americans who want to adopt healthy dogs fairly!

Petition · Judge Jennifer Saunders JOP # 4, Jen Crownover precint #4, Donna Eccleston precint # 1, any other (u: Help, change the tethering and confinement laws in Comal County, Texas ·
Petition · Judge Jennifer Saunders JOP # 4, Jen Crownover precint #4, Donna Eccleston precint # 1, any other (u: Help, change the tethering and confinement laws in Comal County, Texas ·
3-4 minutes

10,957 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!

Loretta Padgett signed 5 hours ago

Michael Cooper signed 11 hours ago

Our community assumes since there is a tethering law in place that pet owners follow the law, and officials enforce it. WRONG! The reality is that the law is not being enforced and there are hundreds of dogs tethered, chained, confined, and ignored 24/7, many without shelter. Make no mistake; if it is cold outside, dogs left outside are suffering. Dog houses can help keep rain off, but unless they are heated, they do little to keep out the cold. Drive around and see for yourself! It is time for our community to take a stand and make real changes to alleviate the suffering. The longer we continue our apathy, the more dogs suffer. Here’s what we needs to happen: (1) Residents of Comal County need to report violations of the law by contacting Animal Control (2) Animal control needs to issue more citations and enforce the laws and (3) Since many pet owners here have more pets than they can provide food, shelter, and vaccinations/vet car for, Comal County urgently needs a robust, always available, and affordable spay/neuter program backed by a strong ordinance. We must work together to be a voice for innocent animals and prevent suffering by stopping the growing population of tethered pets. Consider if it was YOUR reality to live your life at the end of a chain: you are constantly exposed to the elements , you pant in the summer and shiver in the winter. Your owner believes he has provided you with everything you need: food, water, a dog house, but your life is a lonely, miserable existence. Canines are social creatures by nature, so depriving them of their need to interact with people causes them to become neurotic, anxious, and aggressive. We can do better!
Many states have tethering and confinement laws addressed, but most cities and counties limit the enforcement. Notice that we have signs hanging that say, ” $500.00 fine for dogs running loose”…
where is the sign that says $1000.00 fine to owners who chain/confine pets? PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION to help put an end to this inhumane situation and help UNCHAIN CANYON LAKE!
Sunni Patrice Stalbird
Today: sunni is counting on you

sunni stalbird needs your help with “Judge Jennifer Saunders JOP # 4, Jen Crownover precint #4, Donna Eccleston precint # 1, any other (u: Help, change the tethering and confinement laws in Comal County, Texas”. Join sunni and 10,980 supporters today.
Today: sunni is counting on you

sunni stalbird needs your help with “Judge Jennifer Saunders JOP # 4, Jen Crownover precint #4, Donna Eccleston precint # 1, any other (u: Help, change the tethering and confinement laws in Comal County, Texas”. Join sunni and 10,980 supporters today.

Oppose Trump’s BLM Plan Using Mass Sterilization & Slaughter to Manage Horse Population ·
Oppose Trump’s BLM Plan Using Mass Sterilization & Slaughter to Manage Horse Population ·
CANA Foundation started this petition to Donald Trump
1-2 minutes

Petition Opposing BLM’s Extinction of Wild Horses & Land Decimation

Join The Movement – American’s Against BLM Plan Threatening Wild Horses And Public Lands

Cana Foundation calls upon citizens, animal and environmental advocates to sign petition opposing any BLM Plans that threaten wild horses with extinction and give preferential treatment to public lands livestock grazing over the sustainability of our environment.

The BLM plan includes mass sterilization, sale without limitations and even slaughter to curb an exaggerated over population issue instead of using more creative and less costly programs such as REWILDING America’s Wild Horses onto available lands. This devastating plan places our Wild Horse Nation further at risk and continues to give preferential treatment to public lands livestock grazing over the wellbeing and stability of our wildlife & environment.

Our Horses & Habitats Need Your Help!

It May Finally Become Illegal To Kill Dogs And Cats For Food In The US
It May Finally Become Illegal To Kill Dogs And Cats For Food In The US
4-5 minutes

You’ve probably heard about the horrible Yulin Dog Meat Festival held every year in China. And the dog meat trade in South Korea got a lot of publicity recently, thanks to Olympic athletes like Meagan Duhamel and Gus Kenworthy making headlines when they rescued dogs that would otherwise have been someone’s dinner.

