This Administration Is Shameful!

2 comments on “This Administration Is Shameful!

  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s insane that this is going on. It would be nice if someone would ask why she doesn’t investigate the murder of her President in Haiti, instead of lecturing us. Why do we need a Haitian lesbian as White House spokesperson? We have plenty of well-spoken African-Americans whose ancestors were enslaved in the United States. However, the majority of them are religious and conservative. I couldn’t believe that this Biden statement was true until I read the original. I don’t trust Fox, but there it is. I think she’s writing this crap and pushing it, or someone else in the administration:

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    • This whole administration is nothing more than puppets, she doesn’t have a brains to think past what’s written on the page, and she won’t take questions from anyone that would ask that question! Thanks, I saw Biden’s speech on the news, YouTube, and they’ve been posting it on Twitter. Biden stumbles and mumbles words because he doesn’t understand what he’s reading and they’re not going to waste a good opportunity and try to get rid of the guns. The whole damn bunch are demonic and evil. God help us! 🙏

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