EXCLUSIVE: Southwest Whistleblower Reveals Internal Documents for Covid-19 Exemptions COMPLETE VIOLATIONS of TITLE VII


Yet another Southwest Airlines Whistleblower has came forward to The DC Patriot in less than 24 hours, this time with internal documents and forms of the companies insane exemption policies.

According to the Southwest employee, regardless of what you do, it’s very rare for an exemption to be accepted. They even went as far as to explain to us there’s an online procedure where you have no choice but to check a box giving Southwest Airlines permission to talk to your healthcare provider. A complete and total violation of HIPPA.

This is truly unbelievable. That a company expects you to give a full medical release form in order to work for them so that they can have access to your medical records and communicate freely with your medical provider? This is unheard of in a free Republic.

According to the whistleblower, if you go to submit a medical exemption, “a total violation of Hippa” the whistleblower ads, “they will say you ‘voluntarily’ checked that box. However if you don’t submit exemptions to get the jab by November 24 we face termination.”

Here’s the religious exemption form the Southwest whistleblower is referring to.

This is where you submit a religious exemption. They then send back a 3 page document full of questions that violate Title VII.

Title VII says the following:

Title VII prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 (Pub. L. … Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act may be cited as the “Civil Rights Act of 1964”.

Here are the documents they send back to employees that want a religious or medical exemption.

Can you believe some of these questions? What in the blue hell do they have to do with being religiously exempt from the vaccine? Or having a doctor tell you that you shouldn’t take the vaccine because of a medical condition? Or perhaps its’ just your GOD GIVEN RIGHT to not put something in your body that you do not want to?

We want to thank the courage of these whistleblowers from Southwest Airlines for coming forward and showing the American people what they are dealing with, along with were sure many other corporations and airlines around the nation.


10 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Southwest Whistleblower Reveals Internal Documents for Covid-19 Exemptions COMPLETE VIOLATIONS of TITLE VII

  1. Thank you for this. Everyone needs all of the legal tools that they can get. In case the person shows up here or on the site of your friends, there’s a person trolling around blog comments sections and insulting good work done by people against the vaccine by calling them “controlled opposition” or whatever nasty she can think of. She has attacked Bobby Kennedy Jr who has filed a good lawsuit, and helped shut down Indian Pt. NPS, and Project Veritas that helps people understand what’s going on. The person claims in the blog that their kid was vaccine injured and called me names for not proclaiming that someone who was vaccinated and died, died from the vaccine. I can’t know that and probably no one can. I took the unprecedented action of unsubscribing her but she’s still trolling another blog that I visit. You don’t have to go far back into her blog to find that the vaccine injured child story is a lie. She was married (and divorced) from an alcoholic who died young and she was drinking a lot and tried to commit suicide and one son was naturally depressed. She actually put her psych record up on her blog (only to claim that the doctor abused her). It says that her younger son was doing well, her sisters are lesbians, her father was a burglar, her brother was mean, I forgot what it says about her mother, and she was at war with her neighbor. The icing on the cake is that she was born and raised in Salem Mass, which has become a big witchcraft Mecca, and still lives there. https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3A725d3a90-debc-4cbf-8756-6ee8d05bd5ff#pageNum=1

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    • Thanks. That was 40 years ago that would make her 69 years old, I wonder if she’s bipolar? If she is bipolar, even on medication she would never understand what anyone else has to say, they live in their own little world.

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      • I wish she would live in her own little world. For trolls in the comments of anti vaccine web sites doing one line attacks and never gives a like. Are bipolar people mean? The few I have known who were diagnosed, or self-diagnosed, weren’t really mean. They were very troubled and either couldn’t sleep (manic) or were depressed. Too much caffeine can mimic manic, too. That woman is mean, narcissistic and antisocial. Like a troll, she seems to do lazy unsubstantiated attacks in an attempt to build herself up. If someone reblogs or reposts and she sees it and it’s not her she attacks. If they reblog her, she shuts up until she notices someone else getting attention. She appears to think that she knows everything because she had an above average IQ when she was a teen and that we are supposed to worship and adulate her. I think she’s an attention-seeking mean-spirited fraud. It says that her father was a burglar and she liked him, her mother was emotionally unstable and abusive. She married an alcoholic but drinking 6 beers a day for someone who is 5ft 4 sounds like she is alcoholic. I bet her husband drank himself to death because she was so mean. Why else would the son be depressed when his father died? It means that the father was nicer than the mother (not hard to do). Living in Salem Mass the dysfunction (or evil) may be very old.

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        • Some are extremely mean. The ones you’re talking about or what they call bipolar one, they never get real mean because they don’t stay high or low for long. I started researching bipolar “aka” manic depressants years ago when Patty (Anna) Duke was diagnosed, she struggled with it for years and was going to a psychiatrist, I think it was 10 or 11 years later that they finally diagnosed her as bipolar, she could be high for years and then go into a depression, that’s when she went to a psychiatrist and that’s usually when they seek help, once they feel better, they don’t want to be bothered with their psychiatrist, because they don’t think there’s anything wrong, she had all the classic signs of being bipolar, her first husband divorced her because he couldn’t handle her, her second husband who’s an actor and for the life of me, I can’t remember his name right now, was always protecting her and helping her, but back then they didn’t know much about it, she would drink heavily, was sexually permissive and go on major shopping sprees she would go into jewelry stores in Beverly hills and steel jewelry, the first time the jewelry store called the police and was going to have her arrested, but her husband paid for the item and made a deal with the store that if she stole something to call him and he would either pay for it or take it back to the store, she wrote out a check to buy a Boeing 747, and get very angry and throw things, she damaged everything in their home in one of her fits. That’s about the time they diagnosed her as bipolar and put her on lithium and it helped her. Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are bipolar, I’m sure you’ve heard about Britney, she’s another one that did some extremely bizarre things that got her in the biggest trouble when she chased a woman and her daughter down Beverly hills boulevard in their cars with a gun. Her father took control of her and for about 10 years was okay, but I think she stopped taking her medication and she’s back to her old tricks.
          This woman you’re describing has the classic signs of being bipolar and also family members can be diagnosed with being bipolar, she sounds like she’s one of the more dangerous ones, especially when you said she’s at war with her neighbor, if I were her neighbor I would stay far away from her and not engage in an argument, they can be dangerous, people will get into arguments with their boss and co-workers and get fired and get a gun and go back and shoot their boss and anybody that was standing there, this is what I mean that they live in their own little world, they don’t understand what they’re doing, they think everybody else is the problem and many of them are diagnosed as bipolar with paranoia and think the whole world is out to get them, they imagine things that aren’t even true. She’s older and pretty set in her ways and I don’t think she’s on medication, because if she’s drinking that means she’s self-medicating and that can make a big problem, if I were you and got a comment from her, I would ignore it and the people would do themselves and everybody else a favor by putting her comment in the spam folder.

