Emergency Tweetstorm/Email  – Stop H.R. 2936  


As this is a last minute effort with a limited time frame, I will not go into detail on this post in regard to the stunning language ofthis proposal. Suffice it to say that this is one of the most extreme attacks, to date, on our national forests. Should you like more informationplease see this page,or to see the full list of egregious provisions within this bill, visitthis blog postfrom the Western Environmental Law Center. For more in-depth information on the Resilient Federal Forests Act (HR 2936) please seethis page from UCLA Berkeley Law.

An analysis of this bill can be foundhere. A letter from 71 organizations can be foundhere.

On November 1st, H.R. 2936 passed in the House of Representatives with a vote of 232-188. Below, please find a tweetsheet and email text, please…

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Petition update · Lonely elephant Anna Louise still needs your help please contact us if you know her location! Change.org


Saving Life on Earth: Current Actions

There are several petitions for the Environment and Animal Welfare you can sign one or all…

Source: Saving Life on Earth: Current Actions

Germany: Take Action To Stop ‘Shark City’ – The Biggest In Europe – Sample Letter To Copy And Send.


Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)



I was informed by an animal protection organization that a shark aquarium is planned in Sinsheim. Sinsheim has 35,000 inhabitants and is located in the south of Germany.

An investor wants to build the biggest shark aquarium in Europe: “Shark City”.

Dives in the basins are planned, but also a so-called touch pool for touching the animals.


My first thought was: in which century do these cave-men live? But with thoughts we can not save animals, actions maybe more helpful!

I wrote and sent this letter to the mayor.

If someone wants to protest, can also send the same letter. The more the better.





Please copy the letter (preferably the German version) and send to the Mayor as soon as possible.  Please ensure you state your nationality so that he is aware of the worldwide attention on this issue.

Thank you – SAV

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Petition update · Official Petition For Kato & Kleo · Change.org

Sign the petition only…..do not send any money!!
Governor Dannel P. Malloy: Free Kato and Kleo!
by Laurie Mann · 4,186 supporters
Petition update
Official Petition For Kato & Kleo
Laurie Mann
Olean, NY

Last week, someone started another petition for Kato & Kleo without our consent or authorization. Not only that, we specifically asked him NOT TO. We believe he did this in order to acquire email addresses for marketing purposes, based on messages we received from other animal rights groups. Please be sure to share THIS petition only, as we do not know for sure what else he is up to. We have had reports of him requesting donations and this we absolutely did NOT authorize. We requested that he remove his petition so that there would be no confusion. He closed it, but occasionally opens it back up, so please be careful. Thank you for your support and for your continued efforts to help #FreeKatoAndKleo


A further reply from the Governor’s office
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Petition update · IT’S OVER!!!!! Dude & Jude are Staying at Home!!! · Change.org

Petition update
IT’S OVER!!!!! Dude & Jude are Staying at Home!!!
Rhonda Phelps Crawford
United States

Jul 15, 2016 — I can’t express enough how much I appreciate every one of you. I just got the news that Dude and Jude get to stay with us. We aren’t allowed to get anymore nor are we EVER allowed to move them. I can’t thank each and everyone of you enough for standing behind Dude and Jude and our family as we did everything we needed to do to keep our two boys. I also would like to thank the IDNR for allowing us to keep them. I will keep Dude and Judes Facebook page up so you can see how they do over the years. Again we thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts.
Love from Dude and Jude
and the Crawford family

Petition update · URGENT: Don’t let them take our Pet Deer!!!! · Change.org

Illinois Department of Natural Resources: Let me keep my two deer I’ve raised since birth
by Rhonda Phelps Crawford · 123,182 supporters
Petition update
URGENT: Don’t let them take our Pet Deer!!!!
Rhonda Phelps Crawford
United States

Jul 14, 2016 — PLEASE HELP!!! Save Dude and Jude!!!! Here is the name of the head director of the IDNR Wayne Rosenthal you can reach him at 217-782-6302. His email is Wayne.rosenthal@illinois.gov
The IDNR Captain that is the one wanting to shoot or take my deer away from me his name is Tim Daiber and you can reach him at 618-435-8138, his email address is Tim.daiber@illinois.gov
The IDNR website is http://www.dnr.illinois.gov
So if you need anymore names or numbers you can send anything there. So if you would please tell them that if they take these deer away from us we are going to sue the IDNR. Because that’s what I’m thinking about doing anyway. I’m just hoping that if enough people call Mr. Rosenthal since he’s the head director of IDNR then maybe he’ll make the decision to let us keep them. Thanks everyone!!!!
Please keep signing and sharing the petition.


Dude & Jude Update 7/13/16
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Petition update · Dude & Jude Update 7/13/16 · Change.org

Illinois Department of Natural Resources: Let me keep my two deer I’ve raised since birth
by Rhonda Phelps Crawford · 121,926 supporters
Petition update
Dude & Jude Update 7/13/16
Rhonda Phelps Crawford
United States

Jul 13, 2016 — Just got off the phone with the IDNR and they are NOT letting me keep them. The Captain in charge TIM DAIBER is out of the office all week. So if you want to flood the phones with calls to this office or write to this office here is the information.
Illinois DNR
Region V Office
1173 IL 37
Benton, IL. 62812
You can ask for Tim Daiber who is the Captain and the one that is being the ASS and not letting me keep these babies that I’ve had all these years. I believe his plan is to still shoot them. So please keep signing and calling them if you would. Dude and Jude deserve to stay where they are. Thanks everyone.

