Eyedrops Sold In Drug Stores Nationwide Are Contaminated With Deadly Bacterial ‘Superbug’: MANUFACTURED IN INDIA


3 People Die After Using Artificial Tears Products, 8 Lose Vision, 4 Have Eyeballs Surgically Removed

ByAlicia PoweMar. 23, 2023

Public health authorities are investigating an outbreak of bacterial infections across the United States caused by over-the-counter eyedrops contaminated with a rare “extensively drug-resistant” bacterial superbug.

At least 68 patients in 16 states are suffering from severe side effects after using Artificial Tear eyedrops that were infected with a rare strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the Center for Disease Control and Preventionannouncedon Tuesday.

Last month, Artificial Tears Lubricant Eye Drops, a product used to lubricate dry eyes, was recalled by its manufacturer Global Pharma Healthcare. The drops were distributed by EzriCare and Delsam Pharma and sold at drug stores nationwide, including CVS, Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says 68 people in 16 states were diagnosed with infections from the bacteria in EzriCare, which has caused three deaths and eight people losing their vision, and four people who had to have their eyeballs removed

The eyedrops are MADE IN INDIA!

According toOkayBliss:

The CDC advised people who have developed eye infections after using…

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“The Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots of 2020 were the largest and most successful shakedown in American history.”

MN Prager Discussion Group

Black Lives Matter Activists Executed A Shocking $83 Billion Shakedown Of American Corporations

MARCH 24, 2023

Black Lives Matter Protest Times Square New York City June 7 2020

Our database tracking contributions and pledges made to the BLM movement shows a historic transfer of wealth to divisive leftwing causes.

Author Claremont Institute Center for the American Way of Life profile


The Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots of 2020 were the largest and most successful shakedown in American history. These “mostly peaceful protests” — which burned more than 200 American cities and wreaked more than $2 billion in damages — achieved more than anyone could have predicted: changes in laws, private sector policies, and perhaps most importantly, a historic transfer of wealth to racial and leftwing causes. As a result, American corporations gave or pledged more than $83 billion to either BLM or BLM-related causes.

We created adatabasetracking contributionsand pledgesmade to the BLM movementand related causes, which we define…

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New “Disappearing Bottle” To Be Made From Potato Starch

PA Pundits International

By Adam Houser ~

In an intriguing development, a new biodegradable bottle has been invented that disintegrates once torn up and placed under water.

The product, called “GoneShells,” is made from potato, and can be composted, disposed of under tap water, or even eaten.

As reported by World Bio Market Insights:

The innovative biodegradable packaging material is made from potato.

What makes GoneShells innovative is the speed of and the multiple alternatives of degradation. With a bottle that can be home composted, eaten or dissolved under the water tap in the kitchen sink, the objectives are to create less strain on recycling systems and reduce problems associated with packaging materials ending up in nature. With a bottle designed to be torn apart after it has been used, the idea is that oneself can speed up the decomposition process. When you break the packaging and then put it in…

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‘Sustainable’ electric cars junked over minor damage – CFACT



By John Hugh DeMastri:

Insurers are being forced to write off many electric vehicles with only minor damage to battery packs, sending the batteries to scrap yards and hindering the climate benefits of going electric, Reuters reported.

Battery packs typically represent roughly half the cost of an electric vehicle, sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars, often making it more economical for insurers to consider a car as totaled than replace a battery pack, according to Reuters. While many carmakers, including Ford and GM, told Reuters that their battery packs were repairable, many are unwilling to share key data with third-party insurers to help assess damage.

“The number of cases is going to increase, so the handling of batteries is a crucial point,” Christoph Lauterwasser, managing director of the research institute Allianz Center for Technology, told Reuters. “If you throw away the vehicle at an early stage, you’ve lost pretty much all advantage in terms of [carbon dioxide] emissions.”

