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Skin Problems, Neuropathy, Paralysis All Part of Over 500,000 Adverse Events Reported After COVID Vaccine – Nwo Report

Additional survival tricks

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“COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective,” a page on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website reads.

No discussion. No question. No variation. If you dig around a bit, you might find the CDC saying there are some vaccine problems, but they are repeatedly linked to the word “rare.”

In fact, we’re told by the Biden administration that you need to get the shot. Or else.

But there’s a reason we refer to doctors as “practicing” medicine. Because it’s not just about science. It’s also about the personal skill and knowledge of specific medical professionals, about variations in technical applications and about some dimensions that can only be described as an art.

That’s why, when faced with a serious medical diagnosis, prudence dictates the seeking of a second opinion.Trending:After Deputy Stops to Help Her, 96-Year-Old Woman Demands to Speak with His…

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Biden administration defends Wildlife Services’ killing of eight wolf pups in Idaho

Wolf pups. Photo by Carter Niemeyer.

BOISE, IDAHO—The Biden administration has defended the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services’ actions in Idaho after the agency preemptively killed eight wolf pups from Idaho’s Timberline pack in response to complaints from a rancher grazing livestock on public lands.

“Killing these wolf pups was inhumane, unscientific, and indefensible,” said Joe Bushyhead with WildEarth Guardians. “Wolves face enough persecution in Idaho already at the hands of the state. The Biden administration should not be using federal resources to make a bad situation even worse.”

“We are shocked that the Biden administration condones the slaughter of weeks-old wolf pups on public lands at the behest of private livestock interests,” said Talasi Brooks of Western Watersheds Project. “Wolves–especially wolf pups–pose no significant threat to livestock.”

Conservation groups learned that Wildlife Services started pursuing the pack in May when an agent killed the first three pups at the densite. The agency killed five more pups over the next two months. Conservation groups urged USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to stop Wildlife Services from slaughtering weeks-old wolves on public lands. In yesterday’s letter, Secretary Vilsack rejected the request, responding that killing wolf pups is a “humane management option.”

“The mission of Wildlife Services ‘to improve the coexistence of people and wildlife’, not killing defenseless puppies in their den, especially when there are so many effective nonlethal alternatives,” said Suzanne Asha Stone, director of the International Wildlife Coexistence Network based in Idaho. “We are deeply disappointed in this administration’s response.”

High school students at Timberline High School in Boise were devastated when they learned that Wildlife Services killed the Timberline pack’s pups. The school adopted the pack as its mascot when the school was founded in 1998.

“It’s disheartening to see the USDA justifying killing our pack’s innocent pups as ‘humane management.’ The data from Idaho’s Wood River Wolf Project study should’ve been enough to persuade politicians of the efficacy of nonlethal methods, yet the USDA and Biden administration continue to practice inaction”, said Michel Liao, Timberline High School student. “It’s this very passivity that’s allowing people to eradicate all the pups from Timberline High School’s wolf pack this year on our public lands. It must stop.”

“We tell our students that science is key in wildlife management, yet scientific evidence tells us that killing or disturbing stable wolf packs leads to more livestock conflicts, not less and it undermines our native ecosystems,” said Dick Jordan, Timberline High School science advisor. “We expect more from the Biden administration and our Department of Agriculture. Killing wolf pups is not humane by any sense of the word. And doing so while Idaho is working to eradicate its wolf population is supporting the state’s new war on wolves.”

Yet, the Secretary’s letter yesterday confirms that Wildlife Services will continue these unscientific and inhumane activities.

“All wolf killing is predicated on a lie that wolves cause significant livestock deaths,” said Brooks Fahy, executive director of Predator Defense.  “They don’t. Wolves cause only a fraction of a percent of livestock deaths.  And here Secretary Vilsack is compounding the travesty of this misnamed USDA program called ‘Wildlife Services’ by defending the killing of even pups. It is painfully obvious that Wildlife Services has fully embraced the cruel and self-serving demands of ranchers in Idaho. Americans should be outraged.”

“It’s disturbing to see state and federal officials openly supporting the killing of wolf pups. There is no scientific rationale for such barbaric measures,” said Andrea Zaccardi, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity. “With its new laws clearly intended to decimate our wolf population, it seems that with Idaho’s war against wolves, there are no limits to the state’s cruelty.”

“The Biden’s Administration’s response to our groups’ concerns was alarming, and the action that the administration stands behind is hideous,” said Katie Bilodeau with Friends of the Clearwater. “There are non-lethal wolf-predation deterrents that scientific testing has shown to be effective. Instead, federal and state officials chose the extreme and dubious alternative of killing pups in hopes that the parents would leave. We are grieved at the inhumane violence that federal and state officials dealt towards a social, family-based species like the wolf.”