What you may not be aware of is the disturbing fact that the killing of dogs (and cats) for food happens right here in the United States.

While killing dogs and cats in commercial slaughterhouses is against the law in the US, it’s otherwise legal to kill them for food in 44 states. Only California, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan, New York and Virginia have laws prohibiting it.

“With the work of our international arm, which tries to stop this practice that’s especially common in parts of Asia, we’ve had instances when these countries say, ‘Well, why are you talking to us when this is still legal in your own country?’” Marty Irby, senior adviser to the Humane Society Legislative Fund, told McClatchy’s Kate Irby.

A year ago, U.S. representative Alcee L. Hastings (D-Fla.) introduced the Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act of 2017, an amendment to the federal Animal Welfare Act. The act, which has 239 co-sponsors, would prohibit people from knowingly slaughtering a dog or cat for human consumption.

It would also ban people from knowingly transporting, possessing, buying, selling, or donating a dog or cat to be slaughtered for human consumption, or dog or cat parts for human consumption. Violators could face a fine and/or up to a year in prison.

More recently, Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) introduced an amendment to the 2018 Farm Bill that’s just been passed by the House Agriculture Committee. Like the Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act, this amendment would prohibit people from “knowingly slaughtering a dog or cat for human consumption” and from knowingly participating in the other activities related to the pet meat trade.

The punishment for violators is a $2,500 fine and up to a year in prison.

“Adopting this policy signals that the United States will not tolerate the disturbing practice in our country,” Denham said, according to Politico.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) voted against Denham’s amendment, Politico reports. He said he doesn’t condone eating dogs and cats, but it’s traditional in other countries and he found it “a little tough” to imprison those who do it in the U.S.

It should come as no surprise that Steve King (R-Iowa) also voted against the amendment, since he has a history of opposing animal welfare laws (and once said dogfighting should be legal).

Unfortunately, the Farm Bill also includes a terrible amendment King himself introduced that would eliminate states’ rights to protect animals, warned Kitty Block, acting president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States.

The Farm Bill, which authorizes all federal agriculture programs including food stamps and farm subsidies, is expected to become law by Sept. 30, 2018, when some existing programs start expiring, Bloomberg reports.

Before then, the Farm Bill is bound to get some tweaking. While Denham’s amendment needs to stay, King’s troubling amendment definitely needs to go.
Take Action

Tell Congress that you support the ban of cat and dog meat. Sign the Care2 petition supporting the Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act.

If there’s an issue you care about in your community or the world, you can start your own Care2 petition. Care2′s community of activists will join you in your cause and help you make a difference.

Photo credit: rohitink

Petition · World Animal Protection: Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival ·

Gerald Padrique started this petition to World Animal Protection and 2 others

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is an annual event where over 10,000 dogs are being eaten and slaughtered. The festival is held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice where the festival goers get a chance to eat dog flesh and lychees. And about 10,000 to 15,000 dogs are being butchered.

The citizens of China and event organizers said that dogs are being killed humanely. But animal rights campaigners, activists, and petitioners counterclaimed that they are slaughtered cold-bloodedly based on the photographs from the event. There was a witness who claimed that some of the dogs are stolen household pets, because of their collars.

Dogs are considered as part of our family. They are faithful pets that protect and love us, their owners. They can be a shepherd that will look for our home whenever we are not around. Some of them are trained to help cops and investigators to solve various crimes.

Dogs are more than an animal. They are a good companion, a trustworthy defender, and a friend. For this reason, dogs and all animals deserve to be loved and protected. Just like humans, dogs have feelings, and they feel pain. It is not right to kill and torture them in any possible ways. We should realize by now how ruthless it is to take the life of an animal for a festival.

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival should be banned and stopped to end the misery that thousands of dogs are facing right now. Cease this inhumane act and bring animal rights back to life.

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Petition · Ohio Department of Natural Resources: Prevent ODNR From Allowing Trapping Of Bobcats ·

Prevent ODNR From Allowing Trapping Of Bobcats
Jason Cooke started this petition to Ohio Department of Natural Resources

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife is considering instituting a trapping season in certain areas of the state after sightings of bobcats have continued to increase.

