What Joe Biden just did to these Border Patrol agents will make you furious

Joe Biden’s administration has been a joke.

Biden’s handling of the border crisis has been particularly bad.

And what Joe Biden just did to these Border Patrol agents will make you furious.

The Democrats have quickly become the party of open borders.

As soon as Joe Biden took office, he reversed Donald Trump’s effective border policies.

The result has been record-high numbers of illegal border crossings.

Worse yet, Biden and the Democrats have demonized Border Patrol agents for doing their jobs.

Last year, the Democrats accused border patrol agents on horseback of whipping Haitian migrants based on still photos.

In reality, the “whips” were actually split reins for controlling the horses.

Migrants were not whipped, but the facts did not matter.

Biden and others condemned the agents in the harshest terms possible.

The entire unit was disbanded, but the border patrol agents were vindicated when the announcement came down that none would be criminally charged.

But the Biden administration is still planning disciplinary action against them.

Fox News reported that “the Department of Homeland Security is preparing to discipline ‘multiple’ horseback Border Patrol agents involved in the infamous ‘whipping’ incident of Haitian migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border back in September . . . DHS will be putting forth proposals to discipline the agents who will have a chance to respond to the charges. The charges . . . are ‘administrative violations,’ and do not amount to criminal conduct – of which the agents were previously cleared. Images emerged in September of Border Agents in Del Rio, Texas showing them on horseback, blocking migrants from entering the U.S. and, in one case, grabbing onto a migrant’s shirt.”

In other words, the Left went so overboard in their criticisms of the agents, they couldn’t walk back their rhetoric, so they found some bogus “administrative violations” to save face.

The worst take belonged to Congresswoman Maxine Waters who said, “What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years . . . What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery.”

That is a deeply immoral statement and shows how empty the Left have become.

Haitian migrants were attempting to get into the country, not escape it.

And in this particular incident, they picked up carryout food in Mexico and were bringing it back to Texas.

Comparing that to slavery is beyond absurd.

But because the Democrats are only driven by narrative, the Border Patrol agents must be punished for some made-up process violation nine months after the incident.


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