This is your life and your health please talk to your doctor and find out the risk before it’s too late

4 comments on “This is your life and your health please talk to your doctor and find out the risk before it’s too late

  1. This is terrible! I’m so sorry to hear that about your friend’s Mom. The doctor will just assume that the lady is 80 years old and that her death was of normal causes. They are suppressing this information. I triggered onto the side effects of flu vaccines many years ago when I was nursing in a small town hospital. One of our patients, who had Parkinson’s was given the flu vaccine. He died soon after. We all knew that it was the vaccine that brought on his death. Also I had a cousin who developed Guillaim Barre Syndrome after getting the flu vaccine. I met a friend of hers at her funeral who also got GBS probably from the same batch.
    Trouble with this new RNA vaccine it is more an experimental gene therapy than a vaccine. Governments are so anxious to get back to normal that they are using “expert opinion” rather than true science. Medical doctors are being silence with threat of losing their licence if they express a contrary opinion. Our Canadian government has spent more than 9 billion dollars on said vaccines. Big Pharma has all liability removed so was has to be very suspicious about that.
    I’m fully vaccinated – just haven’t resorted to experimental gene therapy as yet.

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    • Thank you. I agree when you’re older they just assume it’s by normal causes and it’s terrible the way they’re suppressing the information and not letting people know the risk. I also know of several people who got very sick from the flu shot, my uncle was allergic to eggs and so am I, years ago when the flu shot first came out they gave it to him and he almost died, he was young and recovered and no long-term side effects. When I was young, I fell and they had to take me to the emergency room to get stitches and they gave me penicillin, I almost died, they were scared to give me any shots without me staying in the hospital, the dentist would not give me novocate because they were afraid of what would happen, to this day I don’t get any of the shots, I rely on my immune system and take supplements, and because of that I have a strong immune system. There is always something that is going to come along that challenge us and these mandates are wrong, nobody should be telling somebody else what to put in their body. Stay healthy and stay safe Leslie

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