According to ODNR, the bobcat was removed from the list of Ohio endangered and threatened species in July 2014.

Verified sightings of bobcats have been on the rise in recent years- with more than 2,000 sightings from 1970 through 2017. Nearly 500 of those sightings happened in just the last year.

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Apr 18, 2018 — Please Click Here To Sign This Petition:

The Tennessee Walking Horse is the ONLY equine breed in the World which shows TWO YEAR OLDS wearing approximately EIGHT POUND SHOES with CHAINS hitting the sensitive skin above the horse’s front hooves.

We have over 25,000 signatures supporting the end of this.

Let’s get to 50,000 signatures!!!

Please Sign and Share With Everyone You Know.

Here is the “Story of CCABLAC, “WE, The People”, (Citizens Campaign Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty … Speaking FOR “The Horses”

Victory! Hundreds of Animals Saved as Japan Ends Poisoning Test on Dogs
Victory! Hundreds of Animals Saved as Japan Ends Poisoning Test on Dogs
Jessica Sandler
Written by | April 18, 2018

After hearing from PETA scientists for the past three years, the Japanese government officially announced this week that it is saying “sayonara” to a gruesome pesticide test conducted on dogs.

Imagine being locked in a cage and forced to eat pesticide-laced food or breathe pesticide fumes for a year until you are killed and your body is dissected. That is exactly what dogs undergo in a common test. But now, after receiving documentation from PETA scientists of extensive analyses conducted by experts demonstrating that data from the one-year dog poisoning test are not used to protect humans, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has decided to stop requiring the use of this test.

Two beagles running toward camera with ears flapping
© Emile Hallez

With the assistance of the Japan Anti-Vivisection Association, our scientists pointed out that numerous governments, including those of the European Union, the U.S., and Canada, have eliminated this test from their pesticide registration requirements after discussions with PETA, sparing thousands of dogs annually. Japan now joins the growing list of countries that have made the right decision for dogs and for science.

PETA scientists are also in contact with regulatory agencies in other parts of the world to encourage them to follow suit and are working to end all pesticide testing on dogs and all other animals. Your help will bring us closer to a world in which all animals are regarded as individuals, not laboratory tools, and in which we’ll look back on chemical tests on living, breathing beings as part of a painful, dark past.

Stop Hunters From Slaughtering Wildlife With Assault Rifles

Hunters are slaughtering wolves near Denali National Park using assault rifles and other high powered weapons. Without intervention, these wolves will be driven to extinction. Sign this petition to demand stronger hunting restrictions.

Source: Stop Hunters From Slaughtering Wildlife With Assault Rifles

Petition: Demand that NYC Health Commissioner Mary Bassett Shut Down Illegal Animal Sacrifice, New York City, NY

by: Jessica Hollander, Nathan Semmel, Donny Moss
target: NYC Health Commissioner Mary Bassett, New York City, NY

859 SUPPORTERS in New York City
11,544 SUPPORTERS 12,000 GOAL

Every year during Yom Kippur, practitioners of a religious ritual animal sacrifice called Kaporos erect dozens of pop-up slaughterhouses on the streets of Brooklyn. For several days, over 60,000 baby chickens are intensively confined in crates with no food, water or protection from weather extremes. Many of them die of hunger, thirst, illness and exposure before the slaughter even begins, and the bodies of the dead decompose next to those who are still alive.

The barbaric sacrifice takes place on public streets, where the smell of death is overwhelming, and the streets are contaminated with with the blood, feces, urine and body parts for days. The massacre breaks seven health codes and exposes New Yorkers to salmonella, E. coli and other dangerous toxins and pathogens. NYC’s health commissioner, Dr. Mary Bassett, is in possession of a toxicology report confirming the dangers, yet she and other city officials turn a blind eye because the practitioners of the animal sacrifice represent one of NYC’s most powerful voting blocs.

Both the residents of these neighborhoods where Kaporos takes place AND the victims of the ritual need your voice to demand that Mary Bassett do her job by enforcing the laws that would prohibit this massacre from taking place.

Photo: Unparalleled Suffering Photography

Petition: Hunter Slaughters Wolves at Denali National Park With an AR-15

by: Andrew M
target: Alaska Department of Fish and Game

106,345 SUPPORTERS 110,000 GOAL

When you hunt with an AR15 even a wolf is a sitting duck.

