Petition · Yulin, Guangxi dog meat festival will happen again on June 21, 2017. An average of 10,000 dogs will be tortured and then eaten. This cruel dirty festival started in 2010 and it must be stopped. ·

Petition · David Orazietti and Jeff Leal: Protect barn animals from fire in Ontario ·

Another Carriage Horse Collapses – Time to End the Abuse

Yet another horse has collapsed while pulling a carriage through New York’s Central Park. Dozens of other horses have been badly treated by this often cruel and irresponsible industry. Help finally ban horse-drawn carriages.

Source: Another Carriage Horse Collapses – Time to End the Abuse

Stop Animal Abusers from Owning Animals

Convicted animal abusers could soon be prevented from owning animals thanks to a proposed new bill. The bill would create a registry of convicted animal abusers and sanction all pet stores, breeders, and shelters who provide pets to them. Demand that the Florida House of Representatives pass this important bill.

Source: Stop Animal Abusers from Owning Animals

Petition · President of the United States: Mr President, Please Publish Federal Rule Save”The Horses” From “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty ·

Gasoline Poured Into Burrows of Wildlife in Texas: Speak Out Now!

Please remind TPWD officials that gassing is inhumane, indiscriminate, and harmful to the environment and urge them to ban this practice.

Source: Gasoline Poured Into Burrows of Wildlife in Texas: Speak Out Now!

Petition · We thank you, Chairman Pyo Chang-Won for standing up for rights of Korean animals! ·

Pads and Chains Outlawed

Thank you to everyone who signed the petitions…

January 13, 2017

Washington – The USDA announced today that new rules prohibiting the use of padded shoes, chains, action devices, and other methods of soring horses have become law. The rule states, in part “Amend the regulations to prohibit use of pads, substances, and action devices on horses at horse shows, exhibitions, sales, and auctions…” Horse owners have 30 days to comply after publication of the final rule to cease using all action devices, except certain boots, at shows, sales or auctions. Pads and wedges are outlawed starting Jan 1, 2018.

The Office of Management and Budget finalized their review of the proposed changes to the 1970 Horse Protection Act on January the 10th.
As previously reported, those who show and participate in Walking Horse shows stated “The USDA proposed rules will severely negatively impact every aspect of the horse community,” a worker at the Bedford Tack booth told News of the Horse. When asked if padded shoes and chains are necessary for the Walking Horse show, he replied “No comment.” Celebration Show Staff refused to comment on the proposed USDA rules, other than to say they had never heard of them.

While Animal welfare activists are celebrating the rule changes, no doubt those in the Walking Horse industry are preparing lawsuits to file against the rule changes.
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Require Animal Abusers to Register Themselves

Convicted animal abusers may soon be required to place their names on a registry which animal control and shelters would have access to, thanks to a proposed new law. Demand that the governor sign this legislation.

Source: Require Animal Abusers to Register Themselves

Montreal’s Pit Bull Ban Is Getting Even Worse

Petition · American Society of : To stop dog meat trade/ Yulin Festival ·

Stop Turtles From Being Eaten Into Extinction


American turtles are being harvested to feed the appetites of Chinese consumers. While many states have banned or restricted the collection of turtles, Louisiana still has very lax restrictions in place. Sign this petition to tell Louisiana to protect its turtle population.

Source: Stop Turtles From Being Eaten Into Extinction

Exotic Animals Should Not be Kept as Pets

Dozens of exotic cats and other animals were reportedly found locked in bedrooms and kept in horrific living conditions. These innocent animals deserve better than to be treated like collectors items. Sign this petition to demand that the people who did this are brought to justice.

Source: Exotic Animals Should Not be Kept as Pets

Petition · Chairman Tyrone E. Nelson of Henrico County: Tell Sister City, Yangju, Korea, That We’re Opposed to Torture/Consumption of Dogs & Cats. ·