RECALL: Another Sunscreen Contains Cancer-Causing Chemical

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Banana Boat Hair & Scalp Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 has been recalled after a review revealed high benzene levels came from the propellant that sprays the product from its can.  Exposure to benzene, a human carcinogen, can possibly lead to blood disorders and cancers such as leukemia.

a boy with sunscreen on his face

The recall impacts batches of the spray with the following information:

  • Lot Code 20016AF, expiration December 2022.
  • Lot Code 20084BF, expiration February 2023.
  • Lot Code 21139AF, expiration April 2024.

The manufacturer has asked customers to stop using the spray as soon as possible and to throw it out. It is offering reimbursements for customers if their sprays are part of the recall.


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“Black Bystanders SAVE WOUNDED State Trooper! Do THEY Really Hate Cops???”

I went to my nearby Pharmacy… – Freedom Is Just Another Word…

I went straight to the back, where the Pharmacists’ high counter is located.

I took out my little brown bottle, along with a teaspoon, and set them up on the counter.

The Pharmacist came over, smiled, and asked if he could help me.

I said, “Yes! Could you please taste this for me?

Seeing a senior citizen, the Pharmacist went along with my request.

He took the spoon, put a tiny bit of the liquid on it, put it on his tongue and swilled it around.

Then, with a stomach-churning look on his face, he spat it out on the floor and began coughing.

When he was finally finished, I looked him right in the eye and asked: “Now, does that taste sweet to you?”

The Pharmacist, shaking his head back and forth with a venomous look in his eyes yelled: “HELL NO!!!”

I said, “Oh, thank God! That’s a real relief!

My doctor told me to have a Pharmacist test my urine for sugar!”

I’m not allowed to go back to that Pharmacy, but I really don’t care, because they aren’t very friendly there anymore!