Are Food Dyes Getting You Sick?

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Scientific studies and clinical trials on the health effects of synthetic food coloring, including coal tar food dyes, are plentiful and have been conducted both outside and inside the U.S. for over 70 years. Among the synthetic food dyes that scientific studies have demonstrated links with adverse health consequences are FD&C Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Caramel coloring, Red 2, Red 3 and Red 40. In more recent years, the “white coloring” food additive and nanoparticle Titanium Dioxide (found in dairy products, snacks, pastries, candies and many other processed foods) has seen an uptick in scientific investigations–particularly as it effects the human digestive system and is thought to trigger or worsen IBD, colitis and other problems. (source)

In U.S. processed foods these synthetic and industrialized food dyes are highly prominent. A recent review of the empirical studies on food dyes revealed: “The…

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6 comments on “Are Food Dyes Getting You Sick?

    • I know how you feel, you and I both have fair skin, so we have to be really careful, you’re between a rock and a hard place. The dermatologist recommended my husband use Blue Lizard, I have the one for the face, sensitive skin, and the baby formula ones. I hate to use sunscreen, I try not to use it anymore than I have to, I went out on the deck late afternoon and the sun was beaming in the area where I was putting peanuts out for the blue jays and squirrels and I was standing there for less than 5 minutes and the back of my legs down around my ankles where my skin was exposed got burnt. I’m a night owl, I go out in the dark and wander around and pull weeds, take care of the bird baths and water my plants… I’m informed that if I get sprayed by a skunk I’m not allowed back in the house. 😅
      I have a couple of posts about sunscreen. I should dig them out and post them.
      Here’s a list of some of the chemicals to avoid in sunscreen: Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octinxate, Octocrylene, Cinoxate, Dioxbenzone, Ensulizole.

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      • It’s the Blue Lizard that has the titanium. It also has zinc oxide, which people used to get from the pharmacy to protect a burnt nose. It might be good for the immune system. Dusk is the best (or pre-dawn), but what about snakes in the dusk-dark? What amazes me is the Irish and British indentured servants who worked in the tobacco fields. And, who even continued to do field work all day until mechanization and pre-sunscreen. I used to love to be out in the sun and gradually build up a tan. But, if you aren’t seeking a tan or can’t tan, it hardly seems worth the bother. Pulling weeds is apparently the secret to longevity… based on what I’ve seen with people who stay healthy until around 100 more or less. All people can sunburn, even black people. I guess that’s why everyone wore long sleeves. A lot of the indentured field workers were dead within a year and I bet it was the ones that couldn’t tan at all. If they survived a year their value went up.

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        • The Titanium dioxide is 54mg. in 1mL and the Zinc Oxide is 108mg. in 1mL
          I did post out two that has information for some different sunblocks, unfortunately they all have something in them and I have to be really careful because I can have allergic reactions to some. I enjoy going out in the evening, all the neighbors are in, it’s peaceful, cooler and I love the smell of the flowers. We only have garden snakes and I use a flashlight so I can see where I’m walking and not trip over anything.

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        • PS.I did discover a couple that are just zinc oxide…. “babo” Botanical Tinted Mineral fluid sunscreen 50, it’s great on its own or under makeup and it doesn’t dry out your face and make your makeup look weird… Another one I accidentally came across is, Coppertone Pure and Simple face 100% mineral sun protection 50 sunscreen fragrance free, zinc oxide 24.08% and it’s water resistance broad spectrum good for 80 minutes. The Coppertone you do get a white cast, it’s very light if you rub it in and give it 20 minutes and it doesn’t feel drying, you may like that one and it’s under $10

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