“Ukrainians should not die just because someone cannot find enough courage to hand over the necessary weapons,” Zelensky said. “Fear always makes you an accomplice.” – BBC News

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has prodded Western nations to toughen sanctions on Russia, including an oil embargo.

In his nightly video address, he harshly criticised the “passive” nature
of some sanctions, saying the world cannot wait for Russian actions to respond.

Zelensky lamented that “strong preventive sanctions”, if they had been adopted by world powers earlier, might have prevented the invasion.

He slapped his hand on the table at times to press his point during the seven-minute address:

“A full-scale war has begun,” Zelensky said. “Now there are many hints and
warnings that supposedly tougher sanctions, such as an embargo on Russian oil supplies to Europe, will be put in place if Russia uses
chemical weapons.

“There are simply no words. We, people who are alive, have to wait. Doesn’t
everything the Russia military has done to date warrant an oil embargo?
Don’t phosphorous bombs warrant it? A shelled…

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