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    • Wow! Thank you for your insights! It’s both enlightening, sad and disturbing. It’s also not a good time for anyone to be ill or seek help for mental illness. I think she was lucky that they tried to help her way back when doctors tried to help people more. I read the US has a higher rate of bipolar and I guess because it was partly settled as a prison colony, plus it would take a certain mindset to drop everything at home and go to a new land across the ocean. And, I wonder how many migrants crossing the border are in a manic phase? I didn’t know it could last for years. I remain perplexed about distinguishing between evil and mental illness, but maybe everyone is perplexed about this? I guess only God knows the true intent of anyone. I looked at an article that did address the fact that what they call “caffeine intoxication” could be sometimes confused with bipolar.

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      • I completely agree, there are more bipolar out there than we realize, many movie stars are bipolar it seems to fit their personality well, I don’t want to scare you but I do want you to make wise choices, talking about this made me think about that neighbor that has the dogs could possibly be bipolar, her driving by your home and harassing you makes me wonder, they can be bullies and very aggressive if you disagree with them, some are schizophrenics and bipolar,anyone in the medical profession… paramedics, police and anyone who works with the public has to deal with them daily, needs to protect themselves and the more they know and understand about their personality, can make a big difference in how things end. They’re very unpredictable they can go from one personality to another like a flip of a switch, the one thing they all seem to have in common is when they go into their depressive mode, they all talk about and many times commit suicide, we had a family that lived in our township, it’s a beautiful home the husband was bipolar and he started getting more dangerous, his wife who loved him very much, left because she couldn’t deal with him, she was concerned for her daughter and herself, he called her up and talking about committing suicide by gun, while talking to him she got her mother to call the police, when the police showed up, he barricaded himself in the home and started shooting, after hours and trying to negotiate with him they shot him, he decided to commit suicide by cop and that happens quite frequently! When they sent me to the emergency room for my appendix they put me in the bed at the far end in the corner, there were two beds beside me, one was a woman that came in from a car accident and the guy in the middle was handcuffed to the bed, he was in prison and was living in a halfway house and he was on medication for bipolar and medication to keep him from drinking,he went to a bar and got very sick from the medication and the halfway house would not take them back because he broke the rules and they were going to take him back to prison and he didn’t want to go back, he kept after them to call his ex-wife so he could get out of there and he was getting more agitated, they had pumped his stomach to get the booze out of the system and gave him drugs to try to calm him down, but it wasn’t working when the police came back to take him back to prison he really got agitated, they decided to keep him handcuffed to the bed and send him to prison by ambulance, I was hoping he would not grab one of the cops guns, I was glad to see him gone.


        • Thanks! It’s a good reminder to be wary. My teacher said the first rule of martial arts is to run. If they have a gun it’s hard to hit a moving target, too. To the extent that it’s inherited or learned I think whole counties or regions in this country may be bipolar or simply mean. I mostly gave up trying to figure out the difference, since I’m neither a psychiatrist nor exorcist. Then there are people on the edge from stress. If lots of people get dementia from the shots, that’s a problem, too. After a waitress got shot in IHOP for telling someone not to smoke, I had to learn to just get myself out of the way of smokers. I was going to ask you if dogs can be bipolar. I really like social distancing because it’s a natural distance to be protected. People used to keep an arms length distance. 6 ft keeps you out of harms way. If someone’s crazy you can get out of their way quickly, too. The police put that person in their place, told me to record with the phone, and are prompt, kind, professional, and nearby. When I have a problem I never try to talk to the person, anymore, but always the police, but if they figure out who it was then they sometimes get mad, but there’s a public record, at least. My spouse thinks the person may have moved or gotten rid of their dogs. I refuse to go that direction to see, as they are far away anyway. Their home was almost destroyed by a storm, as per my prayers, whereas your prayers protected us from many storms up until now. 😇

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  2. I forgot to ask… they didn’t even have a curtain between you in ER? It’s a shame how PA seems to have gotten so overcrowded and ruined. My experience is the people from the eastern part are good and kind, but when people are kind then others move in and ruin it. It sounds like that area’s been ruined.

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    • Yes they had a curtain, but you can hear everything that’s going on and when you’re coming in or they’re coming in you get to see who’s beside you and since they never took me back to operate on me until about 1:00 in the morning, I got to see a lot of the craziness.
      A chemical imbalance is the cause of people being bipolar and animals don’t have that chemical so they can’t be bipolar, but they can pick up the personality of their crazy family, especially pitbulls.
      Unfortunately things are changing around our area, especially in Lancaster because they’re taking in a lot of the immigrants legal and illegal.

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