The China and Russia relationship

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    Policy change should have happened long ago he says! China has been screwing over America for many decades now but especially since the Obama/Biden administration when Barry flies to China and the CCP made sure he got a proper welcome having him walk out of Air Force One’s tail end through a service door, no red carpet ramp as is typical; making him obviously look like the weak liberal limp noodle leader that he was, as he even admitted he was going to lead from behind! Now that is a total oxymoron and anyone but a liberal would see that!

    Make no mistake about it, Russia, China and Islam the fake religion political ideology and even having the label the Nation of Islam; all three are taking their marching order from the same source which is the fiery pit of hell. They are all atheist sadistic antichrist minions.

    Here is an excerpt from an article I republished last year that was pointing out clearly as I see it, and not by just the past behaviors or agendas of those nations; but clearly through the Holy Scriptures and Prophesy!

    Never before have these three nations China, Russia and Iran, all of which figure prominently in end times Bible prophecy, joined forces militarily to hold joint war game exercises together. “When the headlines and the scripture begin to align you know you’re getting close.” And in a somewhat stunning statement, they said this was to “send a message to the world”. Does it ever!!!

    “Therefore, thou son of man, prophesy against Gog, and say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal: And I will turn thee back, and leave but the sixth part of thee, and will cause thee to come up from the north parts, and will bring thee upon the mountains of Israel:” Ezekiel 39:1,2 (KJV)

    Then here is a piece of what I added in that essay I wrote.

    China under the current rule of its Communist Party leadership won’t ever become a nation with a government that follows ethical principles and displays moral standards that would afford peace on earth among nations. For some time they have expanded their dominance and control of the entire South China Sea within International waters, which has been leading to an eventual major conflict of unprecedented proportions not seen in that region of the world since the World War II era. Now the new conflict has begun in earnest as China joins with Russia and Iran to make their joint statement that they intend on ruling that region of the world with an iron fist not allowing free trade and commerce to continue unabated as it always has; not without their say so. This is a global strategic move to project the power and influence of these totalitarian regimes dominance in the world, which has always been the agenda of Communism and Islam; which is global dominance and control under one leadership which is either Atheist or antichrist as both ideologies state clearly that they are against freedom of religion and people in general but most poignantly as not being in favor of the Judaeo-Christian God, Jesus Christ! These ungodly agents of doom I believe are motivated by Satan and now make their move to subdue or battle any and all comers. If they aren’t met with resistance the choke-hold they will exert and establish in the South China Sea will only be the first blow to global stability, as part of their strategic military plan, and, they will not stop with that one action! As of late we’ve already seen Iran setting up a similar choke-hold strategy in the Persian Gulf to restrict commerce and the shipping of oil. Unfortunately for all concerned World War III has begun in earnest.

    Look at the photograph of the elite Chinese Military and see the faces not of decent human beings that are trained professionals always prepared to defend their nation but instead you see demonic influenced blood thirsty insane killers which is all so academic to me because the writing has been on the wall for a long time and many signs have appeared regularly to see the Truth! There is going to be hell to pay and the big massive war is already in the works!

    God bless you.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

    Please take a gander at these two articles and check that photo out, and tell me what you see in those men!

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  2. Most people don’t know that this isn’t new. They’ve been in tight together and with India for 10-20 years through SCO, which is sort of like their NATO. What was new was Trump standing up to them.
    Taiwan and Japan are very tied in economically with China, too – even more so than Australia. When I say “tied in” I mean that Australia’s import-export economy is dependent upon China and for Taiwan it’s worse. When I went to Japan I couldn’t even find anything Made in Japan – it was all Made in China. Finally after looking and looking for days, I found a small item in a tiny shop Made in Japan. I think I finally found one shop that specialized in things Made in Japan. While Marx was bad on so many things, some of his descriptions are right. He wrote something about capitalists tearing down the Great Wall of China to get to their markets. What we were never taught growing up is that whoever has the most offspring wins – they even dominate democracies and everyone wants to sell them stuff.

    I’ve suddenly become skeptical that the elites want to kill us all, since the elites are parasites. BioNTech, for instance, probably want to give us cancer with the mRNA so they can sell us their mRNA cancer treatment, etc. Viruses are also parasites – without victims they die. The elites are themselves the virus.