Dude & Jude on Facebook

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Petition update · Victory! Bear Hunt Stopped in 2016 · Change.org


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission – An immediate moratorium on the hunting of Florida’s black bears.
by Stop The Florida Bear Hunt · 133,843 supporters
Petition update
Victory! Bear Hunt Stopped in 2016
Stop The Florida Bear Hunt

Jun 27, 2016 — We stopped the bear hunt in 2016! We still have a fight ahead to get them permanently protected!

Thank you for your support and for being apart of this historic event!

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Petition update · Nobody wants to help me! · Change.org




Animals Are Dying At Sea And No One Can See Their Pain



Animals Are Dying At Sea And No One Can See Their Pain
By Sarah V SchweigFeb. 04, 2016

It’s being called one of the “worst live shipping disasters” in Australia’s history — and no one can even get close enough to see exactly what’s happened.

The Statesman, a ship carrying 200 cows through the Bass Strait, encountered rough seas and severe weather on Saturday night. It’s been reported that most, if not all, of the animals were being kept without shelter on the deck of the ship.

Fifty-six animals, more than a quarter of the cows, died of injuries in just 24 hours. Some were in such bad shape, they had to be euthanized upon reaching port in Victoria.

This latest massive failure, far from the first, shows just how far the live export industry will go to make a buck. Thousands of animals are routinely shipped long distances in the live export business and longterm suffering and painful deaths along the way are just part of the routine. In January, 13,000 animals were stranded for days at sea.

“That so many animals perished in rough seas in under 24 hours, also indicates the appalling suffering and terror the surviving animals must have endured,” wrote Animals Australia, an organization that is calling for a stop to the live shipping madness, on Facebook. “These animals are among thousands of sheep, dairy and beef cattle sent on ships each year across the notoriously dangerous Bass Strait. They are subjected to weather extremes, rough seas and spray during the crossing — only to be slaughtered when they reach the mainland.”


Can You Help Find the Monster Who Did This to an Innocent Dog? | Care2 Causes



Demand Justice for Tortured Polar Bear

A polar bear suffered greatly after ingesting explosives. Evidence indicates that this was a deliberate act of torture. Demand that the person responsible for this heinous act receive the maximum punishment by law.

Source: Demand Justice for Tortured Polar Bear

Petition · Stop the Killing of Karma the Dog · Change.org


Stop Donald Trump’s Sons From Killing Hunting Animals

Stop Donald Trump’s Sons From Killing Hunting Animals.

End Abusive Lion and Tiger Show

End Abusive Lion and Tiger Show.

Petition To Save The Big Cypress! – NRDC

Thanks For Speaking Out To Save Big Cypress! – NRDC.

Help Us Beat Back Big Coal – NRDC

Help Us Beat Back Big Coal – NRDC.

Take Action for Cecil the Lion! Ban all Trophy Imports into the United States!

Take Action for Cecil the Lion! | Action Alerts | Actions | PETA.

Reinstate Officer Suspended for Allegedly Refusing to Kill Bear Cubs

Reinstate Officer Suspended for Allegedly Refusing to Kill Bear Cubs.

Save Bobcats from Being Slaughtered for Their Fur

Save Bobcats from Being Slaughtered for Their Fur.

Stop Alleged Mistreatment of Tyson Chickens at Farm

Undercover footage of a farm in Delaware that raises chickens for Tyson shows alleged abuse and neglect. Demand that Tyson end its contract with the farm to show that it will not tolerate such abuse.

via Stop Alleged Mistreatment of Tyson Chickens at Farm.

Leave Sharks Alone in North Carolina


Urge officials to close down the beaches  to protect humans and allow the Sharks to swim in peace until conditions are back to normal and the Sharks are further from the shore.

Leave Sharks Alone in North Carolina.





Justice for Deer Allegedly Held Captive Inside Home

Two bucks were reportedly held captive for a year inside a man’s home. Please urge the Natural Resources Director to stop at nothing to make sure the selfish man is punished for the abuse of wildlife and given the maximum punishment possible.

via Justice for Deer Allegedly Held Captive Inside Home.

Rescue Baby Wallaby from Improper Care

Rescue Baby Wallaby from Improper Care.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Sold Protected Eagles on Facebook

Punish Man Who Allegedly Sold Protected Eagles on Facebook.

Save the sage grouse – NRDC

Save the sage grouse – NRDC.

Save Polar Bears from Global Warming

Save Polar Bears from Global Warming.

Don’t Let Transnational Canal Destroy Fragile Ecosystems

Don’t Let Transnational Canal Destroy Fragile Ecosystems.

Stop Supporting Alleged Alligator-Torturing Company

An alligator farm has been accused of using box knives to sever the spines of alligators for slaughter, putting them into ice baths while still alive, and allowing them to suffer unnecessarily. Tell their primary hide buyer to no longer purchase goods from a farm that condones cruelty to their alligators.

via Stop Supporting Alleged Alligator-Torturing Company.