Breaking News out of Waukesha, Wisconsin

8 comments on “Breaking News out of Waukesha, Wisconsin

  1. I wonder if he’s another Farakhan fan? Also if he is Jamaican American, though he sounds black American, his name and how he looks (face structure) appears Jamaican. I also wonder if he really did it or if an Afghani terrorist did it and they are making this guy the fall-guy since he criticized Obama in the past.

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      • It would be very easy to switch/confuse a light skinned black guy with his face structure with a Middle Easterner, North African, East African, etc. This is the MO for Islamic extremists attacking Christmas markets in Europe and also using SUVs to attack. I really thought it was in Europe when I first heard about it, though it sounds like parts of Wisconsin are far more German than Germany these days.

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        • I guess anything’s possible, who knows maybe he’s extremist that joined the group, he’s been a little crazy for a while, he got out on bail two days before he did this attack, for running over his wife at the gas station and back in the late 90s he shot his cousin.

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          • The Nation of Islam always recruited in prisons, and I guess that Farakhan still does. And, he’s very close and presumably funded by Iran. Farakhan is also Jamaican and Malcolm X was half Jamaican. I tend to forget about that as my black American friends have been Christians and better and more religious Christians than most white Americans. One friend went to Baptist and Catholic church just to have all bases covered. I read that the Mexican cartels took strategies from the Islamic terrorists. The black preacher who is the US Senator from Georgia was accused of running over his wife’s foot. Still with all of those unvetted people coming through from all over I can easily imagine that they are falsely accusing him, when it was an illegal migrant terrorist. Family feuds are considered crimes of passion. Islamic terrorists are also frequently recruited from the criminal class. Previously it tended to be the poor, in general, but the criminal class is frequently poor.

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            • I wouldn’t put it past him to joint the group,initial reports said there where three in the car, now they’re keeping it very close to their chest. There have been reports that there’s going to be terroristic attacks this Christmas season where large groups gather!

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