    And, of course, Italy has been in China for almost 2000 years – just “doing business” and sometimes trying to convert people to Catholicism. Somehow I recall so-called Christian Italy and Germany getting together with Imperial Japan not so long ago and Italy doing war crimes that got covered up. Italy was fascist around 15 years before Germany.

    No one ethnic group has a monopoly on evil. There are Chinese Christians, too. I add that because Morra deleted my comment to the effect that there are good Chinese, too. There are also minority ethnic groups in China. Plus Mussolini, Pelosi, Fauci, De Blasio, Cosa Nostra, ‘Ndrangheta and Camorra, and too many more to name aren’t Chinese (who have Triads).

    If an Italian-“American” (Fauci) gave China the tools to make the virus, and maybe the virus itself, then who is guilty? Taiwanese are mostly ethnic Chinese, too. I try hard to take the side of both Taiwan and Christians, but it gets pretty hard when the most arrogant migrants I’ve met are from Taiwan and there are so many mean-spirited Christians. The Inquisition was pretty bad, as was Cromwell and Calvin’s Geneva. Holier-than-though and back-biting “Christians” do more damage to Christianity than anyone. And, remind me of why I, the child of a theologian and grandchild of a preacher, may never grace the halls of a church again.

    If China wins it will be a) because everyone “just wants to do business” in conjunction with China’s overpopulation and b) Americans prefer to attack each other, which is what helped to destroy the Scots and Irish, too. I’ve recently learned that northern Italian towns similarly fought each other. They aren’t superior to the south, like they think.

    I’ve only met one person in my life who took the Chinese menace seriously enough to seek out things that weren’t made in China and he wasn’t even an American but from the Caribbean. He was doing this 30 years ago. He was the most tight with money of anyone, but went the extra mile and spent the extra money to buy something Made in the USA. Meanwhile, recently I asked an Italian business person, whose company is doing business in China, why they were in China? And, he just said that the company’s been there a long time, like it was no big deal. He seems to hate all Asians but well, business is business, he seems to think.

    A lot of us need to learn or relearn good manners. It’s one reason people get conned by Asians, who haven’t lost all of their manners yet. Nonetheless, I think those with fake manners show themselves pretty quickly, though sometimes not quickly enough.


    • Thanks for all this information! The guy not buying products made in China, made me think of my dad, he wouldn’t let us have anything made in China, he said Americans would lose their jobs and they’ll take over someday.

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        • Good grief as far back as I can remember, the most important one was back in the ’60s, I was on the swimming team and you had to wear pool shoes and my mom and I looked everywhere for a pair of flip-flops made in the USA, my mom finally said, I guess you’re going to have to buy a pair made in China, and he saw them sticking out of my bag and he picked them up and throw them in the trash and he told me I wasn’t allowed to have any products from China, when I told him they were mandatory for at the pool and my mom told him we couldn’t find any made in the USA, when he finally calmed down( he was very laid back and easy going kind of guy) he took them out of the trash and said, okay, you can wear them there,but nowhere else! 😆


          • That was a long time ago now and he was really ahead of the times. I don’t recall where our flip-flops were made, come to think of it. I know that even when a lot of things were still made in the USA that toys were made in Korea and still cost a fortune. Before that it was made in Japan. Funny I do recall that I did get one pair of shoes made in China – maybe in the early 70s- that had a wooden sole and the paint stunk too badly to use. I know your father was generous, too, and not cheap. Being cheap has been the downfall of many because China sold things for cheaper. Then with lost jobs it created a downward spiral.

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            • He was very serious about it,I can laugh about it now, but at the time he was so mad, he told me to quit the swimming team. He was really against products coming from China. They could come from Germany, Italy or any other place, except he wasn’t very happy when zenith moved their production to Mexico. Bless his heart… he was quite the character.

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            • I wish you would write a book, you have such wonderful stories, had such a good family, and what a time and place to grow up in Hershey. Your father had such great foresight and caring to move you there, at that time. If I were nearby and no Covid, I would come help you write the book. You could do it as a blog you know… story by story.

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  3. Thank you! I would definitely need you to help get me started, it’s when you bring up subjects, that makes me think of my family, and what characters they all were, there was always something that would make us stop and think, my mom and dad had a wicked sense of humor and that would set off my two brothers, my mom said to my dad, if you want her shoes to be made in the USA you’re going to have to make them, that’s when my brother chimed in and said… we can make them out of tires, my other brother grabbed my leg and started measuring my foot and they started drawing it out, my mother said… I wish you would have thought of that before I drove all over the East Coast and my dad said…. sounds like a good plan as long as they’re made in the USA.😊 After my dad died and things would happen, mom would say, remember when your father said… such and such… He called it so many times, it’s kind of unbelievable.

