Petition · Petition for protection of giraffes in Wajir,Kenya due to poaching and land issue. ·

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Each and every animal on this planet is blessed with something; a unique trait. It can be a physical attribute or a specific skill or talent that makes it superior to others.

The cheetah has the speed, man has the brains (well mostly…), bees have the co-ordination power, the elephant obviously has the strength, but did you know that it could smell for water from three miles away? Then comes the giraffe. Its long robust neck and body structure makes it nearly impossible to ever hide.

A study in 2016 by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) determined that habitat loss resulting from expanding agricultural activities, increased mortality brought on by illegal hunting, and the effects of ongoing civil unrest in a handful of African countries had caused giraffe populations to plummet by 36–40 percent between 1985 and 2015.

If don’t act now…. We stand to loose!

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