Allianz, an insurance firm and parent company of Allianz Center for Technology, has seen cases where battery packs were scratched, and likely had undamaged internals, but a lack of access to diagnostic data forced the company to write off the vehicles, Reuters reported. Producing electric vehicle batteries emits much more in terms of carbon dioxide emissions than producing a gas-powered car, in some cases requiring an electric car to rack up more than 10,000 miles before it makes up for the additional emissions in production, according to a Reuters estimate.

It cost roughly $206 per month on average to insure an electric vehicle in 2023, 27% more than gas-powered cars, Reuters reported, citing online brokerage Policygenius. Without access to diagnostic data, it is likely that insurance costs will climb as more electric vehicles are sold and low-mileage cars are scrapped.

Electric vehicle and battery production are both expected to climb dramatically by 2026, off the back of more than $120 billion in investments, according to the Environmental Defense Fund. Annual production of electric vehicles is projected to climb from roughly 1 million per year in 2023 to 4.3 million in 2026, while annual battery production is expected to climb from 2.4 million per year in 2023 to 11.5 million per year in 2026.

President Joe Biden has made electric vehicle tax credits, from his signature Inflation Reduction Act, a cornerstone of his domestic policy. While Biden’s plan was initially forecast to cost roughly $30 billion in tax breaks over the next 10 years, the surge of domestic investments has caused private analysts to reevaluate the cost of the tax breaks to more than $136 billion.

John Hugh DeMastri is a contributor to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

This article originally appeared in The Daily Caller

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U.S. starts flying migrants south from Canadian border to Texas


By Didi Martinez and Julia Ainsley

As migrants cross illegally into the U.S. from Canada at historically high levels, U.S. officials have begun flying migrants apprehended at the northern border south to Texas. 

To date, at least two flights — one on March 13 to Harlingen, Texas, and another on March 21 to El Paso — have departed from Plattsburgh, New York, carrying a total of 82 migrants expelled under the Covid ban known as Title 42, a Customs and Border Protection spokesperson told NBC News.

“Individuals will receive final processing at CBP [southwest border] facilities,” said a CBP spokesperson. “All of these individuals were recently apprehended by [the U.S. Border Patrol] after crossing the northern U.S. border. These transfers are done to decompress facilities and better utilize resources and personnel.”

The flights were first reported by Reuters.

The flights come as the number of illegal border crossings in the Swanton Sector of the U.S. border, which covers New Hampshire, Vermont and a portion of northern New York, has surged over the past five months to nearly 10 times its level during the same time period last year, according to CBP data. 

From Oct. 1 to Feb. 28, about 2,000 migrants were apprehended crossing the border illegally in the Swanton Sector, compared to just 200 crossings in the same period the previous year. 

According to border officials and local law enforcement, most of the migrants crossing into the Swanton Sector are from Mexico. The two repatriation flights recorded in March contained only one migrant, a Colombian, who was not a Mexican national.

NBC News previously reported on the growing number of Mexican migrants traveling to the northern border using visa-less flights from Cancun and Mexico City to Canada, and then crossing the land border into the U.S. on foot, often with the help of human smugglers or “coyotes.” Migrants of other nationalities, including Haitians and Guatemalans, have also attempted to make their way south into the U.S. from Canada. 

Local law enforcement and residents in well-traversed areas such as Clinton County, New York, said they would like more help from the federal government to deal with the migrant foot traffic. Some migrants have had to be rescued and treated for frostbite after walking through the often snow-covered forest that straddles the border.


“Responding to the daily calls that we’re getting of people knocking on doors in the middle of the night, being in storage sheds and garages, that makes it very, very difficult,” Clinton County Sheriff David Favro said. “And that does tax our resources quite a bit. So we certainly could utilize more bodies.”

Earlier this month, CBP detailed 25 extra agents, some from the southern border, to the Swanton Sector.

Didi Martinez

Didi Martinez is an associate producer with the NBC News Investigative Unit. 

Julia Ainsley

Julia Ainsley is homeland security correspondent for NBC News and covers the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department for the NBC News Investigative Unit.