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    • Maybe you can make a blog or write on this blog one story at a time, and I’m sure everyone would love it and ask questions that would jog your memory. You are a good storyteller and have good stories to tell. That is true about the tires, actually, though it’s also funny. It’s how some Haitians make shoes. Last time I checked – twenty years ago – there were only two brands of shoes Made in USA — maybe there are more cheap ones now. SAS is really made in Mexico and assembled in the USA, but there was one brand made in the USA in NYC, which cost $180 ca 2000.

      I was thinking about the China thing before reading your last response:
      Your father’s reaction (boycott) was probably also because he knew about what Mao was doing. (I still think that boycott is the best way to fight oppression, though they claim that’s why Japan attacked us in 1941). So, it was motivated by both love of America and of the Chinese people who were persecuted by Mao. I think we now see it’s not easy to get out from under oppression once it’s taken hold or we wouldn’t be in the current pickle: “In 1955, Mao launched the Sufan movement, and in 1957 he launched the Anti-Rightist Campaign, in which at least 550,000 people, mostly intellectuals and dissidents, were persecuted. In 1958, he launched the Great Leap Forward that aimed to rapidly transform China’s economy from agrarian to industrial, which led to the deadliest famine in history and the deaths of 15–55 million people between 1958 and 1962. In 1963, Mao launched the Socialist Education Movement, and in 1966 he initiated the Cultural Revolution, a program to remove “counter-revolutionary” elements in Chinese society which lasted 10 years” It’s possible that your grandfather was among the American soldiers who went to help during the Boxer Rebellion in China. And, the early Chinese arrived around the same time as the Irish fleeing the famine, so that could have something to do with it. They both worked on railroads. Just by sheer numbers of people, Chinese immigration and China’s power have always been a problem. Now India has joined them. As for prejudice: I would never buy a VW whereas my parents did. When I first went to Germany with a friend I loudly said “look a Hitlermobile” at all of the VWs passing by. And, more recently called German border guards Gestapo. A lot of Germans have been very, very nice and kind to me, but it’s like I’m reincarnated from someone who suffered under the Nazis. The Japanese are good and kind, as well. I didn’t want to visit because of WWII, but once I got there I didn’t want to leave. My concern about India is comparatively new and stems from our immigration policy and their arrogance and pretending to be persecuted/black. America does have historic involvement in China, but not India. Upper caste Hindus pretending to be African Americans or otherwise persecuted enrages me. That no one calls them out on this enrages me even more. The first East Asians I knew were smart, educated, anti-communist refugees from Vietnam, who suffered racism. My Vietnamese friend wanted to marry an American, but due to racism ended up marrying another Vietnamese. I’ve recently learned that some of the “racism” against Vietnamese was actually because people were competing with them for jobs, however. A lot of so-called racism is rooted in job competition, IMO.


  4. I feel comfortable talking to you, because we have talked about our families, but I’m not sure about blogging about it, though I do have some good ones… My brothers did make me shoes out of the tires, they were shaped like a foot even the toes cut out and they used bungee cords to strap them to my feet, my dad took a photo of them on my feet, I never worn them, but I did show everybody at the pool and they all got a big laugh, they only shoes that I wore were sneakers and my snow boots and they were made in the USA and a pair of Birkenstocks, my dress shoes were made in Italy, I had a very narrow foot and they fit my foot perfectly. My brother bought a used VW after his car was stolen, from his coworker his wife was selling hers, he loved that car, he was tall and it had plenty of head and leg room, and that car would drive through anything from snow drifts to sand. When he finally decided what kind of a car he wanted and he kept the VW and when he was in Canada that car was stolen, so he flew home and drove the VW back to Canada, they did find that one but it was stripped some and he tow that car using the VW back to Hershey, it looked kind of funny seeing that small car tow the big one.
    I’m sure my dad did he was always reading, it’s sad how countries are always at each other and we all do what we can to feel like we’re helping their cause. That’s great the way you got to travel to different countries and live among them, that’s the best kind of education, my brother’s traveled to different countries, but not me, I was too much of a homebody and still am.. LOL
    Take care, may the angels watch over at protect. 😇🙏🕊️


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