The Biden administration announced on Monday that children under 18 and people from dozens of countries with a shortage of vaccines, will be exempt from new rules that will require most travelers coming to the United States to be vaccinated from COVID-19.

The new updated policy comes as the Biden administration moves away from restrictions that ban non-essential travel from several dozen countries, most of Europe, China, Brazil, South Africa, India and Iran, instead of focusing on classifying individuals by risk they pose to others.

It also reflects the White House’s embrace of vaccination requirements as a tool to push more Americans to get the shots by making it inconvenient to remain unvaccinated.

Beginning on November 8, foreign, non-immigrant adults traveling to the U.S. will need to be fully vaccinated, with only limited circumstances or exceptions, and all travelers will need to be tested for the virus before boarding a plane to the U.S. It will require unvaccinated U.S. citizens and long-term residents to have to present a negative Covid test taken a day before re-entering the country, while unvaccinated foreign nationals will be able to enter only in limited circumstances, an administration official said Monday. Fully vaccinated Americans will have to be tested three days before traveled with tightened restrictions for American and foreign citizens who are not fully vaccinated.

For foreign nationals, the administration announced in September it will require all visitors to be fully vaccinated before entering the country, but on Monday outlined exemptions to that requirement.

People coming from countries with vaccination rates under 10 percent, for example, will also have to provide a compelling reason for why they are traveling to the U.S., a senior administration official said.
The government will require airlines to collect contact information on passengers regardless of whether they have been vaccinated to help with contact tracing, if that becomes necessary.

The officials also said the U.S. will accept any of the vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) even if they are not cleared in the U.S., including Russian and Chinese vaccines, which have limited data on their effectiveness against the Delta variant.

And if you’re not vaccinated just land in Mexico and walk across the border with the rest of the illegals…



On Friday, the Department of Homeland Security awarded a $456,548 contract to a Sussex County, Delaware construction company, to erect a security fence around​ President Joe Biden’s $2.7 million summer North Shores Delaware beach house. The contract was awarded to Rehoboth’s Turnstone Builders, according to USA spending.

The Biden summer beach home is near Cape Henlopen. Biden’s second property in Delaware is his main residence in Greenville, just outside of Wilmington. Biden bought the North Shores home in 2017 for $2.7 million, according to county tax records. Biden has visited the property twice so far during his presidency.

Construction on the wall had not begun as of October 20, the Cape Gazette reported, but the government spending website says the project is expected to be finished by the end of the year.
The New York Post asked the U.S. Secret Service about the fence but the Secret Service “declined to discuss protective means and methods.”

With all the problems this country is having under Biden’s leadership, our southern border is close to the top of the list, if not the top.  The president has yet even visited the border, but did take time to cancel all the contracts Trump had in place to finish the wall.

Biden has received criticism over not visiting the border himself, but did say he and his wife had been in the past and his wife was there recently, if you call 2019 recently. But she hasn’t been there since becoming the First Lady.  White House press secretary Jen Psaki noted in an exchange with Fox News’ Peter Doocy that “He (Biden) did drive through the border while he was on the campaign trail in 2008,” but could not recall any other time. Facts show that it was a brief drive by, not through, as he was driving a car to New Mexico from Texas.

Biden has told reporters that he hasn’t had time to visit the border. Counting this weekend, President Biden has spent 20 weekends at home in Delaware, 10 weekends at Camp David, and only nine weekends at the White House during his presidency, so far. 

One would think the president could have taken one of these 39 weekends to visit the most critical security situation our country has had in recent history.

Nancy Pelosi reads a quote from the Bible and says Biden’s dedication to the children gives us hope

Biden: Pope Said ‘I Should Keep Receiving Communion’

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On Friday, President Joe Biden told the press details about his meeting with Pope Francis as debate over Biden’s stance on abortion as a self-professed Catholic continues in the United States. 

“We just talked about the fact that he was happy I’m a good Catholic,” Biden said, per Fox News. “And I should keep receiving communion.”

