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Update 8/18/2022
It appears AHS Supervisor Keith Streff failed to honor his duties as a Humane Agent under Statute 343.12 DUTIES OF PEACE OFFICERS.

Agent Streff despicably and irresponsibly allowed 80-100 rabbits to remain at Peacebunny Cottage after 47 dead rabbits were found decaying among hundreds of live rabbits living in deplorable neglectful conditions, 2 more euthanized on site and 12 babies thereafter died in rescue attempts totaling 61 dead rabbits.  Further, many bunnies recovered/moved from the Peacebunny Farm have since died or been euthanized and the count of those deaths is not made public.  HOW INCREDIBLY APPALLING.

Liv Hagen, Humane Investigations Mgr. oversees cruelty and neglect cases and Humane Investigations agents; collaborates with law enforcement and legal teams and has allowed this injustice to happen under her watch as well as the President and CEO Janelle Dixon. 

Stephanie Smith goes on trial over charges of animal cruelty and neglect next Tuesday Aug. 22nd – PLEASE TAKE ACTION AND REVIEW THE UPDATE HERE

Update 8/2/2022
Fluff piece on Stephanie Hope Smith in the Startribune leaves major concerns animal cruelty charges are and will not be taken seriously.  The authorities would like you to believe that Stephanie Hope Smith was “over her head” and became overwhelmed when in fact Mrs. Smith knowingly and irresponsibly left rabbits and baby bunnies to suffer and perish in neglect while traveling all over the states promoting their business for profits.  61 rabbits/bunnies have suffered and died from despicable neglect while uncontrolled breeding was allowed by Mrs. Smith.  Animal cruelty charges should be honored to fullest extent of the law.

Update 7/29/2022 – CALL TO ACTION
Authorities allow a person with multiple counts of animal cruelty including two felony charges to continue operating and owning rabbits.  Stephanie Hope Smith is responsible for the suffering and death of 49 rabbits/babies.
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Original Petition
We the petitioners
demand a fraud and misuse of nonprofit funds investigation along with prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, shut down and never allowed to reopen a rabbit business.  If you were a donor please contact the County or City Attorney to file a fraud complaint and ask for an investigation.

Stephanie Hope Smith, 51, mother of teen entrepreneur and media celebrity sensation Caleb Smith, faces multiple counts of animal cruelty, torture and abandonment, among other charges.  Caleb will be 18 on July 4th, charge him as an adult.  

Officers could smell death, feces and urine when 47 rabbits were found dead in a barn full of filth and suffering.  State of Minnesota, COMPLAINT Plaintiff, Summons vs.STAPHANIE HOPE SMITH

Rabbits were tunneling through deep feces and dozens found injured in need of vet care, including tiny baby bunnies.  Two rabbits were euthanized – one with a broken back and another infested with maggots from fly strike.

Similar to Puppy mills,  multiple rabbits are confined in small cages like a cramped prison where rabbits are unable to move freely without climbing over one another, walk or lay down and their feet get sores from the hard caging.  Fighting results in life threatening injuries.

According PBC, Caleb was traveling in DC and prior to that in Kansas to promote his “bunny business” – all while approx 250 rabbits/babies lingered in filth suffering and dying. 

According to news articles the self proclaimed rabbit expert/bunny guardian and his family despicably profited from the rabbit business. With various for profits and a nonprofits, they were able to acquire five Islands on the Mississippi River and a house boat.

Caleb Smith and his family were not rescuing rabbits or providing a sanctuary they were defrauding and duping the public.  The rabbits were allowed to freely breed and Caleb bred show rabbits for 4H to win blue ribbons and to sell angora fur while the rest of the rabbits lived in squalor suffering. 

4H projects do not include rescuing rabbits; their purpose is breeding, showing rabbits and raising them for meat. Sanctuaries do not show, exploit or breed animals and rescues do not breed animals.
Lastly, domestic rabbits are not “endangered” and in need of breeding but the complete opposite as every rabbit rescue, shelter is busting at the seams trying to rescue thousands of unwanted and dumped pet rabbits many of whom are discarded in the wild to suffer and die.  This is what defrauder Caleb and his family despicably contributed to and there was no honor to their fake mission or cause. 

Scott County Attorney Ron Hocevar said his office will hold a press conference regarding the case on Tuesday.  Stephanie Smith is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 22. 

What can you do?  
Animal cruelty laws are in place to protect animals as well as the Animal Welfare Act, both include rabbits.  Voice your concerns with the authorities and file fraud complaints if you donated.

Respectfully ask the City, County and Police to prosecute all responsible parties of Peacebunny Cottage  to the fullest extent of the law, shut them down and never allowed to reopen.  Sign, share and educate the public with the petition.

Savage MN
Scott County Attorney Ron Hocevar
Phone: 952-496-8240

City Attorney Dan Gregerson  
Phone: 612-436-7492

Savage Police Department  

Peacebunny Island 
The list of marketing and profiting goes on, including Amazon/Podcasts

Possible Animal Neglect Update from Savage MN Police Dept.

Living nightmare at MN rabbit sanctuary

Felony charges filed after authorities search Peacebunny Cottage

Rabbit nonprofit CEO faces charges after 47 bunnies found dead in barn

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SIGN: Stop Serial Cat Killer Who Reportedly Burned, Beat, and Scalded Animals!

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PETITION TARGET: Connecticut Chief State’s Attorney

A sweet cat died from blunt force trauma after being beaten up and drenched in bleach in Fairfield, Connecticut, reportedly by an official formerly convicted of animal cruelty twice.

Gem, an innocent cat, reportedly was intentionally harmed during a domestic dispute. Charges in her case are still pending.

Another cat named Pearl reportedly was burned with toxic chemicalsdown to the muscle” – to the point that her tail had to be amputated— by the same man, also during a domestic dispute, according to an arrest warrant.

The man who allegedly committed these intentional acts of cruelty against cats was convicted of animal cruelty in 2018 — spending 41 days in jail and receiving two years probation for reportedly pouring scorching hot water on his then-fiancée’s 5-year-old dog named Thor and breaking the ribs of her dog named Charlie.

All of the victims were companion animals of women the man reportedly was dating at the time.

Authorities have charged Raymond Neuberger, who served as a member of Fairfield’s Representative Town Meeting from 2013 to 2017 and ran for state representative in 2016, with animal cruelty, according to news reports. Neuberger is out after posting bond while awaiting his court proceedings.

Whoever injured these innocent cats must be held accountable, and this case must be taken seriously. A growing number of studies have established that violence against animals is often used by domestic violence abusers to try to control their human partners.

Sign our petition urging prosecutors to treat this case with the severity it deserves, including pursuing domestic violence related charges if applicable and including any needed interventions, such as counseling or anger management, and a maximum ban on owning and being around animals in any setting.

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