“Long And Loud!” Biden Just FARTED In Front of the British Royal Family”

It’s official…President Gas Bag is a old fart!

One comment on ““Long And Loud!” Biden Just FARTED In Front of the British Royal Family”

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    Everyone with a clue appears to be on the same page now; that this Fraudulently installed POTUS isn’t a leader. I do believe from my own investigating and religious belief that this man isn’t only behaving like a crazy person but he is afflicted with Demonic influences in the very least, which he brought upon himself being a very corrupt and scheming professional career politician who with his organized political crime racketeering over the last 50 years has sold his soul to Satan!

    The Apple doesn’t fall from the tree; so look at his wicked and heinous corrupted son to tie together any loose ends in your own minds about what we have in the Top Government Executive position of the most powerful nation on earth, and I think you will agree that this is no laughing matter and could take a turn for the worst anytime; so something has to be done fast!

    Anyone out in the big Ways of the World can challenge me on this but I know I’m correct and the man is working in unison with the also equally demonically influenced fake pope Bergoglio; and this is all being orchestrated by Satan! You get the picture right? The world is in a heap of Poo!

    That’s it Jill keep doing your job; you asked for it when you caused his first wife to be in a rage and she got killed with children and you got the shit end of the stick! Oh well. All is well that ends well; depending on which end you’re at!


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