Justice for Puppy Reportedly Locked in Crate Until She Starved to Death

A puppy was reportedly locked in a crate where she starved to death. The poor animal’s dead carcass was reportedly emaciated and covered in urine and feces, but the dog’s owner was only sentenced to one day in jail. Sign this petition to demand that this disgusting injustice be reversed.

Source: Justice for Puppy Reportedly Locked in Crate Until She Starved to Death


Man With History of Animal Sex Abuse Must Face Prison Time

A man with a decades-long history of animal cruelty and sexual abuse, including killing animals, reportedly asked the court to release him under the condition that he receive hormone treatments. Please sign this petition to demand that this repeat offender not be allowed to escape justice.

Source: Man With History of Animal Sex Abuse Must Face Prison Time

Justice for Two Dogs Allegedly Abandoned Without Food or Water


Two dogs suffered and one had to be euthanized after they were allegedly abandoned without food or water. One of the dogs was reportedly so emaciated that his bones showed through his skin, and the other suffered from a severe flea infestation. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Source: Justice for Two Dogs Allegedly Abandoned Without Food or Water

Petition · Prison for the men who laughed as they tortured a shark in Florida · Change.org


Petition · New York University: Expel an Animal Slaughterer · Change.org


Prosecute Woman Filmed Biting and Hitting Dog on Subway

A woman was filmed beating and biting her dog on a subway. After abusing the poor animal in front of witnesses, the police let her go with only a warning. Please sign this petition to demand that this woman be prosecuted and banned from owning animals.

Source: Prosecute Woman Filmed Biting and Hitting Dog on Subway

Donkeys Allegedly Sexually Abused by Trespasser Need Justice

Two donkeys were allegedly sexually abused in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Video footage showed a man placing a bag over one donkey’s head and putting his pelvis against the animal’s rear. Demand justice for these innocent donkeys.

Source: Donkeys Allegedly Sexually Abused by Trespasser Need Justice

Petition: NFL & Atlanta Falcons: Don’t let Michael Vick retire a Falcon


Petition: Juan Castillo Pérez leaves dogs to hang from washing line, posts photos online! Sign for tougher laws now!, Mexico


Petition: Demand Justice for Endangered Key Deer Who Were Hogtied and Trapped in a Car!


Petition · CCABLAC Calls On Mr. Charles Gleghorn To Resign As Officer/Director TN Walking Horse Breed Assn! · Change.org


Dairy Supplier Accused of Abuse Must Improve Standards

Abuse of mother cows was caught on video footage reportedly taken at a major dairy supplier’s facilities. Not only are the cows allegedly subjected to cruelty, but workers are also reportedly exposed to unsafe conditions. Sign this petition to demand this supplier clean up their act.

Source: Dairy Supplier Accused of Abuse Must Improve Standards

Petition · Minister of Agriculture Investigate the cruelty and neglect within AHAR incl excavation of the carcasses buried… · Change.org


Man Writes a Powerful Message to the Cruel Human Who Callously Starved a Great Dane to Death | One Green Planet

Should animal abuse be considered a violent crime?  

What do you think?

Vote your opinion at the end of the article.

Petition · Sign: Justice for Neglected Dogs Left to Waste Away · Change.org


Someone kicked a puppy so hard he lost his leg.

Someone kicked a puppy so hard he lost his leg.


An 8-month-old puppy has lost his leg in a suspected case of extreme animal cruelty in Moon Township, PA. The puppy, now named Tres, suffered broken ribs and leg broken so badly it had to be amputated after a man named Marcus Smiley kicked him.

What could a puppy do for someone to do something so horrible? You won’t believe it:

“The boyfriend was rather angry because the dog had torn the house up a little, like dogs do sometimes,” McCarthy said. “Then he gave it an extremely powerful kick.”
“He was whimpering, limping. His leg was dangling. He couldn’t walk very well,” said Jess Horvatin, who rescues a lot of abused animals. Read more here

Thankfully, Tres’ surgery was successful and he has already been adopted by a loving family. The man accused of nearly killing him, Marcus Smiley will be charged with animal cruelty, a second-degree misdemeanor, according…

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Petition · Justice for tres the tripod · Change.org


U.S. Government Must Stop Hiding Animal Abuse


The USDA website has taken down the portal to their records of animal cruelty, claiming a need to protect personal information that has long been redacted from those records. This is bad news for animals all over the world suffering from abuse and unethical treatment. Sign this petition to demand the USDA restore the portal to these records.

