The Baby Formula Crisis

6 comments on “The Baby Formula Crisis

        • Well the illegals don’t need formula, they didn’t have it before they came here,not to mention the taxpayers are paying for this and they’re at least $30 in the store and they’re probably charging $100 for each!! This should not be happening in this country!!!

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          • I totally agree with you, of course. They are violating the law by letting them in, but as one of your posts pointed out it’s the law to feed them once they are in. Mayorkas needs to be impeached and then we could see what is behind this. And, as far as I can tell immigrants are treated well for a generation or two and then they are cast aside. Considering that all of my ancestors have been in this country since before the Civil War, we’ve been cast aside for a very long time. It’s why I hate to see Poland destroyed because they try to keep the economic migrants out and Russia out. The same is true for Lithuania. Hispanics are using a high percentage of WIC (welfare) and I bet illegals were working at the facility with the recalls. What peeves me is the new migrants bring in their elderly parents to get free nursing home care and Americans have to get nursing home insurance or sell everything before getting on welfare. The nursing home costs are even higher than the baby welfare. To me it’s kind of related to the water bottle issue, though. The water quality has gotten worse and worse is one reason people are tempted to drink bottled water. But, I think the formula is also related to wanting everything to be easy or needing to have it easy because of work. Plus everyone on WIC gets the formula for free. BELIEVE ME I’M ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE ON THE IMMIGRATION ISSUE THOUGH I OBJECT TO THE LEGAL IMMIGRATION TOO THAT COST ME MY CAREER. I also don’t agree with free everything for people who have kids.

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            • Sorry if you think I’m angry with you, because I’m not… I’m angry about this whole situation, I knew this crap was going to happen when they all started rushing to this country and I realize they can’t starve them, but damn they don’t have to go overboard and the company that’s making the product is taking advantage of it, I know they’re charging them at least $100 or more per container, so they’re making a big profit and then they don’t have enough on the shelves for Americans to buy. I’m pissed off at Biden for shutting down the oil industry, like he’s turning off a light switch or pulling a plug and nothing to fall back on and refusing to open it back up and it’s costing all of us a fortune and I know that these parents are probably paying $40 or $45 a container now and they lie and act like people are hoarding it, when they’re not, they’re lucky they can afford what they need and he refuses to open up the oil with all this commotion going on and he keeps throwing money at Ukraine when other countries have gone bare minimum and this is just the tip of the iceberg, you and I both know it’s going to get a lot worse, and I completely agree and understand how you feel about the legal immigration, this isn’t back in the old days, when our families came here, they were handed nothing, this country is already established and to bring people in and take jobs from Americans, just so they can pay them a less is not right, this whole damn Administration has my blood boiling!! The only good thing that happened is all the people that voted for him to get free college, are pissed off at him because it’s not happening along with all the other ones that thought they were going to get what they wanted, when I see how angry everyone’s getting at him on Twitter, makes me laugh… and I say GOOD 😊

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