That’s what the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is finding out after officials investigated one “hunter” who went to the edge of the Denali National Park and waited for the wolves to enter into unprotected lands before he bombarded them with bullets.

The story just adds truth to the claim that the wolves of Denali are in trouble. For years activists have been fighting to create a permanent no-hunting buffer around the park that would shield unsuspecting wolves from the dangers lurking just beyond the reserve.

No animals are aware of the invisible lines humans use to delineate their safe zones, and in the wolf’s case, stepping one paw out of the national park could lead to their death.

This year, the area around the park has had an extremely high wolf harvest rate — more than the past 5-year average. When hunting is allowed, family groups are disrupted and the viability of entire wolf populations are put in jeopardy.

That’s what happened in the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve — a park not too far from Denali. Hunting became so destructive in and around the area that scientists had to end a 20-year research program on predator-prey relationships. The reason? The wolves of the park no longer lived in a natural state. The problem is now so grave that the wolf population will likely collapse without intervention.

We cannot let this happen to the wolves of Denali. We must protect the remaining Denali wolves from a horrible fate.

Please sign the petition and tell DFG to listen to the scientists that are sounding the alarm and implement a permanent buffer zone around Denali National Park.

Petition: Justice for Liam the Pit Bull, Used as Bait in Dogfighting

by: Care2 Team
target: Michael Rallings, Director of the Memphis Police Department

37,100 SUPPORTERS 40,000 GOAL
A young and sweet pit bull was found behind a warehouse in south Memphis with hundreds of bite marks and other severe injuries. Liam, as the rescuers named him, had been used as bait for dog fighting and his abusers are still at large.

Sign the petition to demand Memphis authorities find the people responsible, charge them with animal cruelty, and prosecute them to the full extent of the law to ensure no other dogs suffer Liam’s pain.

Liam was found with hundreds of bites on his body. His left eye was swollen shut and his paws were so injured that he couldn’t even walk on his own. Thank god he was rescued and survived, but he is in for a long recovery. But he has clearly lived his whole life being attacked again and again by other dogs. And once he was of no use to them, the abusers just left him to fend for himself.

Pit bulls who are naturally sweet are often used as bait to train other dogs in dog fighting. The idea is to train the other dogs on how to attack dogs like Liam. It’s called a bloodsport, and for good reason — the losing dog dies and that’s the end of the “fight.”

These dogs are often drugged with steroids and their tails are docked and ears cropped so that their normal body language cannot be read. They experience extreme abuse to bring out their aggression, and never experience the love every dog should. All this abuse happens just to entertain cruel and dangerously violent people.

It’s a disgusting “sport” that only attracts truly heartless people and deeply damages the dogs involved. It is a felony in every state, but it still goes on with abandon. That’s why whenever there is a lead like a bait dog like Liam being found, authorities must take it extremely seriously!

Please sign on to demand justice for sweet Liam and catch the dog fighting ring leaders in their heinous crime.

Petition · Georgia State House: Animal Cruelty Registry ·

Animal Cruelty Registry
Kristen MacKenzie started this petition to Georgia State House and 3 others

I think having a registry for animal cruelty is great idea, for many reasons, this registry, will help animal shelters(TLC, Humane Society, etc) would benefit from it. Not only does it alert shelters, but it will also make animals safer. I have seen several dogs, cats, and chickens being tossed out, due to their families not wanting them, or leave them out somewhere to die.

We need to stop this, we need to have this registry, so animals who need a home, goes to a safe enviroment!

Petition: Animal Abuse Leads to Violence Against Humans. This Bill Wants to Intervene.

by: S E Smith
target: California Legislature

10,000 GOAL

The link between animal and human violence is well established: People who neglect and abuse nonhuman animals are much more likely to go on to abuse humans. Animal welfare advocates and law enforcement alike are painfully aware of how violence can escalate and perpetuate itself without formal intervention.

Despite this known public safety risk, many states have few measures in place to break this cycle.

California State Senator Scott Wilk has a proposal: The Animal Welfare and Violence Intervention Act of 2018. While the state of California mandates counseling for people offered parole in certain animal cruelty cases, his bill would formalize counseling for people convicted of such crimes. It would require offenders to receive training in “responsible animal ownership,” and in the case of specific offenses, they would need to be screened for mental health conditions and provided with counseling, if needed.

