You can’t make this stuff up…..

Redneck Mormon

Here’s The Whole List Of The Animals, And Creatures, And Blood Suckers Who Live In The Swamp!!!! You’ve Seen Some Of The Names Before. But Many On The List You Haven’t Seen Or Known About Before — And It’ll Surprise You, Or Maybe It Won’t.

It’S A Great List To Keep As A “Reference Guide” When You Need To Know Which Of The Creatures Are At It In The Future And Why!!!

Be Sure To See The Bottom Of The List — Very Revealing!!!! “Fact Checked!!” & The Deck Is Stacked!!! Things You Must Know To Be Informed: ‘

*Yes, The Governor Of Michigan Used To Work For George Soros.*

*Yes, Calif Gov. Gavin Newsom Is Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew

* Yes, Adam Shiff’s Sister Is Married To One Of George Soros’ Sons.

* Yes, Hillary’s Daughter Chelsea Is Married To George Soros’ Nephew.

* Yes, John Kerry’s Daughter Is Married…

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