Fracking Increases Risk of Heart Attack: Study

Chemical Free Life

As we have reported many times over the years, there is a growing body of scientific research linking fracking to serious adverse health outcomes* (scroll down to see a list of some of those scientific findings**). The hydraulic fracking process involves the use of fracturing fluid products—water combined with a cocktail of toxic chemicals—to extract gas and oil from shale rock deep beneath the earth’s surface. A number of toxic chemicals commonly used in the fracking process have been linked in scientific research to chronic toxicity, teratogenicity, developmental neurotoxicity and carcinogenicity***.   Now, scientists have uncovered a link between living near fracking activity and an increased risk for heart attacks. 

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New research compared the health impacts of fracking on either side of the New York and Pennsylvania border and found that people who live in areas with a high concentration of fracking wells are at higher risk for…

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