Are Food Dyes Getting You Sick?

Chemical Free Life

Scientific studies and clinical trials on the health effects of synthetic food coloring, including coal tar food dyes, are plentiful and have been conducted both outside and inside the U.S. for over 70 years. Among the synthetic food dyes that scientific studies have demonstrated links with adverse health consequences are FD&C Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Caramel coloring, Red 2, Red 3 and Red 40. In more recent years, the “white coloring” food additive and nanoparticle Titanium Dioxide (found in dairy products, snacks, pastries, candies and many other processed foods) has seen an uptick in scientific investigations–particularly as it effects the human digestive system and is thought to trigger or worsen IBD, colitis and other problems. (source)

In U.S. processed foods these synthetic and industrialized food dyes are highly prominent. A recent review of the empirical studies on food dyes revealed: “The…

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