Another cheap safe way to cut Covid by 80% that the Health Dept can ignore

Iowa Climate Science Education


In more news you can use before Christmas, here?s another cheap easy way to put the brakes on Covid is with the antiseptic Povidone Iodine.

While Carrageenan can clog up the virus in the passages behind your nose, it doesn?t necessarily do much to stop the virus replicating in your mouth and throat. But a regular swish or a sniff with Povidone-iodine can reduce the viral load to nothing in a matter of 15 to 30 seconds. Note, you?re supposed to spit it out again, not drink it and make sure to use a very dilute solution.

Saliva can contain as many as 100 million infectious copies of Covid per ml, so the aim here is to reduce the number drastically every four hours. It?ll stop you infecting people around you, and probably help buy you time to fight back against the virus.

Between February and August last year Choudhury

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