Support Country’s New Fur Ban

Czech Parliament has passed a bill that will ban fur farming by 2021. The bill still needs to be approved by the Senate, but it is looking promising. Sign this petition and show your support of this new bill that would spare 20,000 lives annually from unnecessary pain and death.

Source: Support Country’s New Fur Ban

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Denounce Politically Motivated Prairie Dog Hunt With Donald Trump Jr.

The Republican candidate for Congress in Montana recently slaughtered prairie dogs with Donald Trump Jr. for publicity. The prairie dogs are important ecologically and the hunt took place during their breeding season, when females were pregnant. Sign this petition to denounce this disgusting politically motivated animal hunt.

Source: Denounce Politically Motivated Prairie Dog Hunt With Donald Trump Jr.

Fight for International Ban on Captive Orca Breeding


Captive orca and dolphin breeding is now banned in France. Sign this petition and praise France for making this groundbreaking decision to help and protect animals trapped within the entertainment industry and encourage other countries to do the same.

Source: Fight for International Ban on Captive Orca Breeding

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Protect Birds From Cruelty in Farms and Labs


Birds do not receive the same animal welfare protections as other animals that are used in research, commercially bred and transported, and exhibited to the public. Without this protection, they can be kept in very small, cramped cages with little to no access to food, water, and sunshine. Sign this petition and demand these protections are expanded to include birds.

Source: Protect Birds From Cruelty in Farms and Labs

Stop Mailing Live Tadpoles for Cruel Science Experiments


Frog tadpoles are commonly sent through the mail in kits for science experiments, dooming them to a short and unpleasant life. Ban this inhumane practice immediately.

Source: Stop Mailing Live Tadpoles for Cruel Science Experiments