Source: U.S. Government Must Stop Hiding Animal Abuse

Thirty pronghorn die trying to cross frozen Idaho river | Reuters



Environment | Tue Jan 17, 2017 | 7:49pm EST

Thirty pronghorn die trying to cross frozen Idaho river

By Laura Zuckerman | SALMON, Idaho

Thirty pronghorns, close cousins to antelope, died while crossing a frozen river in south central Idaho, in a very rare event for the sure-footed mammals, state wildlife managers said Tuesday.

About 500 pronghorns, which look like small deer and are famed for being the fastest land animal in North America, were seeking to cross the frozen Snake River near a wildlife refuge in Idaho on Sunday when part of the herd began slipping and falling on the ice, according to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Roughly 200 of the pronghorns, so named for the short, forked horns on their heads, had successfully crossed the stream before a group of 47 became stranded on the ice, prompting hundreds of others to turn back to shore.

Idaho wildlife managers mounted a rescue mission on Monday, by which time just 36 pronghorns remained on the ice sheet. Ten of those had been killed and partially eaten by coyotes, 20 were so severely injured that they had to be euthanized on the spot and six survivors were taken by airboat to shore and released, Fish and Game officials said.

Although deer and elk periodically die seeking to cross frozen waterways, such incidents are rare when it comes to pronghorns, state wildlife officials said.

“I have never seen anything like it in my 26-year career,” Daryl Meints, regional Idaho Fish and Game wildlife manager, said in a statement.

The agency’s Gregg Losinski said pronghorns have traditionally been called antelope even though they are technically just a relative to both antelope and goats.
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Pronghorns, which are subject to regulated hunting in Idaho and elsewhere, are nicknamed “speed goats” for a swiftness of hoof that can see them reach speeds of nearly 60 miles per hour (97 kph), said Losinski.

(Reporting by Laura Zuckerman; Editing by Dan Whitcomb and Sandra Maler
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Alleged Animal Abuse at Pig Farm Must Be Stopped

Pigs at a swine facility are allegedly abused and beaten with sharp objects on a daily basis. Multiple reports have been filed against this company, yet nothing has been done about it. Sign this petition to demand that the company be shut down for allegedly allowing the pigs to be beaten and abused.

Source: Alleged Animal Abuse at Pig Farm Must Be Stopped

Emaciated Horses Taken from Convicted Animal Abuser Deserve Justice


Dozens of emaciated horses were recently taken from a woman with two previous animal cruelty convictions. Demand that this woman be banned from ever owning animals again.

Source: Emaciated Horses Taken from Convicted Animal Abuser Deserve Justice

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Petition · Keith A. Pelletier : Tenant farm in Wesport MA. involved in the worse known animal abuse case in New England. · Change.org


Adorable Turkeys Are Being Thrown Out of Planes in Arkansas Town for Barbaric Fall Tradition | The Rainforest Site Blog



Adorable Turkeys Are Being Thrown Out of Planes in Arkansas Town for Barbaric Fall Tradition

The small Arkansas hamlet of Yellville is holding on to a fowl tradition.

For the past 71 years, live turkeys have been dropped from an airplane, 500 feet above the town square as its annual Turkey Trot Festival gets underway. Four to five drops are made on both days of the festival, with one to three turkeys toss out of the plane each pass. In this year’s event, turkeys were dropped over the town on Oct. 7 and 8. One bird died in each toss, which preceded a scramble of festival visitors trying to claim the shaken and scared turkeys as their own. While Yellville authorities say their hands are clean in the matter, animal rights organizations and compassionate activists are calling for the immediate end to the horrific event.

Yellville and the turkey drop have been the subject of protest for over 30 years now, ever since national news media first covered the event in the 70s. The town stopped officially endorsing the event in 1990, according to Roadside America, and for over 15 years the registered pilot has been Dana Woods, of nearby Mountain View. The turkey drop was skipped from 2012 to 2014, not out of concern for the turkeys, but because of weather and pressure from protesters.Defenders of the drop claim the turkeys should be able to fly before hitting the ground.

“They’re not going to crash,” county judge Terry Ott told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “They’re birds. They can fly.”

But others, including poultry science professor Yvonne Vizzier Thaxton, beg to differ.

“Placing turkeys in an environment that is new to them is stressful,” Thaxton told blogger Max Brantley at Arkansas Times. “In the case of an airplane, the noise would also be a stress-producing fear reaction. Dropping one from 500 feet is a horrific act of abuse.”

