Petition · For the end of dolphin parks in our country “Spain” #noesPaísparaDelfines ·


Blau, Tumay and Nuik, were the last three dolphins that were being held in a zoo in our country, although unfortunately they were only transferred to another place where these cetaceans are still forced to perform in shows. In 2018, Barcelona declared itself a cetacean free city, however just a few weeks ago, these three dolphins are no longer being exploited in our country, but in another country, in the Attica Zoological Park in Athens, Greece. Now is the moment to act.

My name is Olivia Mandle, I’m only 13 years old, and I dream that in our country, there will be no dolphin parks (or dolphinariums) where these animals continue to be used for the benefit of a corporation. Whatever their objective may be, it is not normal to lock these animals in small pools day and night for the rest of their lives.

Countries like Cyprus, Slovenia, Croatia, Costa Rica, Chile or India, have banned this type of dolphin park. They have recognized that dolphins and other animals such as orcas are animals endowed with high social intelligence, in need of their community to develop. They are autonomous and self-conscient beings, who want to make their own decisions about what they do, and where they go, and that they also suffer from psychological disorders when locked up.

In Spain however, unlike in those countries, this is not the case. Today, there are up to 11 dolphin parks on the mainland and the islands, which is just cruel and inhumane. In fact, our country, has the highest number of captive cetaceans, something that we should not be proud of.

That is why I believe that our country should begin to take urgent steps to end dolphin parks. You can start, as other countries have done, by prohibiting the breeding and purchase of dolphins in captivity, to later become a dolphin-free country.

Mr. Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government, Mr. Pablo Iglesias as Vice President, Mr. Sergio García Torres, as General Director of Animal Rights: ban dolphin parks in Spain at once.

The mistake that has been made in Barcelona and the suffering of these dolphins could have been avoided: what has been done is to move a “problem” from one zoo to another; When they could have brought these animals to a marine sanctuary, they chose so that these cetaceans continue to live in captivity.

These dolphins do not deserve such a life, they deserve to go to a marine sanctuary where they can be helped to regain their instincts, recover actions such as searching for food, etc. They, like any animal in captivity, deserve to get as close as possible to freedom, which of course, they will never totally or completely have, but at least, they deserve a good end of life. Something that allows them to end their days with dignity and like animals that they are, in freedom and in their natural habitat, or the closest thing to what that habitat could be: a marine sanctuary.

Please sign this petition now to ask Spain to prohibit the breeding and purchase of dolphins, in order to end this outrage.

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Two Dead Dogs and 57 Other Animals Reportedly Found Starving to Death Deserve Justice – ForceChange Petition

Kari Maze

Target: Newton County, Missouri Prosecutor Will Lynch

Goal: Provide justice for animals that were allegedly found living in filthy conditions without food or water.

Fifty-seven dogs and several cats were rescued after many of them were allegedly found in poor health without access to adequate food and water. It is important that the person allegedly responsible for these crimes receive a harsh sentence and no longer be allowed to have pets to prevent similar future tragedies.

While police have not released the name of the suspect, they did state that some deceased animals were found on the man’s property. Witnesses said that his other dogs had been running around the area, which reportedly led to one of them being hit by a car. According to officers, two of the dogs died shortly after being discovered, even after being provided with proper food and water. Reports state that some of the dogs were living in crates that were filled with waste. A Dachshund and cat were further allegedly crammed inside a crate together without food or water.

Authorities claim that the property was not habitable because of a prior fire and that the dwelling had no power or water access. The man further allegedly threatened to blow up the local police station if any of his animals were taken from his property. The suspected individual is currently being evaluated by mental health officials. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent animals if it is found they were harmed, neglected or killed by this person.


Dear Prosecutor Lynch,

A man is currently being observed during a 96-hour hospital watch after many dogs and cats were allegedly found dead or living in poor conditions without food or water on his property. It is important that justice is served for these animals if they were mistreated so that more creatures will be less likely to be harmed.

Deceased animals were reportedly found at the residence. It is also claimed that one dog was run over by a car while running around loose. Authorities claimed that two dogs were so sick that they died shortly after they were rescued and that some of the animals were living in feces filled crates. They also stated a dog and cat were being held in a small crate together and that they had no room to move around, or any way to gain access to water or food.