The goal of this legislation is to break the cycles of violence that can trap people and animals alike, sometimes in escalating patterns. We want to see both houses of California’s legislature bring this bill forward for a vote and pass it, making California safer for people and animals alike.

And we’d like to see other states follow in California’s lead.

Protect animals and vulnerable humans by passing legislation that will get people the help they need before their violence has an opportunity to escalate!

Photo credit: Torrey Wiley


Petition · Justin Trudeau: STOP THE CANADA COMMERCIAL SEAL HUNT: Don’t Seal Their Fate. ·


As members of Canadian society, and an animal rights not-for-profit incorporation, we have always believed that Canada has represented itself as a progressive nation — but such progression should not include sacrificing and inhumanely killing innocent life for making profit or products.

I am speaking and bringing to your attention of Canada’s Commercial Seal Hunt, or “Harvest” as even the Federal Fisheries Department has claimed it to be – a definition basically stating that this slaughter and treatment to be mere hunting and collection of commodities that can be used for humanity’s own personal & profit making gain such as fur, seal oil (health supplements) and aphrodisiacs etc.

It is truly a blemish upon the country, when its Government and Fisheries Department continues to defend the nature of such a dying industry, calling it humane and sustainable, and putting forth funding towards the inhumane and cruel suffering and death of innocent life —- where the majority of innocent seals (by the hundreds of thousands) are either shot or clubbed in the head by instruments so that the pelt of such life is not damaged, and that the life suffering and dying are approximately 95 – 98% are 3 weeks to 3 months old.

According to the Federal Fisheries Department Website — The Three-Step Process, which also applies to harvesters with personal use licences is:

Striking – The Seal Harvesters must shoot or strike animals on top of the cranium with either a firearm, club or “hakapik” – a multipurpose hunting tool — wooden club with a hammer head (used to crush seal’s skull) and a hook (used to drag carcass away) on the end.
Checking – the harvesters must palpate both sides of the cranium (left and right) following striking, ensuring that the skull has been crushed — this ensures the seal is irreversibly unconscious or dead.
Bleeding – The harvester must bleed the animal by severing the two axillary arteries located beneath the front flippers and must allow the minimum of one minute to pass before skinning the animal — bleeding ensure the seal is dead.

The much awareness and outrage of not only individuals, but organizations and celebrity endorsements as well has made a huge impact against the commercial seal hunt — even bringing upon bans from other countries against the imports of seal products have caused a collapse in sales.

But even with such impacts, the Canadian Government still funds this industry, and has even increased quotas, despite the decline and collapse in such a market.

We are truly appreciative and thankful to all those who have contributed and supported the efforts in raising awareness and impacts against this issue – Please continue the fight and urge the Canadian Government to finally abandon its efforts to save the commercial seal hunt. Spread and Sign The Petition Today!

petition: Tell the Maryland General Assembly to Pass the “Beagle Bill”, Maryland

by: JHU Pet and Animal Welfare Society
target: Maryland General Assembly, JHU President Ronald J. Daniels, and UMD President Wallace Loh, Maryland
9,381 SUPPORTERS in Maryland
120,000 GOAL

The Humane Adoption of Companion Animals in Research Act simply provides an opportunity for dogs and cats used in research to be adopted into a home once their time at a laboratory has come to a conclusion.

The legislation, often called the Beagle Bill because beagles are the most common breed of dogs used in research, is a common-sense animal protection bill. It does not restrict the research itself; it just requires research institutions to work with willing animal rescue organizations to find homes for pets once they are no longer needed.

Unfortunately, this legislation was defeated in 2017 under opposition from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland, but we will not give up. The measure has been reintroduced as HB 732/SB 675, and it is critical that we fight back against the research institutions working to kill the bill.

Please sign our petition urging the Maryland General Assembly to pass the Humane Adoption of Companion Animals in Research Act, and demanding that Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland withdraw their opposition.



Petition update · 4/5/2018 News Article on Ponce’s Law SB 1576 ·

April 7,2018 -be sure to listen to the speech given by Governor Scott in regards to Pounce’s Law.

Just click on the link and then click on the pic in the article to watch the video!

