8 Fun Uses For Your Masks Now That Mandates Are Lifted


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Masks were always useless against COVID-19, and now they’re doubly useless because the pandemic is over all of a sudden. But your masks need not be useless any longer!

Check out these eight fun uses for your masks:

1) Toilet Paper: Might as well stockpile now. It’s only a matter of time before the bombs start dropping and people run straight for the toilet paper.

2) Wardrobe For A Stage Production: You could make an awesome rocking technicolor dream coat out of random masks.

3) Impressing Girls By Pretending To Be A Doctor: Cosmopolitan says women are really into the Dr. Fauci look these days.

4) Train robbing: This is just to protect you from the hundreds of other train robbers. 

5) Gag gift for Secret Santa: Oh, aren’t you so silly!

6) Fill With Treats For Hands-Free Snacking: We know you were already doing this anyway.

7) Making Ron DeSantis mad: Walk right up to Ron DeSantis and wear a mask… right in his face! That will really tick him off! 

8) To Wear On The Log Flume Ride To Protect You From… THE DROPLETS!: The horror! The horror!

NOT SATIRE: Even as mask mandates are beginning to wane, airlines are still requiring that travelers mask up. If just thinking about masking up for a multi-hour travel experience has you reaching for the Xanax, relax, UnMask has you covered.

We created the made in the USA UnMask out of two layers of the most breathable, ultralight materials that exist. The result is a mask that people can wear and breathe in all day without headaches, claustrophobia, or constantly fighting off anxiety attacks.

Legions of people that wear an UnMask refuse to wear anything else. Try an UnMask and you’ll never wear anything else either. Each UnMask is proudly designed and made right here in the USA.

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3 comments on “8 Fun Uses For Your Masks Now That Mandates Are Lifted

  1. Bathing suits, underwear, or mini-purses/phone pouches. Some of these masques were cotton lined polyester which could be made into bathing suits. The most obvious is tiny purses for toddlers or dolls. Maybe doll clothing. I don’t see how anyone could put thick polyester on their face. My spouse came home with one and I have scratched my head of what to do with it. Some people made this into a roadside business and it became a fashion statement, from what I’ve been told, which is probably why some don’t want to give them up. It’s cheaper to change masks, as a fashion statement than change clothes. Oh, Word Press won’t let me comment on blogs which are running cover for Putin, which is good because I don’t have nice things to say. I am grateful for your blog. I am grateful for your pointing out the Daily Signal. I am enraged, beyond words, by everyone running cover for Putin, and putting Ukrainian lives at danger. I don’t know how many are just ignorant of he repercussions of their words, or how many were Kremlin operatives all alone.

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    • In the beginning it was very hard to get masks and the Amish were making them out of cotton that match their clothing and selling them to the public for $10 a piece, people were using all kinds of crazy contraptions to use as a face mask, now the throw away ones people are not cutting off the ear supports and it’s causing a problem for wildlife and marine life, another thing human beings have done to destroy the environment, but hey, let’s just keep picking on fossil fuels, because that’s the only problem! 😔 🙄
      I guess the polyester ones you could use to tie up tomato plants or other climbing plants.

      Really you can’t even sign in to make a comment, that’s odd. I haven’t seen anyone supporting Putin, I wonder why? This world is getting crazier by the day, I’m glad I’m older and got to live in this world when things were more normal!

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      • Those must have been nice, calico or something. A good reminder to cut off the ear pieces. I’ve used so few I still have them in zip locks. Pro-Putin don’t always admit they are supporting Putin. Some may not even realize it. They pretend it’s NATO’s fault for not being sensitive to Putin, for instance. They repeat Kremlin propaganda that might be interesting at another time, but is inappropriate now (like the Ukraine labs, the Iraq war). Some of the worst seem to be Australians, who aren’t even part of the North Atlantic region. They are almost entirely dependent on China. By what right do Aussies say that Poland or Ukraine can’t protect themselves? Right now we need to be united. We are actually only 2.5 miles from Russia in Alaska. In Europe, Russia has that little exclave that isn’t attached to them and they use that to pretend they are encroached upon. Plus they have so much land they could make themselves a buffer. It’s ridiculous. Putin may have lost his mind. I was looking back at his 2021 Davos speech and I think he was referring to his meetings with Pompeo in 2020. I think Pompeo wanted to include Putin’s mini tactical nukes in SALT. Putin said something regarding those meetings about that’s how WWII started or something. I was looking at how Putin was pushing his vaccine. Russia’s exporting them at $20 per set and going to make $30 billion. They are viral vector vaccines but that’s really DNA vaccines that are at least as dangerous as mRNA and I think they are maybe more dangerous. They are exporting more than using. Mark Levin is calling those running cover for Putin, the Putin wing of the Republican party and the Putin wing of the Dem party. In the Budapest Memo, renewed in 2009 and signed by Russia, there weren’t conditions for respecting the territory of Ukraine, apart from Ukraine gave up its nukes. If I were a citizen of another country and could thus pass unnoticed I would take care of Putin myself. I’ve been sick of him for almost 10 years. The Ides of March is tomorrow. 🙏🏻🍀 What worries me, too, is that he seems to have poisoned more brains in the west than in Russia. I bet most of Russia has figured him out.
        How in the world do the people who are paranoid about the US CIA and FBI trust a KGB intel officer named Putin? That’s a mystery. I think it’s 95% brainwashing and 5% paid. Speaking of normal – I think it started to go to hell when the iron curtain was removed. I want it back, but let Eastern Europe stay free. I would like to throw a lot of westerners under that curtain.

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