Action Needed Now to Protest Upcoming Great Lakes Predator Challenge Killing Contest

Wolf Patrol

Video from the 2020 Great Lakes Predator Challenge

Every winter across Michigan, Wisconsin and dozens of other states, contests are held with cash and prizes awarded to the teams that kill the most coyotes, foxes and other wildlife. These wildlife killing contests are perfectly legal, even though they encourage the wanton waste of wildlife, not to mention the targeting and cruel eradication of native predators not responsible for any predations on livestock or other domestic animals.

2020 Great Lakes Region Predator Challenge in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Coyote killing contests target all coyotes, not just those accused of conflicts with farmers and other human activities. With the incentive to kill as many predators as possible, wildlife killing contests such as the Great Lakes Region Predator Challenge disrupt the balance of a healthy ecosystem. Wildlife killing contests actual increase the likelihood of livestock predation by killing of coyotes and foxes that are currently…

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3 comments on “Action Needed Now to Protest Upcoming Great Lakes Predator Challenge Killing Contest

  1. Degenerate worthless scum human beings are infesting our nation and the world now that the big push is on by Satan to destroy the human race; and its working! That is why more people better hurry and turn to Jesus Christ and stop thinking somebody is going to fix all this shit! Ain’t gonna happen by any man-made system or ideas; too late anyway past the point of no return already! This is all the start of the collapse of civilization; not enough people genuinely cared to stop this from happening when they could have! Besides its all been prophesied millennia ago because God knows all and sees all and that is who we all should have been paying attention to; and not all of the decadent nonsense lifestyles of the rich and famous or trying to get more stuff! So sad but true!

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