“23 charged with domestic terrorism after riot at site of Atlanta Public Safety Training Center”

Hydrogen boilers might need ‘four-inch holes in walls to prevent explosions’

Iowa Climate Science Education

By Paul Homewood




Households that have hydrogen boilers installed could be forced to drill a 4×4-inch hole in their wall to mitigate risks of explosion, according to recommendations in a government-backed safety report.
Residents in a neighbourhood being considered for a trial of hydrogen for home heating have been alarmed by a report’s recommendation that rooms with boilers hobs or substantial pipework “should have non-closable vents with [an] equivalent area of 10,000 mm2”.
The report, by Arup, the design consultants, said these should be located as close to the ceiling level as possible and no more than 50cm below ceiling level.
The same report, which came out in 2019, said that hydrogen for home heating could cause four times as many explosions and injuries than gas boilers without sufficient mitigations, including ventilation.
The report, which is based on a two-storey, masonry-built, terraced house with a basement and…

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Don’t Let Allegedly Neglectful and Spiteful Shelter Kill its Animals – Animal Petitions

Photo Credit: Emerald City American Bulldogs


Tiffany White

Target: Kristen Donmoyer, Director of Pennsylvania Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement

Goal: Investigate licensing of shelter that allegedly neglects and mishandles animals under its care.

Protests mounted, drawing national attention, as the planned death date of a Pennsylvania shelter dog neared. Community members, current and former volunteers at the Humane Society of Harrisburg, and even lawmakers urged the society to reverse its decision to euthanize Pursuit, its longest-standing canine. As the hour drew closer, word emerged that a volunteer had removed Pursuit from the shelter. A theft complaint was reportedly filed by the humane society a short time later. In the end, this animal’s life was saved, but his plight highlights what employees apparently say are still-lingering problems within the shelter.

The society claims that the decision to euthanize Pursuit was made after a series of behavioral issues that supposedly made him un-adoptable. Volunteers acknowledge that this animal did need special care, but his issues were reportedly exacerbated by the lack of time he and other on-site animals were able to spend outdoors or going for walks. Some volunteers even claim that Pursuit was completely isolated and cut off from contact with them when his story was made public to the press. Moreover, overtures from entities interested in caring for Pursuit were seemingly ignored. And former employees have alleged a pattern of similar animal mishandling dating back years, leading to the resignation of these individuals.

Sign the petition below to compel an investigation into a charitable organization that may not be putting the welfare of its charges first.


Dear Director Donmoyer,

The planned euthanizing of a Humane Society of Harrisburg dog grabbed national attention and launched passionate protests. While Pursuit, the animal at the center of the debate, is still alive, his situation raises serious questions about his former habitat. The shelter contends that its decision was a last resort measure, but it reportedly rebuffed a recent attempt at adoption. Moreover, volunteers allege that this organization took retaliatory action against them and the dog after a story was published.

Perhaps most troubling are the accusations from present and former employees that a lack of critical stimulation for the animals in this shelter have contributed greatly to any behavioral issues. As caretakers of vulnerable living beings, shelters shoulder an important responsibility that cannot be dismissed. And as a license-granter and overseer of these shelters, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement has a responsibility to ensure that the animals receive the best and most humane care.

Please undertake a strong evaluation of this shelter and take the necessary measures to rectify any violations of these critical responsibilities.



Sign Petition: Almost 45,000 Animals Died Because of the Toxic Train Crash in Ohio


  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: Norfolk Southern rail company

By now, most of us have heard about the Norfolk Southern train that crashed in East Palestine, Ohio while it was carrying toxic chemicals. Residents in the area are rightly concerned that their air, water, and soil could have been poisoned as a result of the crash.

It turns out, they’re not the only ones who should be concerned. Authorities have now revealed that approximately 43,700 animals died because of the hazardous materials involved in this derailment.

Sign the petition to demand a full and thorough cleanup of the waterways these animals called home!

Officials originally estimated that around 3,500 animals had been killed, but after conducting a more thorough investigation, they realized that number was closer to 45,000 animals. And this only accounts for animals that were within a 5-mile radius of the catastrophe!

All of the 43,700 creatures that were killed due to this calamity were aquatic, including many species of fish. There’s a high likelihood that this is going to throw local ecosystems wildly out of balance!

Poisoned dead fish means fish-eating species will be left without food. They won’t be able to breed or migrate. They won’t be able to play their part in the vital food chain that maintains healthy biodiversity.

The government has already required the rail company involved, Norfolk Southern, to pay the costs of all environmental clean-up associated with its toxic disaster. However, we must ensure it actually follows through, and to the highest standard! All too often, corporations find a way to delay, avoid, half-ass the job, or shirk such duties entirely.

Sign the petition to tell the Norfolk Southern company: we will be watching! Conduct a thorough cleanup of your environmental hazards – now!

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