Sad, Yet DANGEROUS With Joe Biden As President and That Queen Ditsy In His Shadows!

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Dementia: Joe Biden Today, My Father Yesterday

By Robin M. Itzler at American Thinker:

When Joe Biden comes onto the TV screen, I switch to another channel. Not because he’s a stark reminder of the fraud that put him into the Oval Office but since he reminds me of my father—may he rest in peace—who passed away in 1992 following several dreadful years with dementia/Alzheimer’s. Americans who have watched a loved one mentally disappear due to this memory eating disease see similar traits with Joe Biden:

Brain freezes – Staring out with a disoriented look – Forgetting names of people he should know – Needing note cards to remember basic answers – Displaced anger – Lost in unfamiliar surroundings – Forgetting who he is, where he is,and why he is there.

That’s Joe Biden today and my father yesterday.

Home Sweet Home

One of the first things family and friends…

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