“Expert sounds alarm over Biden’s ‘bizarre’ Ukraine aid request”

7 comments on ““Expert sounds alarm over Biden’s ‘bizarre’ Ukraine aid request”

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  2. My reading is that it’s more for eastern Europe-NATO than for Ukraine. From my understanding they give eastern European NATO countries new weapons and then get those countries to transfer older weapons to Ukraine – at least for high tech weapons. Some is for propaganda but I guess it’s for propaganda in Russian. Nonetheless, a lot of money could be saved if there weren’t so many people continuing to promote Kremlin party lines in both media and regular blogs. I put a link within the blog post that links to an article showing how much we spent on other wars and military involvement: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2022/04/29/white-house-proposal-for-support-for-ukraine-includes-strengthening-eastern-european-security-support-for-us-food-production-more/

    It’s a very complicated affair to even get humanitarian aid into Ukraine, because the Russians attack.

    I think I need to put up a weekly reminder that the US is closer to Russia than is Poland. And, much closer than many of the Ukrainian cities which have been destroyed. We are around 50 miles away and if you consider the islands we are 2.5 miles away.

    I guess because of sanctions I saw a video site which is managed by a Syrian who has an almost perfect American accent but now and again a non-American accent peeks out. He supposedly lives in the UK but was translating Assad and basically sending out Kremlin propaganda in that way. I think his video blog name is Medhurst.

    I object to most of the crap in those trillions of supposed Covid aid and the supposed infrastructure bill. I want Republicans to call back as much as they can of the infrastructure bill, which was nothing but pork barrel, including literal roads to nowhere and duplicate roads, which will be built by illegals.

    Everyone criticizes McConnell, but he was working really hard to keep budgets down.

    We are facing something much worse than we think. It’s less clear here who is who, because of having a two-party system. However, in France they have literal communists and fascists who are pro-Putin, and who will likely take power in parliament and merge to get France out of NATO and the EU and into Putin’s lap.
    They are one of the only independent nuclear powers. We share our nukes with the UK. Bannon had sessions with Dugin who is a National Bolshevik who wants the merger of communism and fascism. Now Bannon having that Naomi what’s her name, who comes from a communist family, on his show makes sense. Ditto for Tucker and Greenwald. They addressed some legit concerns, but that’s how they get a following, as a bait and switch. These sites bait with legit concerns and then change to Kremlin propaganda.

    Oh, the pro-Putin communist (Melechon) who may become French PM wants open borders AND to tax everyone making $400,000 or more 90-100%. I’ve read $300,000 in one place. And, they want to have voting licenses only for “responsible” people. And, love Castro and Chavez.

    For every bad, there’s a worse.

    The reason we are supposed to support Ukraine is that we promised in the Budapest Memo, as did the UK and Russia. Assad was claiming that we are dishonorable and only do what’s in our vested interest. Shall we prove him right or wrong?

    I always remember one of my teachers hated fig bars because during WWII sugar was rationed and it’s the only “sweets” she was allowed.

    For all of the trillions that the Dem-wits have wasted of late, including with Republican help, I think that money to keep Putin from burning and raping and pillaging the rest of the world is money well spent. However, I wish someone would just take out the Putin regime in a sneaky manner. If I were Ukraine I would have welcomed Putin with flowers, promised to crown him tsar and then lock him in the church and throw him into prison or worse, if needed. But, I suspect they are doing the more effective thing. My way was cheaper though.

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  3. “Mara Karlin, assistant secretary of defense for strategy, plans and capabilities, said the about half of the $33 billion supplemental spending bill President Joe Biden requested last week will help rebuild stocks and systems in the United States that were used in Ukraine and assist Kyiv’s forces.” https://news.usni.org/2022/05/02/more-ugliness-coming-for-ukraine-says-former-top-nato-commander In the video on the site, they discuss that Eastern Europe is still using Soviet era weapons and need to transition to modern weapons. I interpret that as meaning that it’s a two for one. They are supposed to give or sell better weapons to Eastern Europe and then send the Soviet era weapons to Ukraine. This not just about training but about technology transfer. Military tech is probably one reason there was a war. Zelensky nationalized their military company due to corruption and transfer of tech to rogue regimes. China had sneak purchased one of the companies through shell corporations.

    I’ve heard that the US has been flying stuff into Europe as quickly as it can be unloaded for many weeks.

    PS: Thank you this was a good video to watch.

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