Marine officer who criticized senior leaders on Afghanistan has been released from military brig

Felicia Sonmez, Andrew Jeong

A Marine officer who publicly criticized the Biden administration’s chaotic evacuation of American and allied troops and civilians from Afghanistan has been released from a military brig a little over a week after he was incarcerated.

“Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jr. is being released from confinement today, Oct. 5, 2021, as a result of a mutual agreement between Lt. Col. Scheller, his Defense counsel, and the Commanding General, Training Command,” Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Sam Stephenson said in a statement. “No additional details regarding the agreement may be released at this time.”

Scheller was put in pretrial confinement at Camp Lejeune, N.C., on Sept. 27 after ignoring orders to refrain from posting on social media. He was previously relieved of his command after his initial criticism of the evacuations.

In a statement last week, Stephenson said Scheller stands accused of showing contempt toward officials, willfully disobeying a superior officer, failing to obey lawful orders and committing conduct unbecoming of an officer. He has not yet been charged.

Scheller was relieved of command shortly after posting a video on Facebook that demanded senior officials be held accountable for the Taliban’s sudden takeover of Afghanistan and the deaths of 13 American service members killed in a Kabul attack in August. He has said he plans to resign his commission.

The video, which Scheller shared hours after the Kabul attack, has been viewed 1 million times and shared 66,000 times on Facebook.

“I want to say this very strongly,” he said in the video. “I have been fighting for 17 years. I am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders: I demand accountability.”

Scheller has been critical of both Democrats and Republicans in subsequent social media statements. But he has appeared to attract more support from the political right for criticizing the Afghanistan withdrawal, including from Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Tex.) and former president Donald Trump, who shared a story about Scheller on his website.

Dan Lamothe contributed to this report.

Biden’s battleship is taking on water

Drunk man who was reported missing unknowingly joins search party for himself

Beyhan Mutlu

Sometimes, we need to spend some time alone to “find ourselves.” But this man in Turkey did more than that when he unknowingly joined a search party to look for himself!

Beyhan Mutlu, a construction worker, had a few drinks with some friends in Inegol, Turkey, and left them around 2 a.m. They were staying at a friend’s villa in an area near the construction site. When he left, he went to one of the villas and slept.

When one of his friends couldn’t find him, he reported him as missing to the authorities, not knowing that Mutlu was sleeping soundly in one of the villas.Twitter

Beyhan Mutlu joining the search party

Rescue teams were called to search for the 50-year-old. A large group of volunteers joined the mission, and efforts to locate Mutlu intensified in the nearby neighborhoods.

He woke up the following day at around 5 a.m. and saw the search party, thinking that there was an accident on the road. He joined them to help look for the missing person.

Mutlu decided to help first responders and locals find the missing individual and realized that he was the focus of the mission when people started calling his name.

Beyhan Mutlu

“After a while, they said they were looking for Beyhan Mutlu,” Turkish online news site T24 quoted him as saying. “I broke into a cold sweat when I heard my name.”Twitter

It was only when he shouted “I’m here!” that the party realized he was right there with them. Mutlu said he searched with the team for over half an hour. 

Authorities took his statement and gave him a ride home. It’s unclear whether he was reprimanded for his actions. 

“Basically, I’m paying for my friends’ mistakes. What happened is all like a joke,” he said. h/t: VINnews

Reportedly, the man was worried that his family would be upset with him over the incident.

“Don’t punish me too harshly, officer. My father will kill me,” he told officers. 

As crazy as it sounds, this isn’t the first time a “missing” person joined a search for themselves.Twitter

In 2012, an Asian woman in Iceland had a similar experience while in the country’s volcanic region. The woman visited the site on a tour bus with other sight-seers.

Rescue vehicles

The group was given time to explore the Eidgja Canyon, a popular walking area for walking tourists, but this particular visitor failed to return within the allotted time.

She didn’t come back to the bus even after the driver waited for another hour, so a search team descended upon the area.

The group began combing the treeless hillsides looking for the woman described as 5’2 and wearing dark clothing. All of the tourists helped with the search, including the “missing” tourist herself!

Several hours after the search commenced, it was called off at 3 a.m. when the authorities discovered that the woman had been on the bus all along and even helped search for herself.

She had no idea that she had been reported missing and failed to recognize her own description released by the police. 

Here’s a video about the story:

“SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: What Really Happened in Wuhan” video is 1 hour