Giving them a second chance at life…

2 comments on “Giving them a second chance at life…

  1. This is one of my two favorites that you have put online. The other is the smart senior dog who goes shopping. Sadly there’s a metaphor here, too. For a long time our throw away culture has made me sad. Throwing away things has become throwing away people and pets. We have lost the idea of the cycle of life and that being wise, old, and gray is a good thing. I used to like to go to the Salvation Army but sometimes it made me sad to see all of the things that people loved and cherished and sometimes they are so old and beat up that no one will love and cherish them, like their former owners. Even all of the old machines make me sad.
    It used to be the other extreme sometimes. When I was a student in France, the springs in the bed were so broken that they stabbed me and someone said that the French believed there’s never a mattress so old that it can’t be given to a student. There wasn’t much heat for us, either.

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    • Unfortunately this country is notorious for throwing things away, and not showing respect and love for their elders, but I’m starting to see a shift in people’s ideas of what’s important because of covid-19 and lockdowns, I was worried when it first started about how many animals would be returned to the shelters, but surprisingly that is not happening, something good came out of this crazy time, people have come out of their fog and are appreciating their families, their homes and their pets!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the stories, it’s very hard to find happy and or cute ones. ☺️

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