Texas State Troopers Find Three Illegal Migrant MS-13 Gang Members; Border Control Arrests Them

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The border control is overrun by Biden-Harris border surge, and State Police-Troopers from Texas, and even other states, are trying to help.
On Tuesday, Falfurrias Border Patrol Station agents received a call from the Texas Department of Public Safety troopers requesting an immigration check on a male subject walking southbound on Highway 281. Agents determined the subject was a Salvadoran national illegally present in the country. Record checks revealed the Salvadoran male is a Mara Salvatrucha gang member with criminal history to include assault and possession of dangerous weapons.

There you go: the darling immigrants of bleeding heart liberals. When you deny a people’s capacity to do bad things, you are actually denying their human agency. Humans come in good and bad, regardless of their race or ethnicity. Denying that they can do bad is denying that they are humans and treating them like toys. Clearly, illegal…

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