Biden noted that the pope did not provide him with communion during their time together. The president also reportedly delivered a “challenge coin” to the pope.

“I’m not sure this is appropriate, but there is a tradition in America that the president, that he gives to warriors and leaders,” Biden said. “You are the most significant warrior for peace I’ve ever met, and I’d like to be able to give you a coin.”

“I know my son would want me to give this to you,” Biden said, referencing his late son Beau.

The New York Times also reported that Biden responded, “Yes,” when he was asked by the media if Francis said if he should keep getting communion.

The Times added: 

Asked to confirm Mr. Biden’s remarks, Matteo Bruni, the Vatican spokesman, said the Holy See limited its comments to the news release about subjects discussed during the meeting and added, “It’s a private conversation.”

The practice of communion among pro-abortion government leaders who say they are practicing Catholics has been a debate for some time. Pope Francis was asked about the topic of abortion, and the intense discussion over communion, last month.

“Answering questions aboard the papal plane from Bratislava, Slovakia, to Rome on Sept. 15, the pope emphatically said that abortion ends a human life and that human life must be respected,” CNA News reported

“Abortion is more than an issue. Abortion is homicide,” Pope Francis said. “It’s a homicide. No middle terms. Whomever does an abortion, kills.” 

“Scientifically it’s a human life. The textbooks teach us that. But is it right to take it out to solve a problem? And this is why the Church is so strict on this issue because it is kind of like accepting this is accepting daily murder,” Pope Francis noted. 

“As for whether to deny a pro-abortion politician the ability to participate in communion, the Pope was less decisive, suggesting that bishops and priests should seek to be pastoral and counsel those who seem confused about Church teachings because a pastor’s responsibility does not end when an individual has been excommunicated or has excommunicated themselves by disagreeing publicly with core dogma,” The Daily Wire reported

“The problem is pastoral, how do we, as bishops, manage this principle,” Pope Francis said. “If we look at the history of the Church, we will see that every time the bishops acted not as pastors in a problem, they became politicians.” 

“And what should the pastor do? He shouldn’t go around condemning. And he must also be a pastor with those who are excommunicated and be so with God’s style, which is closeness, compassion and tenderness,” Pope Francis said. “Those people who are not in the community cannot take communion, because they are out of the community. It is not a punishment: Communion is linked to the community.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), a fierce supporter of abortion, has also faced scrutiny for her stance. She met with Francis earlier this month at the Vatican. 

As The Daily Wire reported, “Pelosi, a lifelong Roman Catholic, has described herself as a ‘devout Catholic,’ but she has been criticized recently by her own bishop in San Francisco for her public support of legal abortion. The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is morally wrong and kills the unborn child, whose life begins at conception.”

“We must never lose sight of this fact: In the last 50 years, in the United States alone, 66,000,000 babies have been murdered in their mothers’ wombs,” San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone said in May. 

“This is not a matter about which one can use judgment. It is a fact,” the bishop added.

Biden Administration Forbids Immigration Agents From Apprehending Migrants At Some Locations

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The Department of Homeland Security won’t allow immigration agents to apprehend illegal immigrants where “essential” activities or services happen, the agency announced on Wednesday.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials are prohibited from apprehending illegal immigrants around “places where children gather, disaster or emergency relief sites, and social services establishments,” according to the new directive. The guidance also applies to religious facilities and events, public events like parades or demonstrations and medical treatment facilities.

“In our pursuit of justice, including in the execution of our enforcement responsibilities, we impact people’s lives and advance our country’s well-being in the most fundamental ways,” Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement. “As a result, when conducting an enforcement action, ICE and CBP agents and officers must first examine and consider the impact of where actions might possibly take place, their effect on people, and broader societal interests.”

“We can accomplish our law enforcement mission without denying individuals access to needed medical care, children access to their schools, the displaced access to food and shelter, people of faith access to their places of worship, and more,” Mayorkas added. (RELATED: Border Patrol Agents Accused Of Whipping Migrants Haven’t Been Questioned Yet: REPORT)

For the first time, a single DHS-wide policy will guide @ICEgov and @CBP enforcement actions for protected areas, and it expands the list of protected areas to include places where children gather, disaster or emergency relief sites, and social services establishments.

