Parkinson’s Disease Linked with Common Cleaning Chemical TCE: Case Studies

Chemical Free Life

We reported two years ago about the link between Parkinson’s Disease and TCE (trichloroethylene), a known toxic and carcinogenic chemical that is banned in the European Union but still commonly used in the U.S.*  In an effort to further demonstrate the link between the disease, which is on the rise worldwide** and TCE, researchers have published a new report that includes case studies of individuals diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s. Those cases include public figures such as former NBA star Brian Grant and actor Michael J. Fox.


TCE can



Researchers of a study on the link between neurological conditions and industrial and household solvent chemicals believe that the chemical TCE (trichloroethylene), a volatile organic compound (VOC), present in drinking water across the U.S. and still found in some commercial and consumer household products, may be behind the recent spikes in Parkinson’s Disease.  TCE has dozens of military…

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