Security Message: Commercial Air Availability from Addis Ababa – U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia

By U.S. Embassy Ethiopia | 26 November, 2021 | Topics: Alert, Notification

The security situation in Ethiopia continues to deteriorate.  The U.S. Embassy urges U.S citizens in Ethiopia to depart now using commercially available options. Although the Embassy continues to process emergency passports and repatriation loans, and to provide other emergency services, the Embassy is unlikely to be able to assist U.S. citizens in Ethiopia with departure if commercial options become unavailable. Please see information on What the Department of State Can and Can’t Do in a Crisis.

U.S. citizens wishing to depart Ethiopia, currently have multiple options via commercial flights from Bole International Airport. If you have difficulty securing a flight or need assistance to return to the United States, please contact for guidance. The Embassy can also provide a repatriation loan for U.S. citizens who cannot afford at this time to purchase a commercial ticket to the United States. If you are a U.S. citizen and delaying your departure because your non-U.S. citizen spouse or minor children do not have immigrant visas or U.S. passports, please contact us immediately.  Similarly, if you are a non-U.S. citizen parent of a U.S. citizen minor but do not have a valid U.S. visa or other document valid for entry to the United States, please contact us.

Please see contact information for airlines operating from Bole International Airport below:

Ethiopian Airlines
Telephone: 251 116179900

Air Djibouti
Telephone: 251 116160633 or 251 115540094

Badr Airlines
Telephone: 2519 11600705

Telephone: 251 111564494

Telephone: 251 115181818

Telephone: 251 116670157/54

Gulf Air
Telephone: 251 115505979/33

Jazeera Airways

Kenya Airways
Telephone: 251 115525546

Qatar Airways
Telephone: 251 115544638

Telephone: 0115512637/93

Turkish Airlines
Telephone: 251 116627781/82

The Department of State has no higher priority than the safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas.  U.S. citizens still in country should enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security updates and to ensure you can be located in an emergency.


U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
+251-111-306-911 or 011-130-6000 (after hours)

State Department – Consular Affairs:   888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444

10 comments on “Security Message: Commercial Air Availability from Addis Ababa – U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia

  1. Thanks for finding this! Blinken is up to something strange there for a long time. Even Robert Maxwell (Ghislaine’s father) was up to something there. And, the group they support (Tigray communists or former communists) is the one that the World Health Org head guy is a member. Just a reminder in case anyone else reads the comment: Blinken’s stepfather, Sam Pisar, was Robert Maxwell’s friend and associate and took businessmen to Russia. Pisar was also a lawyer in France for Jeff Epstein. Blinken and Ghislaine are around the same age and lived in France at the same time, I think and their stepfather and father were close. Robert Maxwell was apparently connected to the Russian mobster that they alleged (apparently falsely) that Trump was connected to. Blinken is a grim reaper for countries. Blinken seems to bring death and destruction in his wake and that benefits mobsters, arms dealers, and corporate “vultures”. I need a better term than vultures because vultures are useful animals and I enjoy watching them sunbathe in the trees.

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    • The Democrats are a bunch of communist and finally have a group to carry out their plan. I think that’s why Trump wanted to become president, because of his status, he hung out with many of them including Epstein, he realized early on what they were up to and separated himself and switched from Democrat to Republican, he knows too much, that’s why they were and still are attacking him, we need him back in there to finish off what he started, many people that are into wildlife and the environment, don’t want him in and are angry with me because I support him, but there’s so much more to this country than that, if we don’t get this straight now, we won’t have a country for the environment or wildlife, we will lose everything!!!

      I agree we need to come up with better names, and not associate them with animals!

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      • You hit it on the proverbial head! All these BLM , Antifa or radial left anything are only being used as useful tools or as they say useful idiots until not needed anymore then the hammer comes down hard and swift! Russia doesn’t have a Hammer and Sickle as Flag Icons for the reasons they state openly! Marx was an out in the open Satan worshiper and caused his own two daughters to commit suicide, so how would such monsters feel about anyone else? That is what these evil insane power gloated Democrat Socialist Radical Party have brought to our shores but the Republicans are only a step away from being as nefarious having allowed so much decay in America, they even had the House and Senate on a few occasions and did virtually nothing to abate it all, because they care about themselves and lobbyists! Lindsey Graham is a rotten two-faced minion of hell! Loves Biden he said during the early stages of the election right on NBC one Sunday morning saying I love the guy! Guess Graham got the guy he wanted in the White House! Birds of a feather no matter how evil or dirty; my Grandmother would say no shame! I say yes Grandma no conscience either!

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      • By the way I’m a wildlife rehabber took the certification courses and used to belong to the Sierra Club went to some big seminars but when they went hard left and played a scam to just take down conservatives and didn’t mind all the radical evil the Left was up to along with catering to the Big Tech Globalists I cut them all loose just for the reason you stated they are so dumb ass to think they will win out for anybody including the animals by sticking up for the Agenda of the Corporate Machine and Establishment like the Bush family, Obama, Hollywood and so on they joined the Nazis of America and lost me for good which bothered me for the animals sake but like you said if we lose control of the government completely which is close to happening then nothing will matter anymore anyway; the whole thing will turn into a hell in no time just like Banana Republics and other dictatorships; and then the agony for animals and people will really begin as they rip everything apart for evil and ill-gotten gains! Called cutting off your nose to spite your face!
        If the left had smelled the coffee a little while ago this would not be happening and we the People would have a stronger citizen’s government and be moving in the right direction!
        Keep hanging in and praying we have hope on our side and God answers faithful prayer!

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  2. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    Ethiopia like Somalia is riddled with radical Islamist’s and Communism all of which has made its indelible imprint on that nation corrupting its core; just like Communism and the Political Ideology Islam is attempting to do here in America. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus a well-known communist from Ethiopia and member of Tigray People’s Liberation Front as well as the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front was quite complicit in the dereliction of the WHO at the Pandemic onset and he fully cooperated with Communist China in concert with Fauci’s Deception in covering up the Truth and Facts of what was happening; which led to the disaster we, the entire human race have endured and suffered through for two years, which we still can see no end in sight to this Genocide and Crime Against Humanity that is being committed throughout the planet! This man being from Ethiopia and all of what has ensued should plainly spell out what sort of deterioration is occurring in that God forsaken place! Pray hard!
    We are all looking into the precipice and the same horrors can occur here or anywhere on this earth at any given moment!
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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