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David Marcus

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an official in the Ukrainian government blasted Joe Biden and Democrats, telling The Daily Wire, “If Democrats weren’t such pussies in foreign policy, this might not have happened.”

Even as the Russian invasion of their neighbor to the west moved into its third day, Ukraine has continued to put up a fight. But according to our source, not only is more support needed, but it should have been forthcoming already.

“The Obama-Biden administration has refused lethal aid to Ukraine for a long time,” the official told The Daily Wire. “It was Trump who was the first to provide some Javelins to Ukraine, then Biden started sending Javelins in mass just before invasion. But too little, too late.”

“Biden’s first step in office was to lift sanctions on Nord Stream 2. Now he applies them heavily. Now it’s too late,” he continued. “If Democrats did not play into the weak policy of not sending weapons to Ukraine and lifting sanctions on Nord Stream 2, Putin would probably think twice or three times.”

“Also, we never understood why would Biden say that no U.S. troops would be involved,” he added. “Even if he did not intend to, why say it when no one asked? At least [he] could have speculated on the possibility to deter an attack.”

The comments come as fighting continues in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, as well as other major cities in the nation. And Americans appear to agree that Biden’s performance has been lackluster. According to an ABC/WaPo poll, only a third of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the conflict.

On Friday, the United States and Turkey made offers to Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zalensky, to evacuate him from his country — offers he refused, saying he needed bullets, not a ride.

When asked what Ukraine needs now, the official I spoke with said, “Rifles, bullets, Javelins, Stingers. Freeze all Russian USD and EUR assets.”

As Americans and their European allies moved to increase sanctions over the weekend, Zalensky has emerged as a kind of folk hero, facing down a far larger Russian force and vowing not to surrender.

Even nations previously more aligned with Putin, such as Hungary and Kazakhstan, have joined the West in rebuking Russian aggression. Meanwhile, a back and forth continues between the Ukrainian government and Putin about possible talks to end the struggle.

For now, the fighting continues amid a confusing cacophony of reports from the ground. The vigor of the opposition to the invasion has surprised many analysts in the West, and perhaps even Putin, according to the official I spoke to.

“Putin actually believed that he would be greeted with flowers at least in some of them,” he said, regarding Ukrainian cities. “Instead, in every single city they were met with bullets.”

Just days ahead of the State of the Union address, Biden is trying to avoid a foreign policy disaster along the lines of what occured last summer with the American withdrawal from Afghanistan. The advice from Ukraine, not surprisingly, is to send them more of everything, something that the official clearly believes Biden, and Obama for that matter, should have been doing already.