According to reports, the property had no power or water access because it had previously been destroyed by a fire. The man also allegedly threatened to blow up the police department if authorities seized his animals. For these reasons, I demand you suggest the accused party no longer be allowed to be around animals and that he receive an appropriate sentence as well as professional counseling if he is found guilty of such blatant animal cruelty.


Photo Credit: Keniett J. Vazquez

US Senator Cruz on the Crisis in Ukraine: Biden Admin-Majority of Dems have Imperiled Ukraine and Put Europe on the Brink of War

Mining Awareness +

Fortunately, some members of the US Congress are able to focus on more than one topic at a time. They have called out Biden’s failure to enforce the US border, while being concerned about the borders of NATO and Ukraine. Some members of the US Congress are also able to criticize both Russia and China, whereas it seems that media and bloggers are unable to imagine that both can be bad. These members of the US Congress are even able to find enough brain power to criticize Iran, too. Considering that Russia, China and Iran are all now members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), it makes sense, too. Unfortunately, most of these same members of Congress are failing to notice that India is also a member of SCO. People are underestimating India’s abilities, just as they underestimated China.

Despite the title, Cruz discusses the bipartisan efforts to sanction Nord…

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We demand freedom for the victims of Vivotecnia

World Animals Voice

Vienna, February 8th, 2022- Report from the “Association against animal factories”

Update: Dogs Still At Risk From Animal Experimentation Death!
The University of Barcelona is sticking to the killing of the beagle puppies, animal rights activists protested on site – at least 6 dogs are said to have been rescued.

The “Association against animal factories” (VGT) reported on the local and international outrage after the discovery of a case of animal testing on behalf of the University of Barcelona.

A total of 38 beagle puppies were to be used and given varying doses of a drug over 28 days.
Animal rights activists have been working for weeks with strong support from the population to ensure that the dogs are placed in a loving home after the experiment.
Even high-ranking politicians in Spain have already spoken out.

However, these demands continue to be ignored by the university and the contract…

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Moose tramples and crushes Iditarod dogsled team in Alaska

An Alaskan woman training her dogs for the Iditarod race was attacked by an angry moose with her dogs trampled on and left seriously injured.

In a Facebook post, Bridgett Watkins shared her experience of the day a moose charged at her and her dogs while she was training them through a 52-mile run on 3 February.

While moose sightings in Alaska aren’t that uncommon, they rarely attack humans unprovoked.

Ms Watkins, a 38-year-old musher, initially thought when she spotted the moose that it would go way, she told local media outlets.

Ms Watkins, along with her friend and handler Jen Nelson, was running her sled dogs in the interior Alaska’s Fairbanks area. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is an annual long-distance sled dog race run in early March from Anchorage to Nome in which 14 dogs run for miles for 15 days or more to reach the finish line.

She was midway through the training run when she noticed a moose along the Salcha River trail system which had shed its antlers. Her dogs were tied to the snow machine.

“I had given this moose lots and lots of space,” Ms Watkins, who has lived in Alaska all her life, told Outdoor Life.

However, soon the large bull hid amidst the trees and reappeared, eventually coming just a few feet away from the team. This triggered Ms Watkins to take out her gun and fire a few shots to startle the animal.

I was like, Well, he left again. I guess I’m just going to sit here and wait. We have to wait a while and make sure he’s gone. It wasn’t 10 seconds later that I looked up and he was charging full speed right at me,” she told the outlet.

“I even said to myself, Take a deep breath. Steady yourself. I was aimed and waiting – hoping he’d deflect – just steady. I let him get close,” Ms Watkins told Outdoor Life.

However, the moose didn’t stop. Ms Watkins, a part-time emergency room nurse, fired five times at the charging moose which became entangled with the sled dogs, the report says.

Ms Watkins said she quickly cut six dogs loose and they managed to flee. However, the dogs hooked to the sled were trampled by the moose.

The bull stood over them, stomping them for hours, she said.

“I have never felt so helpless in my life,” she said in a Facebook post. “He would not leave us alone and he even stood over top of the team refusing to retreat.”

Ms Watkis said a friend then reached them and killed the animal. But many of her dogs suffered serious injuries and are fighting for their lives.

The animal was fairly distant, she told local media outlets, so it didn’t worry Ms Watkins, who has been an Alaskan all her life and owns Kennel on a Hill.

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