Do any of you have the reblog feature?

21 comments on “Do any of you have the reblog feature?

  1. There is another way to repost, it takes extra steps however. Go to the arrow (looks more like an indian head) click it on, and you can repost there. If I remember correctly you may have to also do a cut and paste. I’ll check it out.

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    • Oh good! I noticed it was missing on yours and a few others, I’m hoping that WP fixed it for everyone. I’m so far behind I haven’t had a chance to check a lot of blogs and I want to talk to you by email about what we discussed. If they have the reblog button on their site and it’s missing, let them know so they can get in touch with WP support. Talk to you soon… 😇🙏🍀

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      • The person told me that their “like” button was broken, but that it will be fixed in a couple of days, they were told.

        Thanks Nancy! But, don’t worry about me and please take care of yourself. You have given me the prayer tools that I need and I think you have sent prayers my way recently to help! 😇🙏🏻🍀

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