First Lassa Cases in 13 Years Show Up at Cambridge UK Hospital ca 9 Feb.; Cambridge Researchers Get Awarded £498,357 ($676,948) for Lassa-Marburg-Ebola Vax on 16 Feb. 2022

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Cases of Lassa acute viral haemorrhagic fever suddenly appeared in the UK at Luton and Dunstable University hospital (Bedfordshire) and Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge around February 9, 2022, allegedly for the first time since 2009. As though by magic, on February 16, 2022, the UK government awarded £498,357 ($676,948) to University of Cambridge spin-off, DIOSynVax, for their three-in-one vaccine “candidate” for Lassa Fever, Ebola and Marburg. Twenty-two (22) research projects were selected by the UK’s “UK Vaccine Network” related to Ebola, Lassa Fever, Zika, and probably other viruses. However, they did not give a complete list of those getting funding, which is needed, to see who else had an interest in funding for Lassa virus research. There are other Lassa vaccine “candidates”, which may or may not have gotten funding. One is Inovio, to which Robert W. Malone claims a connection. “INOVIO Announces First Subject Dosed in…

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