There’s Nothing Humane About Gas Chamber Euthanasia – The Animal Rescue Site

[There’s Nothing Humane About Gas Chamber Euthanasia]
Goal: 30,000 • Progress: 17,043
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Spending the last minutes of your life scrambling for air in a mass of writhing and desperate limbs is nothing short of an horrific nightmare. Yet, for the animals slated to be euthanized by gas chamber, which is still allowed in some states, it’s the last reality they leave this world with.

For a period of up to half an hour, the unfortunate dogs and cats fit into these hot boxes are forced to fight for what remaining air they can gasp, as it’s replaced with carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide [1]

The phrase “gas chamber” isn’t exactly comforting, and it shouldn’t be. Despite a categorical ban on such methods in 27 states, gas chamber euthanasia is still practiced in a few, including Utah, Wyoming, Missouri, and Ohio. Bowing to pressure from animal rights advocates, commissioners in Branch County, Michigan, shut down the state’s last suspected gas chamber in 2016, giving hope to efforts in the remaining states where the nightmare continues to play out.

In Utah, the fight to ban animal gas chambers has reached the highest halls of state government. But while the state senate was given the opportunity to leave this barbaric option behind, SB56 supporting the ban failed to get enough votes to pass.

Votes against the bill came from senators who claimed the costs of switching to lethal injection methods was too high for their constituents. However, nonprofit groups like the Humane Society of the United States and others offer financial assistance in the form of grants to cover the expense [4].

Sandy City Council member Kristin Coleman-Nicholl offered firsthand testimony of the results of switching in an interview with the Salt Lake City Tribune in early 2017.

“The change definitely was easier than anyone thought it would be. The staff has embraced the policy and has adjusted very well,” Coleman-Nicholl said. “Our level of service has not gone down, and we still handle wildlife. None of our employees has reported any injury or incidents.”

The same compassion for animals can easily be replicated in the few remaining Utah animal facilities that still use the gas chamber for euthanization. With the help of informed and active citizens, the torture can be brought to an end.

Sign this petition to tell Utah’s Senate Government Operations Committee and the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food: Animal Industry Division that legislators need to be made aware of the nightmare they’re allowing to continue, and ban animal gas chambers for good.
Sign Here


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Petition: Stop The Commercial Slaughter Of Baby Seals!

Stop the cruel commercial killing of baby seals

The unimaginable cruelty involved in commercial sealing has convinced many nations to ban their trade in products of commercial seal hunts. As a result, the commercial seal slaughter has been reduced to a fraction of its former size. While thousands of commercial sealers renew their licenses every year, 90 percent of them no longer participate in the killing because it is not profitable.

Now, the Canadian Sealers Association wants to lift a freeze on commercial sealing licenses so they can recruit and train a whole new generation of baby seal killers.

Tell the Canadian government to reject this absurd proposal and put a final end to the baby seal slaughter.

California Senator Scott Wilk Introduces The Animal Welfare & Violence Intervention Act of 2018; Addressing Link Between Animal Abuse & Violence Towards Humans – World Animal News

By Lauren Lewis –
March 28, 2018

California Senator Scott Wilk (R-Antelope Valley) announced the introduction of the Animal Welfare and Violence Intervention Act of 2018 to address the link between animal abuse and violence towards humans and to stop the escalation of dangerous behavior among offenders who hurt animals.
“Animal abuse crimes should be treated seriously because they are serious,” Wilk, himself the parent of a rescue dog, said in a statement. “Our animal friends need and deserve our protection, but this bill isn’t just about them. It’s also about our mothers and daughters, our friends and neighbors, our children and grandchildren; it’s about all of us.”

Wilk went on to cite statistics that show in some cases 60 percent of domestic violence offenders also abused animals at some point, and that 70 percent of the most violent prisoners in a study of federal prisons had serious animal abuse in their histories.
“There’s no denying the existence of a problem here and it has become even more apparent that our current mechanisms for identifying and addressing these offenders are neither restorative nor rehabilitative in any meaningful way,” said Wilk.
The bill will require offenders convicted of animal abuse crimes to undergo mandatory mental health assessments and, if deemed beneficial by the assessing mental health professional, to seek ongoing counseling.
The bill also requires offenders to enroll in an animal offender education course that will teach them proper techniques for interacting with animals in a positive way.
“Through early intervention with mental health and education, we can begin to weaken the link between animal abuse and future violence against humans. The link is well established, but it isn’t unbreakable.”
The bill is supported by legislative, animal rights and law enforcement leaders including the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and former Los Angeles County Prosecutor in charge of animal crimes, Deborah Knaan.
“Ferreting out mental health issues and educating offenders will go a long way toward preventing more animals, and humans, from being victimized in the future,” said Knaan who now runs Benchmark Animal Rehabilitative Curriculum (B.A.R.C.) an animal abuse education non-profit.
WAN will continue to follow and report on the status of this extremely important and much-needed legislation.

