Serbia: Azea Has A Cancer, But Needs Funds To Sort It – Please Help – See Below.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

PLEASE read the story about Azra, so heartbreaking.  Azra doesn’t deserve this, so PLEASE anyone who might help her to continue the therapy, do it!

We have to win this battle together!


The Story

This is Azra, the beautiful girl whose ‘owner’ obviously does not care too much about her because he allowed her to come to this situation, and the situation is following: the carcinoma of the vagina whose type we still do not know because it requires a departure to vet clinic in Belgrade, after the suggestions of the veterinarians in Bor where Azra lives, and the pathohistology has to be done.

What the veterinarian suggests is a quality surgery of an experienced surgeon, which again requires a visit to Belgrade, and for which there is no money.

Jovan Joja Cvetkovic took over the dog as soon as he found out about her, since ‘the…

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More Than 800 Animals Find Loving Homes Thanks to One Woman Paying All Adoption Fees

Kim Pacini-Hauch doesn’t care about what price she has to pay – she just wants to make sure that every shelter pet in Sacramento has a loving home.

Source: More Than 800 Animals Find Loving Homes Thanks to One Woman Paying All Adoption Fees

Puppy Sleeps In Nativity Scene Becoming A Christmas Miracle

In 2008, the town of Circuma in Brazil set up there  nativity scene.

During the holiday season, we find ourselves looking for small miracles to get us in the Christmas spirit. It doesn’t have to be anything big — just something to remind us and reassure us that the spirit of the season is with us, especially when we may be feeling lonely.
One Christmas, a nativity scene went up. There was Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus. But this one year, there was an extra addition to the scene. It was something people didn’t know they needed, but once they saw it, it encouraged them to be more compassionate and loving during Christmas and every other day of the year.
When people gathered around, they noticed something sleeping in the manger.

Right next to the baby Jesus was a sleeping German Shepherd puppy.

But every visitor was overcome with joy and love when they saw him snuggled up.

Wishing you all joy and love this holiday season…. 

The Story of a REAL Superman!

Good Time Stories

Scott Feldstein Photo Credit: Scott Feldstein via CC Flickr

We all love super heroes. When most of us were growing up, we always had a role model, someone we looked up to, or a super hero that we wanted to be when we grew up. It was fun thinking (and sometimes still do) about the awesomeness of having the super power to fly, leap higher than the tallest building, run faster than lightning, become bulletproof, and a host of other things.

Sometimes, unbeknownst to us, there are sometimes REAL super heroes in our midst…and we have no idea who they are! Such is the case of today’s story of a person that was a super hero despite of the “evil” said by others.

I am sure that today’s short story will touch your heart in a special way and, maybe, bring a tear to your eye…but it is a story and a…

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Success: Mittens Donated for Burned Koalas

The donation of koala mittens were such a big success that the International Fund for Animal Welfare has decided to ask the public to donate handmade pouches for misplaced baby wallabies and kangaroos this time. Sign this petition and applaud the success of koala mittens.

Source: Success: Mittens Donated for Burned Koalas

Serbia: News From Felix Shelter 23/1 – Little Tak Has Passed Away.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

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Tak passing

From Danica;

It’s with utmost sorrow and profound grief that we sadly announce the passing of our gorgeous little boy Tak.

Although we knew he didn’t stand a chance against the deadliest cat virus there is, a tiny glimmer of hope persisted almost until the end. Even if only one in a million is strong and lucky enough to win this losing battle, maybe he could’ve been that one? Sadly, FIP has claimed yet another angel…

Not so long ago, Tak was a joyous and sparkling kitty boy, full of life and loved to bits. But once the first symptoms of the most feared cat disease showed up, the decline was rapid and all of his youthful vigor disappeared at a frightening rate.

Only the sparkle in his big, bright eyes remained the same until the end.

Fly free now, my little sweetie. You’ll purr forever in our hearts.

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Dolphin’s tail inspires girl to use new prosthetics

PHOENIX — Inspiration can come in all forms, even in the body of a little dolphin with a special tail.

Fernanda Rubio, who is only 7, walks and even runs in her pink prosthetics she calls “stubbies.”

“I can walk,” she said as she made her way down the aisles of a Valley library.

But it wasn’t long ago that even the thought of putting on prosthetics would bring about tears.

“She was with them for a year, she kept crying,” Fernanda’s mother, Edith Rubio, said. “She didn’t want them. She kept crying. ”

Fernanda’s original prosthetics were tall and made it hard for her to balance.

“I was scared,” she said in a quiet voice.

But one day she and her parents watched the movie Dolphin Tale, a storyabout a dolphin named Winter who needed a prosthetic tale to get around.

“He has a prosthetic leg, like me,” Fernanda…

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Never underestimate the power of One.