— Homeland Security (@DHSgov) October 27, 2021

The DHS also stopped “mass” ICE worksite raids of illegal immigrants and announced it would instead focus on prosecuting employers, the agency announced on Oct. 12. The enforcement actions at worksites were unfair to illegal immigrants and didn’t have enough consequences for the exploitive employers who don’t adhere to legal standards, the agency said at the time.

“With today’s directive, Secretary Mayorkas has accomplished to radical left’s goal of abolishing ICE,” Federation for American Immigration Reform President Dan Stein said in a statement, according to the Associated Press News. “The agency still exists, but it has been stripped of all of its functions with regard to the enforcement of immigration laws.”

“Nearly all illegal aliens are already off-limits to enforcement due to a Sep. 30 memo, and as a result of Mayorkas’ ‘expanded and non-exhaustive list of protected areas,’ where ICE agents are permitted to do their work, the secretary has essentially nullified an entire body of constitutionally enacted laws,” Stein added.

DHS instructed immigration officials to focus on apprehending migrants with serious criminal histories over those who just illegally enter the country, according to a Sept. 30 memorandum. Immigration officials were instructed to evaluate migrants on a case-by-case basis to determine whether they are threats to the public, national security or border security.

ICE arrests fell to the lowest numbers recorded in the last decade, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday. The agency provided substantial assistance to CBP officials in Texas’ Del Rio sector, but it only made around 72,000 arrests in the fiscal year 2021 ending in September compared to 104,000 arrests during the same time frame in 2020.

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The truth behind the viral California gas prices photo

gas prices in gorda, calif., october 19, 2021

A widely shared photo of gas prices from Gorda, California, has left people aghast.


66.82% of homes are affordable.Montpelier, the capital of Vermont, is the least populous state capital in the United States, with only 7,547 residents. Its small population doesn't prevent it from having a capital city's personality, with its stately buildings and lively downtown.

© KSBW gas prices in gorda, calif., october 19, 2021

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The photo of the gas pump shows regular unleaded costing $7.599 a gallon, unleaded plus costing $7.999 and premium unleaded listed at $8.499 a gallon.

Gold's Gym is seen globally as the authority in bodybuilding and has propelled fitness into a multibillion-dollar industry. With the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gold's shaped views about the ideal physique and the value of a healthy lifestyle, giving rise to the popularity of gyms, wellness centers, and health clubs around the world.
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Gorda is a small community located in Monterey County in the remote area of the Big Sur coast, right off Highway 1. It often boasts the most expensive gas prices on California’s Central Coast.

A recession can cause a devastating blow to retirement savings — as a result of the 2008 recession, Americans lost about $2.7 trillion from their defined contribution plans and IRAs, the Urban Institute reported. Now many experts say we are on the verge of another recession, which can be anxiety-inducing news for anyone who is nearing retirement age. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to recession-proof your retirement so that you can still enjoy your golden years despite a downswing in the market. Last updated: May 1, 2020
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A sign at the gas station says that the next gas stations are 40 miles while heading north and 12 miles south. People who stop to get gas have no other choices.

In July 2019, a gallon of gas cost more than $6. In April of the same year, sister station KSBW reported that a regular gallon of gas cost $11.75 per gallon.

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On the same day the photo was taken, the average price across all of Monterey County, California, was $4.59 per gallon.

READ MORE:The truth behind the viral California gas prices photo

Buffett is known for his honesty. In a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letter, he admits to losing $873 million by purchasing Energy Future Holdings’ $2 billion debt and calls it a “big mistake.”  Honest business practices build trust among colleagues, staff and even competitors. Moreover, investors then express confidence by offering more funding. The lesson? Be honest; it’ll likely help your business — and your personal life — in the long run.

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 Spam Hormel Compleats Kirkland
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