Help us continue to bring you the latest breaking animal news from around the world and consider making a Donation Here!

Please Go Plant-Based!

“One Person CAN Make A Difference”

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Petition update · 3/23/18 Governor Rick Scott signs the bill on National Puppy Day! ·

87K supporters
Petition update
3/23/18 Governor Rick Scott signs the bill on National Puppy Day!
Debbie Taylor Darino
Daytona Beach, FL

Mar 24, 2018 — Today, on National Puppy Day, Governor Rick Scott signed into law our bill Ponce’s Law!!! We are just waiting to hear on if he will also do a ceremonial bill signing also…will keep you posted!!! It’s a great day for Ponce and all the animals here in Florida!!! And it’s a VERY HAPPY DAY 🐕🐈

3/24/18 Article on Ponce’s Law

86,922 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!

Debbie Taylor Darino: Harsher punishment…

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Urgent – Petition Update: Save Elephants and Lions
petition: Save Elephants and Lions

by: Care2 Team
target: US Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ)


620,000 GOAL

Urgent update: Trump just announced that the Fish and Wildlife Service will now allow “trophy” imports of dead elephants and lions on a “case-by-case” basis. This is completely unacceptable. Please sign and share to protect animals and keep the total ban on this cruelty!

President Trump just opened the door to expanded sport hunting of some of the world’s most beloved — and imperiled — animals: Africa’s elephants and lions. We need your signature today to help stop him.

Near the turn of the 20th century, Africa was home to between three and five million elephants. Now less than half a million remain. Africa’s lions have seen similar declines, with lion numbers declining by 42 percent in just the last 20 years.

To save these iconic animals from extinction, the Obama administration banned the importation of elephant trophies from Zambia and Zimbabwe and made importing lion pelts and other trophies more difficult.

Now President Trump — whose sons have boasted publicly of killing rare animals in Africa — has reversed this animal-saving ban.

This reversal will almost inevitably increase poaching of these rare animals. According to Jeffrey Flocken of the International Fund for Animal Welfare:

“When a species’ greatest value is as a dead trophy, its days will inevitably be numbered, just as they are when the value of their parts — like ivory tusks, tiger skins, or rhino horn — make protection from poachers nearly impossible.”

The move is also squarely at odds with public opinion in the US. 82% of Americans surveyed support banning lion trophies, and 83% support banning elephant trophies.

That’s why Care2 is calling on Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva, one of the most stalwart animal defenders in Congress, to introduce legislation to reverse the Trump administration’s trophy import decision as soon as possible.

By adding your name today you’ll show Congressman Grijalva that conservation-minded people around the world reject sport hunting of our imperiled species. And you’ll provide the public support we’ll need to restore vital protections for whales and lions.

Speak up now for elephants and lions. Please sign the petition now to stop all new imports of elephant and lion trophies.

Update #218 days ago

Bad news! Trump just announced that the Fish and Wildlife Service will evaluate imported dead elephants on a ‘case-by-case’ basis. But we need a total ban! Please share, together we can be heard.

Petition: Make it Illegal to Eat Dog and Cat Meat in the U.S., United States

United States
Make it Illegal to Eat Dog and Cat Meat in the U.S.

by: Angela W.
target: Congressman Mike Conaway, Agriculture Committee Chair; House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy; Congress, United States

28,346 SUPPORTERS in United States
50,000 GOAL

While the dog meat consumption of China and Korea gets a lot of international condemnation, did you know that it’s legal to kill and eat dogs and cats in 43 states!?!?!

Only California, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia have taken steps to explicitly ban the dog meat trade.

