We will always remember the incompetence of Joe Biden

2 comments on “We will always remember the incompetence of Joe Biden

  1. I still say that Blinken needs to be impeached ASAP. He’s been Biden’s foreign policy “brain” for decades. Blinken’s connected to both Ghislaine Maxwell-Epstein and Russia-USSR through his stepfather, Sam Pisar, and Soros through his father/Hungarian step mother. I think Blinken’s step father was his brain until he died ca 2017. Not sure who is Blinken’s brain now, but he did what Germany and Russia wanted on Nord Stream. Blinken looks more brainless to me than Biden. If we learn who is running Blinken we would know a lot. Blinken’s half sister (Pisar’s daughter) is on the board of directors of Alliance Francaise, which teaches French language and culture, but could easily act as a front for other things. I’m sure that Russia wanted us to fail in Afghanistan like the Soviets failed. Isn’t it called the graveyard of empires?

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