Food Additive Titanium Dioxide Linked to Colon Cancer: Study

Chemical Free Life

Over the past several years, we have published a number of scientific studies linking the nanoparticle food chemical “titanium dioxide” to serious health outcomes, many linking the additive to complications with the digestive system. Now, the results of a new scientific study reveal why that may be so.  Scientific researchers have now demonstrated that food-grade titanium dioxide, which is used as a white pigment/coloring additive in everything from toothpaste to candy to dairy products, accumulates in colon cells, causing what may be permanent damage–including colon cancer*.

Study overview

The scientists set out to investigate the ability of cells to restore cellular alterations in cell granularity, molecular fingerprints of nuclei acids, proteins and lipids, ROS production, possible interaction with the cell nucleus, DNA damage, antioxidant enzymes activity and cytoskeleton architecture after a 24-hour of titanium dioxide exposure was removed from cell cultures.

“Using electron microscopy, the researchers…

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