RECALL ALERT: Nestlé Recalls Select Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough After Plastic Pieces Found

ARLINGTON, VA., October 13, 2022 — Nestlé USA is initiating a voluntary recall of ready-to-bake refrigerated Nestlé® Toll House® Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Fudge Filling products due to the potential presence of white plastic pieces.

This voluntary recall is isolated to Nestlé® Toll House® Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Fudge Filling products that were produced between June and September 2022. These products were distributed in the continental United States and Puerto Rico.

No other Nestlé Toll House products are impacted by this recall.

While no illnesses or injuries have been reported, the company took action out of an abundance of caution after a small number of consumers contacted Nestlé USA about this issue.

Consumers who may have purchased NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® STUFFED Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Fudge Filling should not prepare or consume the product and should return the product to the retailer where it was purchased for a replacement or refund. For any further support needed, please contact Nestlé USA at (800) 681-1676 Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. EST.

UPDATE: Biden Regime Sends Out Request for Volunteers from ALL GOV’T AGENCIES to Help with Menial Labor at Open Southern Border — HIDE THIS FROM AMERICAN PUBLIC

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A scene from Joe Biden’s purposely open US border. It’s worse than we thought. On Monday TGP reported the US military is looking for volunteers to travel to the open US border with Mexico and run errands and clean homes for illegal aliens. The volunteers will be assigned to menial work for 60-day deployments. As…

Source: UPDATE: Biden Regime Sends Out Request for Volunteers from ALL GOV’T AGENCIES to Help with Menial Labor at Open Southern Border — HIDE THIS FROM AMERICAN PUBLIC

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Sign Petition: A Veterinarian Choked and Beat a Crying, Cowering Dog While His Family Recorded Video

  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine

The video starts with the Michigan veterinarian inside someone’s home – possibly his own – and he is hollering. He directs his anger at a German shepherd, who cowers with his ears back and body trembling, holding himself low to the ground. As he shouts at the pup, he stalks up to him.

Then, on camera, the vet grabs the animal, throws him down on the ground, and begins to strangle him. Hands wrapped around the animal’s throat, he holds him there, choking him as the poor dog whimpers and cries in pain. Then, as if that weren’t enough, he picks up the dog and smashes him against the ground multiple times. The video is filled with the haunting sounds of the pup desperately yipping and screaming, unsure how to escape the abuse.

So far, authorities have charged him with misdemeanor animal abuse. But he still has his license for continuing to practice as a veterinarian. The Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine must protect other animals by revoking his license now!

This man made a vow to protect animals and improve their welfare. That is his job as a medical professional who serves pets and other animals. So far, we only know about this one instance of cruelty towards a dog, possibly inside his own home. It’s unclear at this point if he  ever abused any animals at his veterinary office.

Following this assault on the dog, someone posted the video on YouTube. Investigators say they’ve traced the video back to the veterinarian’s family, and likely his son. 

That raises another important question: who knows what else was going on inside that house? Research has shown a strong link between abusing animals and abusing people as well. If this man has so much rage and anger that he would beat and attack an animal, what else has he been doing? 

Shortly after the video was made public, prosecutors in Macomb County, Michigan did serve the man with animal abuse charges. For some unknown reason, they refused to press for felony charges and proceeded with much lower-intensity misdemeanor charges instead. This is an important start. 

However, this does not protect future animals from possible abuse.

Authorities must conduct a full investigation into this man’s history of animal cruelty, and ban him from ever practicing veterinary medicine again! He has proved he can not be trusted with pets’ wellbeing. Sign the petition if you want to save animals from abuse!

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Outbreak Investigation of Salmonella: Seafood (October 2022)

The FDA, along with CDC and state and local partners, is investigating a multistate outbreak of Salmonella Litchfield infections linked to fresh, raw salmon supplied to restaurants in California and Arizona by Mariscos Bahia, Inc.

Based on epidemiologic information provided by CDC and interviews conducted by state and local public health officials, of 16 people interviewed, 12 reported eating sushi, sashimi, or poke. Of those interviewed, 11 people remembered details about the type of fish consumed and 9 report eating raw salmon before getting sick. The FDA’s investigation traced the distribution of fresh, raw salmon back to Mariscos Bahia, Inc.

In addition, the FDA collected an environmental sample that included multiple swabs at Mariscos Bahia, Inc. (Pico Rivera, CA). Multiple environmental swabs collected at the facility are positive for Salmonella and subsequent  Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) analysis is ongoing. The WGS completed to date indicates the Salmonella detected in at least one of the swabs from the facility matches the outbreak strain. While epidemiological evidence indicates that ill people consumed fresh, raw salmon processed at this firm, the presence of Salmonella in the processing environment indicates that additional types of fish processed in the same area of the facility could also be contaminated which includes fresh, raw halibut, Chilean seabass, tuna, and swordfish. Salmon, halibut, Chilean seabass, tuna, and swordfish processed in Marisco Bahia Inc.’s Pico Rivera, CA, facility could have also been sent to the Mariscos Bahia, Inc. facilities in Phoenix, AZ and then sent to restaurants.

The firm is cooperating with the FDA investigation and has agreed to initiate a voluntary recall. As a part of the firm’s voluntary recall, the firm will contact its direct customers who received recalled product.

The FDA’s investigation is ongoing. Updates to this advisory will be provided as they become available.


According to Mariscos Bahia, Inc., seafood was only sold directly to restaurants in California and Arizona and would not be available for purchase by consumers in stores.

Restaurants should check with their suppliers and not sell or serve salmon, halibut, Chilean seabass, tuna, and swordfish received fresh, not frozen from Mariscos Bahia, Inc. (Pico Rivera, CA and Phoenix, AZ) on or after June 14, 2022. If restaurants received these fish and then froze it, they should not sell or serve it. Restaurants should also be sure to wash and sanitize locations where these fish from Mariscos Bahia, Inc. were stored or prepared.

Consumers eating salmon, halibut, Chilean seabass, tuna, and swordfish at a restaurant in California or Arizona should ask whether the fish is from Mariscos Bahia, Inc and was received fresh, not frozen.