“Tulsi Gabbard Absolutely DESTROYS Dems Who Call MAGA Supporters Terrorists”

13 comments on ““Tulsi Gabbard Absolutely DESTROYS Dems Who Call MAGA Supporters Terrorists”

  1. Thanks again for the heads-up. While I agree with what she says in this clip, sadly, she’s another fraud – a bit like Rand Paul. She says good things, but has a hidden no-good agenda. I’m not sure who she really works for – possibly Iran-Hezbollah. The person who explained that was banned from twitter. Many think Tulsi works for India, since she is Hindu and gave India’s PM Modi a copy of her Hindu scriptures.

    Tulsi Gabbard: WEF-Klaus Schwab “Young Global Leader”; Council on Foreign Relations; Lt. Colonel in US Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations (aka Psy-Ops)

    I would be hard-put to choose between Kamala and Tulsi. I think both would pass our long-distance missile delivery system info to nuclear weapons holding India and Tulsi possibly to Iran. Then we will have created another China or two who could nuke us. Tulsi is probably more dangerous because she is smart, well-spoken and beautiful. I actually “like” them both, but have researched both extensively. What’s dangerous about goof-ball Kamala is her uncle and the California clique behind her. I’ve learned that if I “like” someone that it’s frequently a bad sign. They seem to be people put in place to say what we all want to hear. Even the MAGA concept was tested and developed for Ted Cruz and was handed to Trump after he became the candidate. I totally agree with real MAGA but no longer believe that Trump is the best carrier. He destroyed the careers of both Mo Brooks and Jeff Sessions who had serious track records on trying to stop both legal and illegal immigration and Mo Brooks had been victimized by election fraud in the 1980s so knows it’s real. I don’t like that if a politician makes Trump made for saying something he doesn’t like, he goes all in to kill their career. I hope someone else carries a MAGA agenda in 2024. Someone like Senator Tom Cotton might be better, though I read something I didn’t like about him. He’s served in the military, is smart, less flamboyant and more even keel. There are other conservatives that could be good, but they aren’t out there promoting themselves.

    Thanks for reminding me I need to post that stuff about the propaganda and funding of the two extremes who led to no compromise and to the original US Civil war. The hedge fund-investment companies, mafia and adversaries would all benefit from our collapse.

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  2. Thanks. Well there you go more BS from our great leaders!!
    Biden and Harris are good for making fun of and proving how full of BS they are, otherwise they’d be totally useless!!


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