‘Un-American’: Republican State Financial Officers Call For Banks To Stop Catering To Biden’s Coal and Oil Policies


Leif Le Mahieu

Led by West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore, 16 Republican state financial officers have banded together to fight bank boycotts against the oil and coal industry. 

“I’m proud to continue to stand with my colleagues against these attacks on our states’ coal, oil and natural gas industries,” Moore said. “These industries – which are engaged in perfectly legal activities – provide jobs, paychecks and benefits to thousands of hard-working families in our states and we will not stand idly by and allow our peoples’ livelihoods to be destroyed to advance a radical social agenda.”

In a letter to U.S. banking institutions, the financial officers announced that they would “be taking collective action in response to the ongoing and growing economic boycott of traditional energy production industries by U.S. financial institutions.”

The goal of the action would be to “protect our states’ economies, jobs, and energy independence from these unwarranted attacks on our critical industries.”

Fourteen Republican state treasurers signed on, including the treasures of Arizona, Arkansas, and Alabama. The Republican comptroller of Texas and Utah state auditor also signed on to the letter. 

The letter specifically called out the Biden administration’s efforts to move toward the end of the coal and oil industries. 

“The Biden Administration has resumed these attacks by attempting to ban energy exploration on public lands and reportedly pressuring U.S. banks and financial institutions to limit, encumber, or outright refuse financing for traditional energy production companies,” the financial officers wrote. 

They also cited Biden’s plan to stop financing traditional energy projects internationally. The Republicans argued that this move aided “Chinese interests” and led the U.S to be dependent on other countries for energy. 

The letter continues, “For the reasons stated above, we will each take concrete steps within our respective authority to select financial institutions that support a free market and are not engaged in harmful fossil fuel industry boycotts for our states’ financial services contracts.”

One step mentioned was that certain states will make sure that banks they are working with will not be boycotting the oil and gas industry. 

In a press release announcing the coalition, Moore pinned much of the blame for banking’s aversions to the oil and gas industry on “woke capitalists” and “globalist actors.” 

“Woke capitalists and globalist actors have been using the guise of climate change to press for anti-American reforms that reduce our country’s competitiveness against hostile nations like Russia and China,” he said. “As a result, in less than a year our country has gone from energy independence to having a President who is begging OPEC and Russia to pump more oil.”

He noted that attacks on the traditional energy industry were “misguided” and “un-American.” 

Moore told National Review that another reason he was forming the coalition was to protect the jobs of West Virginians. 

“They sold us on globalization and now the only businesses in our small towns are Wal Marts. Now they want to eliminate one of the only remaining industries that gives West Virginians a good living,” he said

Biden’s nominee for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Saule Omarova, has stated that she wants the oil and gas industries to go bankrupt. 

“Here what I’m thinking about is primarily coal industry and oil and gas industry. A lot of the smaller players in that industry are going to probably go bankrupt in short order, at least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change,” Omarova said in a video clip, publicized by the American Accountability Foundation (AAF).


3 comments on “‘Un-American’: Republican State Financial Officers Call For Banks To Stop Catering To Biden’s Coal and Oil Policies

  1. Nancy what a great article! I’ve got to get going but I just saw this and read it immediately and realized it kind of dovetails with a rocket of my own thoughts on Geo-Politic and Domestic which I just shot off and this massive evil going on in our own nation is all tied together with! These A-Holes in the DC Nuthouse are selling out to China and will gladly give them the keys to Emerald City when the time is right and then we can all kiss our behinds goodbye for good!
    This is a whole lot of stuff so I hope it won’t be annoying but I figure you should find a few jewels in here; some good people had provided truth and facts that I incorporated into my own narratives!

    Thank you for this great expose and God bless you!

    Thank you for pointing out some naked truth about our true adversaries that would like nothing more than to annihilate all Americans! Communism is an evil in the world period! Marx worshiped Satan, caused his own two daughters to commit suicide so he was possessed by the darkest forces in the universe like Hitler was! The Vietnam War though a miserable mess both strategically and mostly politically was absolutely necessary and what would have most likely been best would have been to go straight up the arse through Cambodia on into Beijing and finish the mess! Either Good or Evil will be ruling the planet; it should and must be Good!

    I touch on the CCP horror a bit in several essays on a rudimentary level but my hunches and sense of who the real enemies are is usually right! I knew from the start of the Plan-Demic what was happening but I wasn’t privy to all the pieces to the puzzle, tough that wasn’t necessary in order to know who the real villains actually were overseas and here in the USA!

    To me its simple anyway; I am a real Christian and know from experience that there is good and evil on a spiritual level and here on the physical plane of material existence that is always influenced by the spiritual and so what are the choices? To wait and let the evil come and take you out or join them which appears to be the current game plan of the lunatics running the show in the nuthouse swamp! Of course the third option is as you say to head em off at the pass with whatever it takes to neutralize the THREAT! We’ve waited far too long already as I see it and this crap of appeasement, thinking that the atheist sleeping dragon is going to turn into a big fluffy teddy bear is nuts! They’ve been ripping off intellectual properties constantly and backstabbing at every turn while using North Korea as a wild card and now using Islam the same way along with Russia; quite a chess game going on! As of 2014 they exterminated 1.2 million Tibetans; what else are we dealing with here other than evil? That nation has had thousands of years to come around to sensible human philosophy, but they do love their Yulin dog meat festival practically eating them alive after doing the butchering at the table just before tossing them alive into boiling water!

    I want to share a few links and the second one has a few others at the end of the essay besides these I’m listing. If you can point out anything to help give me a better picture in all of this please do and perhaps some of your readers will find something here of interest!

    Sorry about the no sugar coating but I don’t waste time anymore with being Mr. Nice Guy when it comes to dealing with brutes and liars I got burned far to much doing that in the past! Hardcore real problems need a hardcore approach not sweet talking or dancing around like a fool as say Lindsey Graham and Ditch Mitch have for decades! People like them got us were we are and now they play ball with the far left and commies! If there is plenty of loot to pass around they are game!

    Take care and God bless you and yours!

    Brother in Christ Jesus,






    Liked by 1 person

  2. You also Nancy have a very healthy happy Thanksgiving!

    Oh no concern if and when you can look at them is fine things are busy now so I just send them for in case or maybe one of your readers gets something good in one!
    Thank you again!


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