“135 detained migrants test positive for COVID-19”

10 comments on ““135 detained migrants test positive for COVID-19”

  1. Thanks for this. I was working yesterday on stats to show that it’s the illegals/family joining filling up the hospitals/driving Covid rates. Only 20% of the illegals that were caught are even partially vaccinated, and yet they are harassing Americans to get vaccinated 😡 when over 40% are fully vaccinated. The door to door will spread the disease, too. I’m looking at stats for places that until recently had no hispanics and the rates for hispanics are double that of non-hispanics and there are “unknown ethnicity”/“mixed race” people who have rates like 6 x higher (Memphis). I wanted to find the rates of unknown ethnicity/mixed race in places with no Hispanics to estimate how much of this is illegals. The trouble is that I can’t find one county in a neighboring state that provides the info that hasn’t had at least one “Hispanic” get Covid in counties that I know should have zero “Hispanics”. Said counties have chicken farms which leads me to believe that they have illegals working on the chicken farms. Hispanics traditionally were in the parts of the US that belonged to Mexico (Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona), and more recently in Florida (earlier Spanish speakers to Florida merged into the mainstream 200 years ago) and NY (Puerto Ricans). There are plenty of poor Americans without importing foreigners to take their jobs. The Navajos had to fight off the Spanish on the Rio Grande. The Navajos preferred the Scottish-Americans who engaged in trade to the Spaniards seeking to take gold and land. The Choctaw lost much of Mississippi because they had run up a debt buying weapons from the Spanish in Florida and the US deemed that a National Security threat and paid off the $30,000 debt (a lot ca 1800) and took much of Mississippi in exchange.

    I know I am preaching to the choir.

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