Every other state in the U.S. allows dogs to be killed and eaten. And it does occur. The cases aren’t frequent, but the numbers of animals seized in the reports I’ve seen are large enough to point to a significant problem. Two U.S. dog meat operations both had over 140 dogs in captivity, awaiting slaughter.

Urge Congress to act today! HR 1406 – The Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2017 has been introduced, with bi-partisan support, and will amend the Animal Welfare Act to prohibit the transport, processing, buying, selling, slaughter or donation of a dog or cat for human consumption.

As of March 2018 there are 236 cosponsors for HR 1406. Unfortunately, the bill is stuck in the House Agriculture Committee. We need a large, loud outcry to pressure Chairman Mike Conaway and Congress to act, and protect our pets today!!

Urge Chairman Conaway to cosponsor, mark up and review HR 1406, and urge House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to bring it to the floor for a vote as soon as it clears the House Ag Committee.

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Urgent Help Needed By Tomorrow, March 23rd, To Prevent Forced Killing Of Raccoons, Opossums & Coyotes In Indiana – World Animal News

The Department of Natural Resources is considering a controversial rule change that would make it mandatory for animal control specialist in Indiana to kill thousands of raccoons, possums and coyotes each year.

Currently the decision whether to exterminate or release a captured animal in the same county in which they are caught is up to the service provider, and one, in particular, is doing everything he can to keep it that way.

WAN talked with Michael Meservy, owner of advanced Pest Control in Indianapolis about how people can join his fight against the fish and wildlife policy change that would mean a death sentence to what some people sadly refer to as “nuisance” animals.

Breaking News! San Francisco Officially Becomes The Largest City In The U.S. To Ban The Sale Of Fur! – World Animal News

By WAN –
March 20, 2018

San Francisco has officially become the largest city in the United States to ban the sale of fur.
The news follows a City Board of Supervisors meeting earlier today in which members voted unanimously to pass a measure that prohibits the sale of fur clothes, accessories and products in the city.
The ban, which goes into effect on January 1, 2019, even makes it difficult, if not obsolete, for residents to purchase fur online because items with fur will not be able to be delivered to any San Francisco address.
As per a late amendment, furriers and retailers are able to sell their current inventory until January 1, 2020.
Really? This important law should go into effect immediately.
“I hope that it inspires other cities and the country to take action. Certainly, we need better federal regulations on fur farming,” said Katy Tang, the supervisor who authored the measure told WRAL. “There’s no humane way to raise an animal to peel its skin off.”

According to the local CBS affiliate, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce claims that fur sales in the city are estimated at an annual $40 million.
While animal advocates are thrilled with this major victory, many retailers are frustrated at the impact the ban will have on them; some which are reported to already be “suffering.”
Similar bans have been already instituted in the California cities of West Hollywood and Berkeley.
Here’s to many more cities throughout the country and world following suit!

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Please Go Plant-Based!

“One Person CAN Make A Difference”

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Don’t Allow For-Profit Companies to Oversee Animal Inspections

The Trump administration is about to allow private companies to conduct important animal inspections. Sign the petition to oppose this conflict of interest.

Source: Don’t Allow For-Profit Companies to Oversee Animal Inspections

End Barbaric Cat Meat Markets and “Death Cages”

Cats, some of them kidnapped pets, are being brutally and illegally slaughtered for consumption in Vietnam. Demand that this cruel practice be brought to an end.

Source: End Barbaric Cat Meat Markets and “Death Cages”

Petition: Congress: End the Suffering of Wild Animals in Traveling Circuses for Good

The traveling exotic animal protection act, which would end the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling circuses over concerns about their welfare and safety risk, is in need of a congressional sponsor!!

According to Animal Defenders International (ADI) there are an estimated 300 wild and exotic animals in the U.S. circuses today. For them, life is restricted to unnatural barren enclosures and long journeys in between being used as performers for our entertainment.

Research and undercover investigation have expose not only the problems inherent with keeping animals this way, but also the heartbreaking and violent abuse they’re exposed to behind-the-scenes that range from having food with hell to being beaten in training and blatantly mistreated.

Wild wild animals have been used in circuses for decades, we know so much more about these animals needs to be physically and psychologically healthy and that circumstances can never meet these needs even with the best intentions.

It’s time for the US to join almost 30 other countries that have already passed legislation Banning wild and exotic animals in circuses and are working towards that goalong.