The National Wild Turkey Federation holds that wild turkeys can fly in excess of 55 miles per hour, and may fly often to roost or escape predators. There’s no typical need to survive a 500-foot drop in the life of a wild turkey, however.

According to Lynn Lunsford, a spokesman for the FAA in Fort Worth, as quoted on Arkansas Online, there is no law against throwing things out of a plane, so long as there is no risk of injuring people or property on the ground. And while Lunsford said the FAA heard at least seven complaints about the turkey drop that day, his office still refers all animal cruelty cases to other appropriate channels.

“We don’t endorse the practice of heaving unsuspecting turkeys out of aircraft for entertainment purposes, but our regulations don’t specifically exclude live animals as ‘objects,’” Lunsford said.
Elsewhere in the Turkey Trot Festival, along those objectifying lines, is the annual Miss Drumsticks beauty contest, where women’s upper bodies and faces are hidden as spectators judge their legs.

The future of Yellville’s turkey drop is yet to be determined, but you can lend a voice to help. Follow the button below to our next page, where you can sign a petition and tell the Governor of Arkansas, the Arkansas Attorney General, and the Arkansas Aviation and Aerospace Commission to work together to spearhead the prosecution of any person involved in the abuse of turkeys in Yellville and enact legislation which prevents this from occurring again in the future.
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Witnesses to Animal Abuse Must Report It Immediately



A shepherd has been accused of beating one of his lambs, and the crowd that witnessed the incident did not report it. Sign this petition to require that future incidents be reported immediately.

Source: Witnesses to Animal Abuse Must Report It Immediately

Justice For Dead Dog Shot and Burned With Firecrackers

A Snapchat video reportedly showed a teen shooting a dead dog and shoving firecrackers into its body. He allegedly described it as ‘awesome’ and found it funny. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Source: Justice For Dead Dog Shot and Burned With Firecrackers

Teens Who Allegedly Abused Baby Goat Must Be Punished

A baby goat was reportedly abused by teenagers who smashed beer cans over its head. Despite the sickening footage, they won’t be charged with animal abuse. Demand that this injustice be solved and these teens punished.

Source: Teens Who Allegedly Abused Baby Goat Must Be Punished

UPDATE~Animal Groomer Pleads Not Guilty To Strangling Dachshund « CBS San Francisco

San Mateo Animal Groomer Pleads Not Guilty To Strangling Dachshund
June 24, 2016 1:03 PM
Filed Under: Animal Abuse, Animal Groomer, Crime, Dachshund, San Mateo
Juan Zarate (San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office)

REDWOOD CITY (CBS SF) — A pet store employee has pleaded not guilty to animal abuse and animal cruelty in the alleged strangulation of a 1-year-old dachshund last month in a San Mateo pet store, San Mateo County prosecutors said.

On May 15, Juan Zarate, 38, of Hayward, took the dog Henry to a back room to trim its nails but got angry when the dog was not cooperative, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said.

Zarate rushed to the front of the store three minutes later with the dog, which was unresponsive and had blood foaming from its mouth.

A veterinarian at the store was unable to revive the dog, prosecutors said.

Police responded at 5:15 p.m. to the PetSmart at 3520 S. El Camino Real on a report that a dog had died. Police arrested Zarate at the store the same day.

Henry came to the store with his owner, a 47-year-old San Mateo man, who brought two other dogs with him to have the dogs’ nails trimmed, according to prosecutors.

Wagstaffe said Henry’s owner was in court Thursday and indicated Henry was a beloved member of the family.

“It was such an impactful thing for them,” Wagstaffe said of Henry’s death.

A necropsy determined that the dog was strangled. A post-mortem X-ray showed the dog also suffered two broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Zarate has no other history of animal abuse, according to Wagstaffe. He is out of jail on a $50,000 bond.

A superior court review conference is set for 1 p.m. July 21 and a preliminary hearing for 9 a.m. July 29 in the county courthouse in South San Francisco.

CBS San Francisco
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Justice for Flamingo Killed by Drunk Theme Park Patron

A flamingo at Busch Gardens has been euthanized after sustaining severe injuries at the hands of a drunken guest. Demand severe punishment for this cruel and senseless death.

Source: Justice for Flamingo Killed by Drunk Theme Park Patron

Justice for Horse Allegedly Beaten to Death by Two Men




A horse reportedly had to be euthanized after collapsing on a highway and being beaten by two men. This gruesome attack on an innocent animal must not be tolerated. Demand that authorities charge the men with animal cruelty immediately if they are found guilty for this cruel crime.

Source: Justice for Horse Allegedly Beaten to Death by Two Men